Niche Site Challenge: A Friend Wants To Challenge My Kung Fu, and I Say “Yes!”

Two weeks ago, I asked my readers to suggest some ideas for the upcoming public project on CLJ. All the suggestions were great, but this was the one that got me interested the most:

Niche Site Challenge: A Friend Wants To Challenge My Kung Fu, and I Say "Yes!"

I’m always up for a friendly competition, and his idea is really interesting, so I accepted Josh’s challenge.

In this post, I’ll be talking about our vision for this challenge and the reason why we think that this is going to be one of the most interesting and helpful niche site projects you’ve ever followed.

Why Starting Another Niche Site Challenge?

According to Simon Sinek’s TEDx speak, every success starts with WHY.

For this project, there are four reasons:

  • We want to inspire other people to take action.
  • We want to help action takers shorten the learning curve and achieve success faster.
  • We want to prove that niche website building is still working well no matter what changes Google made in the algorithm.
  • We want to see which is the better approach when it comes to building a successful niche website.

How Does It Work? Why It Is Different?

Well, Both Josh and I are going to document and report our progress on building a profitable niche site from scratch. Like other public niche site projects, we’re going to reveal all aspects of the process, including, but not limited to:

  • Sub keyword research
  • Site structure
  • Backlinking
  • Time spent on project
  • Areas that are being outsourced
  • What keywords traffic is coming from
  • Conversion rates / Income
  • Cost of creation

The only difference, which makes this project 5x more interesting than others, is that we’re going to build sites on the same niche and target the same keywords.

Then we can compare both sites on many metrics to see which one performs better. That way we can constantly optimize our sites for better performance both in traffic & revenue.

We will keep you posted with the project by publishing an update once or twice a month.

The Goal

The primary goal is to find what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building niche website in 2013 (and 2014 as well). This is our main business for now so it’s very important that we can figure out an effective way to build a sustainable niche website.

My personal goal for this project is to document everything and create a scalable system using the help of my virtual assistants.

Meet Josh from – My Opponent in This Challenge

Josh & his wifeFor those of you who don’t know about his former blog at, back in 2012, Josh and his business partner was able to build and rank a lot of micro niche websites on Google. After just a few months, their online real estate value was pushing $70,000. Unfotunately, their empire didn’t last long.

In September 2012, Google released a change to their search engine algorithm called the EMD update that destroyed 90% of their sites. That update was quite devastating. As a result, they went from $70,000 to zero :(. Poor guys!

After that, Josh decided to take a break and got a job in for an internet marketing company in his local town.

But his entrepreneurial brain never stopped thinking & pushing him to come back to the online world.

So here he is. Josh has come back with a new blog called and is ready to get back to business.

Check out his new blog now as I’m sure that he has prepared some great articles for you guys.

The Next Step

We meet up via Skype and discuss about the first and most important step which is keyword research.

I hope you’re as stoked as I am about this!

And Josh, you think you know kung fu? Think again.

Let the epic battle begin! 😉

Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of

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  • Excited to follow this challenge ! Good luck to both of you 🙂

  • This is going to be interesting! I have just subscribed to Tung’s blog updates and this is quite a nice start already to keep readers engaged!

  • Hello Tung,

    I am a total newb to Internet marketing (IM). I consider myself a student and a life long learner. I read about your great success over on Spencer Haw’s Niche Profits site (which I love, by the way).

    As a new student to Internet marketing I am always interested in challenges like the one you propose here as they are the third best way to learn (learning by doing and learning by failing are the first and second best ways IMHO).

    I was totally jazzed by your success on Flippa with your recent sell of your dumbbells site, so when I read about your Niche challenge proposal I thought, “Whoa! This is going to be HUGE.”
    Two dueling friends battling it out in the SAME niche using the SAME keywords – AWESOME learning opportunity.

    I look forward to following along to see what additional insights I can learn from you, my friend.

    Have a great day!


  • Hey Tung,

    Starting a friendly niche site competition would be a very interesting idea to all of us here especially those of us who are really really interested in learning the in and out of building profitable niche website from scratch and making big money from it.

    By God’s grace, i will be very happy to follow you guys along from the start to the end of this niche site case study.

