A Quick Update on Me, My Business And The Future Of Cloud Living Journey

updateI didn’t publish my income report last month and I won’t be able to publish one for this month because I suck at keeping track of my financial progress!

I don’t feel like going through everything to calculate the income and expense for the month; however, I’m hiring a bookkeeper from the Phillipines to help me with that so hopefully I’ll be able to publish my income report for November as these reports help me keep track of my own progress while motivating other people to start their own online business.

In this article, I’ll give you a quick update as to where I’ve been and what I’ve done in the last 2 months.

What I’ve Done In September & October

Sold My Niche Website For $10,000

On September 3rd, I decided to put my most successful niche website up for sale on Flippa as I needed cash to scale up my business and purchase the ticket for this event.

And it was sold after one week at a five figure. Read more about the sale here.

Launched The Niche Site Challenge

Josh from FormYourFuture.com challenged me to a friendly competition in late September and I accepted. We’re still working on it.

Joined The Dynamite Circle (DC)

This was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year thanks to the suggestion of my good buddy Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers. The DC is a private group of over 700+ location independent entrepreneurs focused on building quality, legit businesses that can be run from anywhere on earth.

If you ever feel lonely in your entrepreneurial path, you have to join the DC.

Visited Thailand For The First Time

My first trip to travel abroad :D. It was crazy and I learned a ton of new things.

Attended DCBKK and Met Amazing People

The Dynamite Circle conference was the whole reason for my trip to Thailand. We had 3 amazing days of intense networking and learning, both from the speakers and from each other.

I was able to gain so many new friends, some of whom, are very successful & well-known like Chris Ducker, Justin Cooke, Natalie Sission, some are just starting up while others are trying to grow their established businesses further.

Some pics:

Waiting To Start The Conference
The Speakers
Photo with @Mehdi from Stronglifts.com
Take a picture with @Mehdi from Stronglifts.com
My man Chris @ ChrisDucker.com

Tried Thai Food & Massage

Thai food is yummy but not so healthy in my opinion because it’s sweet, salty and lacked vegetables. Thai masage is pretty awesome though!

Bungee Jumped In Chiang Mai

It was pretty intense…but finally I did it!

The Future Of Cloud Living Journey Cloud Living

To make it short, I just bought the domain CloudLiving.com and I’m going to rebrand the blog. Founded just this February 2013, Cloud Living Journey has quickly become one of the favorite blogs of those who want to start an online business with niche website building although I haven’t put much effort on promotion.

The really great thing that’s happening now is other people are already benefiting from the content I have shared here and some are getting very good results. It is for this reason why I decided to focus more on the growth of the blog.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to build a typical online marketing blog where you’ll receive tons of pitching about this-is-the-one-that-get-you-rich products.

I’ll continue to provide high quality and practical information for free,  I’ll remain transparent about my ways of doing business and I won’t hide anything from you.

I just want to help even more people to take charge of their lives, start an online business and achieve freedom in life and business.

If you love the blog and want to help me take it to the next level, please take this short survey. I’ll make changes based on your valuable opinion.

Thank you for your support!


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