How To Scale Content Creation Affordably With Textbroker

It's still true that content is king, and high-quality content is the first thing you’ll need if you want to build a successful website.

Unless you're a good writer or highly passionate about a topic, creating content by yourself may not be the best way to use your time.

However, working with individual writers could be slow & time-consuming as well.

Luckily, there's a way to solve all those problems.

In this post, I'll introduce you to a content service that I've been using quite heavily for the last few months with some tips to leverage it to scale your content effectively.


Introducing Textbroker

Textbroker is a massive content writing platform where you can get your content created fast by qualified writers.

If you do it right, you’ll be able to find the writers who may actually have experience in your niche. This can make content quality even better.

There are 4 service levels you can choose from:

Scale Content Creation with Textbroker

I usually go with the 4-star option ($0.024/word) because it provides the perfect balance between content quality and cost.

Anything less than 4-star is usually not good enough while most starter sites couldn't afford 5-star writers ($0.072/word).

Why You Should Be Using Textbroker?

1. Textbroker provides affordable but good quality content

I wrote about the different options to outsource content creation before but a lot have changed since then.

Two years ago, it was common to get a 500-word article created for under $5 by non-native writers.

This type of content was average and loaded with grammar mistakes.

My sites were doing just fine because it was incredibly easy to rank back then with all the backlinking automation tools.

But it's no longer the case for 2016.

If you want to rank high and stay there consistently for years, you need to create remarkable or, at the very least, good content.

If you're wondering, here's my definition of good content:

  • Delivers exactly what the readers are looking for.
  • Well-researched and in-depth.
  • Backed by credible sources.
  • Easy to read. Use simple, everyday vocabulary.
  • Use conversational & friendly tone.
  • Scannable with short sentences mixed with numbers and bullet points.
  • Using Thrive Content Builder for good formating is very important as well.

By using Textbroker's 4-star writers, I get exactly those things at a very affordable rate.

2. Textbroker is designed to scale

Their massive pool of talented writers will be enough to help you get content created in almost any topic.

Their robust management system also allows you to work with multiple projects, writers, and articles at once.

For example, I create one project for each of my websites, and I usually order 10-20 articles at once, which save me a lot of time.

3. Textbroker has amazing customer support

Tickets are usually replied to within 24 hours and all my requests have been handled with care.

I even asked for refunds of remaining balance one time and they were kind enough to do it without any question.

Textbroker vs iWriter​

The way IWriter works is similar to Textbroker, but the per word rate is lower. Here's a comparison to give you a better idea.



2 stars - 1.3 cents / word  

Basic - 0.6 cents / word 

3 stars - 1.8 cents / word

Premium - 1.1 cents / word

4 stars - 2.4 cents / word

Elite - 2.0 cents / word

5 stars - 7.2 cents / word

Elite Plus - 6.0 cents / word

While some other friends are able to get content created as cheap as $5 per article, I personally don't get good results from the platform.

The biggest thing that turned me away is that they have no customer support at all! I sent several tickets regarding my login issues, and yet no one answered.

And a few days later, I got an automated email asking me to rate their support (???).

So the verdict is that you can try iWriter if you want, but my honest recommendation is to stay with Textbroker for better content and experience.

How To Order Content From Textbroker

First, you need to get an account (not an affiliate link).

After logging in, hover over Assignment then click New Order. From there, you’ll be presented with 4 options:

  • Open Order - This is what you’ll commonly use in the beginning. Your order will be shown to all authors of your selected quality rating.
  • Direct Order - This will send a direct order to only the writer you selected.
  • Team Order - You can choose this approach once you’ve created a team and invited your favorite writers to join. This feature will be very helpful in ordering content from writers that understand your project.
  • Expert Order - This only applies to Finance. Skip this one if you're not in this niche.

Since this will be the first time you’ll be using the platform, you can choose to place an Open Order.

Then fill in the order information according to your project. Here's an example:

Place an Order with Textbroker

I usually turn the SEO Options off because I don't want the writers to excessively think about it so that they can write naturally.

For Processing time, 2 days are usually enough for a writer to research and write a decent article.

Please note that this is not the guaranteed time that you'll get your article. It can be sooner or later, depending on the writer.

Order Title and Order Description are the most important parts, and you need to get them right to make sure the output's quality is great.