    Josh is a great guy, though i didn’t know him back in 2012 when he was raking in $$$$$$$ building niche websites. I met him on Spenser’s blog. Since then, i have been a regular visitor of FYF.Com.

    I also hope that those copycats out there would not have any bad impact on the success of this case study.

    See you guys in the SERPs……

    Oloyede Jamiu

  • Good project! Let the battle begins!

    I think here there is no one winner at the end.
    There are 3 winners: Tung, Josh and all the action takes who will get the most of this public case study 🙂

  • I am sticking to your blog for this one now last niche site was a success and i watched it live 😀

  • Hey Tung,

    I love the idea of a battle 🙂 It definetly will be interesting to follow two sites in the same time frame and watch which one does better.

    When is it going to start?

    Thanks for doing this& good luck


  • Looking forward to it man!

  • hi this thing is going to be too slow also, i want that you from the beginning put all your begining plan, example how many keywords, KC, where to outsource the content and please don´t say from your filipino writer because that don´t seem to be fair, and the most important don´t use your private blog network, just think that you are a normal guy, start from cero, like with 600$ for the projetc not VA, not private network, not nasty tricks, please start like a normal guy, spencer, pat, and 5 guys more that are doing niche studies, all that guys are doing the things wrong¡¡¡¡

    because the all idea of a niche study is start from zero, but they come up with theirs private network, you too, and that is piss me off, if i here one more strategy with your own private network i will explote, your friend also write about private blog network, what happen with you guys, create a private site and use that network in that site, don´t uses in a public niche site, you forget the all idea that it is start from zero like it would be your first site

    in my opinion you should do this:
    1.- Make rules, first rules make all public.
    2.- don´t use private network, or any other sites that will help you with rankings, that includes expires domains that lucky you buy on sale (of course you do 😉 )
    3.- Show where you get the content, how you order, what do you expect, how do you edit that content, and parts are crucial, in other words record a video from ordering content until edit and publish.
    And please don´t use a 700$ filipino writer that works by month, use a service like hirewriters, iwriters,textbroker, easy to replicate don´t some “super filipino” that make great content for 1$.
    4.- What service are you going to use? like onlywire, and other things. (remember only 600$ for the complete project)
    5.- Show how you do SEO? what are you thinking?, don´t write, show us in video.
    6.- Don´t go to slow, show the complete plan, then show us in video step by step how you come true that plan

    your last study was good for you, but for your writers was a copy cat from spencer posts. sorry but someone need to tell you that

    • Hi Gabo,

      Thanks for your suggestion. But what do you mean by saying “copycat”?

      • i mean you copy the exact same titles ideas from spencer like:
        keyword research (also you copy spi)
        content creation
        SEO, exact same idea but diferent service
        you also follow the same aproach, i mean the same step by step that spencer did, now you can be original and
        in other words is the same story write by a diferent author (if there were a book, you violated all the rights)

        start fresh and do what spencer don´t want to do, show us all the process of creation until inception, cheers Gabo

        • lol you make me laugh 😛 Can you tell me the common thing between my content creation & keyword research & SEO guide and theirs ? 😛

          That’s what I did so I just wrote that down… however, your suggestion is great..Thank you 😀

          • Please don’t listen to such losers Tung!

            Such people want everything laid out for them on a platter and don’t want to do any hard work to learn things on their own.

            You and Josh continue with your plan, we’re all behind you 🙂

          • Yes agree with Armaan, sounds like Gabo wants you to do this with both hands tied behind your back and blindfolded.

            You just do whatever it takes to win and we’ll all learn plenty from following you two on your journey.

            I for one would rather know what it takes to succeed than see you doomed to struggle just to appease someone who obviously hasn’t worked out yet that you need to speculate to accumulate!

            Good luck and let the battle begin!

  • Looking forward to this.

    Btw, do you still recommend Longtailpro keyword tool in spite of recent Google changes with secured search?

  • Yisroel Reiss says:

    This is awesome! Best of luck! I am rooting for you to win.

  • That’s a great idea Josh and nice work Tung on choosing his idea and being willing to take on this challenge. I’m really interested to see what you guys come up with.

