NSC Update #3: Ranking In The Top 10 And Making Money

As promised in my last income report, here’s the third update for the friendly niche site challenge I started with Josh Ecusa on October 2013.

We did this for 4 reasons:

  • We want to inspire other people to take action.
  • We want to help action takers shorten the learning curve and achieve success faster.
  • We want to prove that niche website building is still working well no matter what changes Google made in the algorithm.
  • We want to see which is the better approach when it comes to building a successful niche website.

The challenge is going really well. Both sites are on the first page and started to make money for us. Let’s take a look at the nitty gritty of this official update.

How My Site Is Doing

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My Monthly Income, Growth and Traffic Report – January 2014

My Monthly Income, Growth and Traffic Report - January 2014

Welcome to my first monthly report for 2014!

I stopped publishing these reports for a while for some reasons. As the new year 2014 has come, It’s time to bring them back with a new and updated format to provide more value to the audience.

Each month I will be publishing a detailed report that tells you what I’ve done and lessons learned during the previous month. I will transparently show you how my online business is progressing including my income, expenses and traffic throughout my websites.

I do this for four reasons:

  1. To help me keep track of my own progress.
  2. To push myself to see improvements month after month.
  3. To lead by example by sharing both my wins and failures.
  4. To inspire and encourage other people to start their own businesses.

Ok. Let’s get straight into this month’s report.

Important Happenings In January

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Organized with A Project Plan

ea71a6d78c4ef333ab9cbe23470a9482This article was written by Doug Cunnington from NicheSiteProject.com.

He’s a project management professional and a niche site creator that was able to generate more than $6000 from Amazon last month. Check out his blog to learn more about him.

Enter Doug

Have you ever started a new project with great enthusiasm only to be overwhelmed just weeks later?

I know when I started my first niche site I was super excited to buy a domain and set up hosting – everything was going great!

Then, the walls came crashing down as I realized I had no idea what to do next – build links, write content, start an email list, or build a Facebook following…??

I was overwhelmed.

I just didn’t know what to work on next.  Then I found that planning upfront can help out a lot!  Planning is one of the main foundations of Project Management.

Targeted Project Management

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