  1. Never just enter a keyword in Order Title. This is very important. Make sure to come up with a good one that's catchy.
  2. Your description needs to be very detailed on exactly what you want to have in the article.

A generic description will not give you good results here. Spend time to create a detailed brief. It should be clear about :

  1. Your editorial & writing guidelines
  2. Article outline.

Next, click on Calculate Order.

place binding order - textbroker

Now, you’ll be able to see the Maximum cost of your article.

Open a new tab. Go to Account >> Deposit Funds and deposit the exact amount you need or a bit higher.

deposit funds - textbroker

Come back to the old tab and Place Binding Order. You're done!

Now, you just need to wait for a few days to get the article. Once you receive it, check it carefully to make sure you get what you want, then either request a revision or accept it.

Once in a while, you'll get a really bad article from a new 4-star writer. If this happens don't hesitate to Decline it and the Textbroker team will make sure you get another writer.

3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Textbroker

I've spent thousands of dollars with Textbroker, and here are my top 4 tips to help you get the most out of it.

1. Be clear and detailed on exactly what you want

I have already said it, but I’ll say it again.

Without a good detailed description, you'll never get good content from Textbroker.

Also, you could leave rooms for the writers to come up with their own ideas but using content templates would improve the content even further. 

I’ll share more detailed templates inside my course AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp which is going to be released soon.

2. Create a niche-focused team and invite your favorite writers to join

I usually do 5 - 10 Open Orders at a time to test and find good writers that can follow my instructions and have experience in the topic.

Then, I invite them to join the team.

Later on, if I need content, I can just send orders to my vetted team and know that they will do a great job for me.

3. Get to know your writers through Private Messaging

Although Textbroker doesn't allow us to communicate with the writers outside of their platform, we still need to maintain a good relationship with our team members.

Simply send them a direct message and initiate a small chat about their background.

You can also use this opportunity to explain to your writers more about your project.

I found this very helpful in developing a better working relationship with them and in motivating them to provide better outputs.


Investing in good quality content is becoming more and more important these days, and it's proven to be worthwhile.

If you're needing a fast and affordable way to scale your content, Textbroker is highly recommended.

What's your favorite way to outsource content creation? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comment section.

Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of
  • Hi Tung,

    Great post and really useful. I noticed that they have specific options for the different types of posts such as blog, press release etc.

    There is also an option for a pillar post. Would you trust them enough to have them write a pillar post for your sites, or would you write your own pillar post and then get Text broker to write the rest of the articles?

  • Great post Tung,
    Writing is never an easy task especially when it’s on a topic you’re not very familiar with as you mentioned.

    However, getting good writers to work with can sometimes be very daunting as well if you have no experience with outsourcing. I’ve never used Textbroker before but i heard they have good and qualified writers, this post of yours have also confirmed that to be true.

    I’ve been getting my writers from Upwork and I’ve been able to get good ones there too. Will surely check out Textbroker as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Text broker is good place to get quality writers but the cost is bit high. Some times the quality is not the worth of price spent.

  • When I log on, I go to the place order option but just underneath, there is a drop down menu with a menu name “templates” or “choose templates” can’t remember but something like that.

  • They offer 9 options:

    General template – 400-500 words
    Product description – 250-450 words
    Blog – 800-1000 words
    Press Release – 350-500 words
    Order Guidelines – 600-800 words
    Website content – 650-800 words
    Social media Facebook – 200-400 words
    Social media Twitter – 100-150 words
    Blog ideation – 100-200 words

  • Great post! Have you tried Upwork as well? I spend $10 per 1000 words there and I’m happy with the quality.

    My current setup involves 10 writers that I found over time (I don’t use all 10 simultaneously. Sometimes a freelancer will be late to complete work or will be sick so it’s always useful to have backups.) I will use Upwork to handle payments but I assign the articles with the instructions on a team management tool called Asana. I assign a weekly batch of articles every Sunday (8-12 articles p/week in total at my current rate).

    After that, I pay freelancers $1 to format the post into wordpress with affiliate links and such. To make sure they format everything properly, I wrote a short eBook that teaches them how to format a post properly.

    How different does your workflow look? (How many weekly articles do you like to assign, Do you use any third-party tools, etc).


    • That’s a solid system! Mine is pretty similar. We’re using Asana to assign tasks too.