    Please make sure you both share as much details as you can. Spencer’s new NSP is much better than the first one because he’s actually sharing a lot more details.

  • This is going to be a great project to watch unfold. I’m glad the two of you are going to participate and share everything along the way. Not only will it be fun to read up on, but I’m sure there will be a ton of useful learning tips to pick up along the way.

  • This is exciting, i will be following you guys along. It would be interesting to see the same target keywords but with different approaches, who will outrank each other.

  • Awesome case study, Tung! Will definitely follow along closely. Just wondering if you will state the targeted keywords publicly? If that’s the case, would it be a case of too many competitors if your readers like ME decided to join in the contest as well?

    How about roping in others who are interested to join in the contest? Wouldn’t that be better as instead of comparing 2 websites, we can compare with a number of websites? Just a suggestion. =)

    Anyway, looking forward to this!

    • Yes we will reveal all including the keywords 😛

      We’re considering this. But of course you can join us if you want 😀

  • This is a great idea. I’m looking forward to see what comes out of this. As we know, search engines evolve very fast, and this is a refresher for anyone that wants to break in the game of micro niches. I’ll be following your endeavor very closely guys.

  • You guys seem to be the leaders of Micro Niche Sites nowadays with lots of ideas and courage.

    I really appreciate your talent and surely follow your battle.

  • Seems like an interesting challenge is coming soon. Waiting to see this friend battle of you guys, I expect to learn many things from your challenge

  • I wish you both the best in this duel!

    Good luck and I will definitely follow your progress.

  • Looking forward to following this. I have a question for you. When you finish a site and it gets indexed.. Do you ever rank without any backlinks? If so how long does it usually take? I finished my site and it was indexed about a week ago. The top 10 results has easy competition. The #3 site is a niche site that is not even using the keyword on the page, yet after being indexed for a week I am not even showing in the ranking at all, not even in the top 500 results or anything.

    Any ideas why?

    • yeah… if you do keyword research right. You can try building a few high quality links to it. If the ranking doesn’t move, you have chosen a wrong keyword 😀

  • All the Best Tung 🙂
    Then What about Your September Income Report ? Im Waiting for that 🙂

  • After the new Google update what kind of link building would you recommend for a brand new site? I see a lot of niche sites ranking with what looks like just like a dozen blog comments alone.

  • Tung…I sent you a private message via Facebook. Did you get it? I love what you’re doing 🙂

  • This is such a cool idea. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    It is going to be interesting how you both go about the process and how they differ.


  • I am looking forward to this, looking over your shoulder while you serve up humble pie. I wrote you a haiku:

    Is your Kung Fu strong?
    Bring it, baby, bring it on
    Make that niche site sing.

    If you make an info product from your epic battle, I would want a copy.

    Keep Stepping,


    • Kurt you seem to be man of many talents. You can do Haikus too.


  • Tung – Awesome stuff as usually my man! Love that you continue sharing some of the “behind the curtains” as the new guys follow along and build our websites with you. You have a ton of knowledge and I appreciate you being so open. Keep strong and know we got your back! Thanks for looking out for the new guys 🙂

  • Sure It’s going to real fun then 🙂 Good Blogs are not born they are just Made 🙂 Best Wishes Buddy 🙂

  • Great battle for you guys but I little bit agree with one of this comment that you better stay away from using your privat blog network using expired domain…then we could follow all your tactics without have to buy the expiring domain 🙂 …anyway this is just suggestion 🙂

    thank you

  • Pretty interesting concept for a case study and with all the case studies that are going around you really need something unique in order to stand out so I think you’ve found it 🙂

    I will be following along to see how you’re doing and you just might have some more competition on your hands ;).

  • When are you going to start this?

  • Is there something wrong with one side of your face? Your picture is really weird.

  • Interesting to see both of you team up for this challenge. I would be more interested that you guys could build authority sites and that traffic and income would last after 1-2 years.

    i have learned hard way in 2011 and made $9000+ Amazon Affiliate during that Christmas Shopping Season, but got Penguin hit in 2012.

    I’m going back to basic and learning “business” and personal MBA these days. I prefer rebuilding authority sites and long term “passive income”.

    Just my 2 cents and look forward to see what you guys cook up these days.

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