Hi, I'm Tung Tran.

I’m 25 years old and currently living in Hanoi, Viet Nam with my beautiful wife and my adorable corgi dog named “Bunny”.

tung trang tho

I’ve been a full-time SEO & affiliate marketer since 2012.

After dropping out of college in 2013, I started this blog to document and share my journey as an online entrepreneur.

I’ve written numerous in-depth tutorials and case studies sharing exactly what I did to build multiple successful online businesses over the years.

Unlike most people who only talk about their successes, I shared my failures and the lessons I learned along the way too.

My Story: How I Got to Where I'm Today

I’ve been in and around the world of SEO & affiliate marketing for around 7 years now.

Trust me – I’ve been through A LOT.

And just like everyone else.

Success didn’t come easy.

In the beginning, I failed miserably many times and wasted a ton of money as a result.

My family and friends didn’t believe in me.

They thought I was delusional.

They even made fun of me.

“Why do you keep working on the computer all the time? You’re just 17. Focus on studying!”

“You would never be able to make any money online!”

“Are you scamming people on the internet?”

“Making money online is not real. Please stop dreaming!”

But I never wanted to give up.

Sure, I might not be achieving anything yet.

But deep down inside, I firmly believe that one day I could make it happen.

I kept learning and trying.

And slowly but surely, results started coming.

In late 2011, I made my first affiliate sales.

first sale

I was over the moon.

After months of hard work, I actually MADE MONEY ONLINE.

I knew I was onto something. Making money online was actually possible!

I worked even harder and tried everything I could to grow my website.

Sales started coming in more regularly.

more sales

Within the next few months, I grew that website to making around $400 / month.

It felt incredible!

At 17, I was earning 2x more than an average person in Vietnam while still being a full-time student.

I ended up selling that website for $3,500 which was A LOT of money to any Vietnamese.

selling first blog

I would never forget the day when I cashed my first big check into a stash of dollars.

I even took a picture of it 🙂

first site sale

It was an undeniable proof that I wasn’t delusional.

My family and friends were wrong.

I could actually build a full-time business working online.

And from that day on, I was addicted!!!

SEO & affiliate marketing became my passion.

I couldn’t stop working and thinking about ways to increase my online income.

I was determined to learn more and turn this into my career.

Looking back now 6 years later, that was definitely the pivotal decision that completely changed my life.

Since then, I’ve built multiple successful online businesses.

Screen Shot 2018 12 01 at 22.19.13

I’ve sold a few for a good payday.

EF Listing Sold

I even got featured on Entrepreneur.com as one of the 8 Successful Online Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following.

I’ve connected with amazing internet marketers & entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Having dinner with Saigon Crew in 2013
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I’ve shared great memories with them.

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CMSEO party

I’ve also traveled to many places with my girlfriend and now wife.

singapore tung hannah
bali tung hannah

We just had a beautiful wedding in September 2018.


I also achieved my biggest childhood dream of becoming a scuba diver.

diving sipadan

My friends now look up to me.

My parents are super proud of me.

Overall, life is pretty good!

I’ve shared with you everything above not to brag.

Just wanted to show you what’s actually possible if you commit to building your online business.

And dedicate your time & effort to making it work.

Ignore all the naysayers.

Believe in yourself. You can do it!

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