      I use Upwork too but I’d like to pay a bit more so I can find better writers.

    • Hi,

      where do you get the guys that format you content for wordpress?

        • How much do they cost? Do you pay per hours or work done?
          Article about getting good editors would be great.

          • I pay my editor $5/hr – content poster $150 a month part time

    • Hi Doug,

      You are following an awesome strategy to streamline the process of delivering articles. I m not stumbling across any good copywriter at Upwork.
      Can share some in my email

      Also some tips from you will really help.


  • Hi Tung,

    Thank you for this post. I love all your info.

    Would you mind sharing what you use to create your pop ups on this site for collecting email addresses?

    Thank you,


    • Doug Beney says:

      I can definitely vouch for Thrive Leads. Best email marketing wordpress plugin I’ve come across. OptinSkin is another option I hear get recommended commonly but I’d AVOID it. OptinSkin was a horrible plugin and a complete waste of money. Thrive Leads, on the other hand, was a complete powerhouse and comes with a ton of features I haven’t even tested out yet!

  • Thanks for your suggestion. I will try with them to write some for my project. thank you!

  • I used to write articles on TextBroker so I can vouch for the service. Actually one of my colleagues just started writing on there too.

  • I heavily rely on textbroker for my niche site. But haven’t tried for an authority site. Already built a small team there as well.

    Haven’t seen your content brief template?

  • Great post, Tung! Really helpful.

    I’ve been using textbroker a lot more after the tips you gave me and it’s been awesome 🙂

    • Thanks Chris! Great to see you here. Just added a link to your iWriter article 😛

      • Chris Lee says:

        Sweet! Thanks Tung. Keep up the great work!

  • Great post again Tung. I like your way of keeping it brief and simple. No blabla. 🙂 I usually use youtube as my main learning source because it often is a lot more straight forward than most of the blog posts you can find.

    You are different in my opinion. Keep up the great work!

  • Hey Tung, great post like always.

    I don’t usually comment but this one grabbed my attention as a former iWriter ‘writer’ and now an aspiring niche site builder. I don’t know what’s happening at iWriter but it’s sad that you had bad customer service. I was a 5-Star (Elite Plus) writer there and was in a number of regular content requesters’ favorite lists.

    Could you help me understand this: What format do you get the article … image file. .txt file, PDF? And do you normally post the article as is or you make some small changes of your own?


    • My editor does the editing based on my guidelines. Download my content brief for details on that.

  • I’ve used Textbroker from time to time. Like you said, the best approach is to build your own team once you find writers that you like because the quality can vary A LOT, even at the four-star quality. I’ve received content from four-star writers that is on par or worse than what you can find for $1.50/100 words writers elsewhere.

    The problem is there isn’t really any quality control on the site because they don’t have a public review system setup like nearly every other freelance site does.

    The only way to gauge a writer’s ability is looking at their rejection rate, but if you’re doing an OpenOrder it’s pretty much just hoping you get a good writer. Plus a lot of the writers lie in their profile as well.

  • Robert Nguyen says:

    hey Tung Tran, do you recommend i get stackthatmoney? hows your progress with affiliate marketing. im not sure if stackthatmoney is worth it

    • It’s more for CPA affiliate marketer. I’m not a member so I’m not sure.

  • Hi Tung, what do you think about Constant Content? It’s similar to Textbroker in many ways, and I’m considering getting my content from there. I like the fact that they have a catalogue with ready-made articles and they seem to have tighter quality control on their writers compared to textbroker.

    • I never tried it before. So no comment 🙂 I’m just happy with Textbroker and Upwork now.

  • Hi Tung,

    I’d completely forgotten about outsourcing until today and read your post. This is fascinating and something I certainly want to master – bookmarked for future reference!

  • Hi Tung,
    Thanks for posting. So many times I google for a subject, your posts will come up with relevant and very informative information answering my question!

    Taking this topic one step further, along with getting good content written by TextBroker’s, where do you get your graphic images, tables, and other non-text objects to go along with that text for a post or page?

  • Hey Tung great article on outsourcing with text broker. I still haven’t tried using that service for an article just yet. I am currently using the templates I learned from AH Pro and I scouted a few solid writers on fiverr for some low rates.

    Have you ever tried this?

    • No I stay away from Fiver because of low quality. I like Upwork more.

  • >