I’m Back! Welcome to My Cloud Living Journey!

Welcome to My Cloud Living Journey

Hi there,

It’s Tung Tran. Thanks for visiting and welcome to my journey of living on the cloud and following my greatest passion: online business.

At this point, you may think: Huh? Just another boring theory-based internet marketing & online business blog?

I can confidently answer: Nope. In fact, this blog will be your best-read in 2013!

Am I over-confident? Maybe. But I firmly believe that and I will do my very best to prove it.

Ok, Let me introduce first.

Who am I?

I’m Tung Tran. (You’ve already known that from the beginning 😉 ) In the right hand is my picture taken at a local conference. Pretty good? 😀

I was born and raised in a beautiful mountainous area in Viet Nam. I’m currently planning to move to the Phillipines in March 2013 to study English, explore the world and learn more about the culture of this country.

I was fortunate to get access to computer and the internet at my young age when I was at grade 5. I gradually developed my passion around them and became a blogger at grade 7. WordPress and Blogging have become my main interest and passion since then.

After around 3 years playing with my own blog in Vietnamese, I decided to make a change and start a new blog in English. And It’s by far the best and widest decision I have made that changed my life completely.
I started writing like mad on this new blog, driving traffic to it and later on my friend told me that “You can make money off your blog”. It got me thinking. The only reason I started a blog was because I’d love to share my knowledge and experience in order to help people. Never intended to make a single buck! So I gave the idea a try and involved in affiliate marketing. The result was awesome! My blog started to bring in enough money that allowed me – a 15 year-old student to buy anything and be independent with my parent.

Then I lost focus and tried some other making online methods and had big success with paid to upload (i made over $10k. You can google this term but my recommendation is not to try because this method wont work well anymore :D .. The main purpose of my success is automation) My story is quite long so I dont want to go detail here.

Actually I sold my blog in March 2012 for a handsome amount (hmm, I regret)  and postponed my online business activities for over a year because of preparation for unversity entrance exam. But the thing is : I have dropped out of college recently !!! No, I’m no Bill Gates and never ever wanted to be. Just because the first semester in college showed that it’s not for me. So I quit and start my online business again from scratch.

What To Expect From This Blog?

Here is my mission on Cloud Living Journey (a.k.a my elevator pitch): “I help people turn their passion into thriving online business by providing proven and tested online business ideas that work”.

It’s that simple. In other words, I will be testing a lot of online business ideas to figure out which works and which doesn’t. All the process along the way will be documented on this blog as case studies as I know that: Learning by following real-time case study is definitely the fastest way to learn how to do online business.

Here are the things you can expect from this blog:

  • Proven and Tested Online Business Ideas That Work!
  • Case-Study-Driven Guides of How To Turn Your Passion Into Thriving Online Business.
  • Exclusive interviews with some very smart and young online entrepreneurs.

The Project I’m working on ….

It’s niche website building. I’m focusing heavily on mastering the art of SEO as well. I have done and sold some niche website projects in the past but I’ve postponed my online business activies for a year so I want to do it again to see whether it still works well in 2013 after some animal updates from the big Google. I will publish a post about this project soon.

Launch Bonus

As I said in the introducing part, I used to rank for the most competitive keywords in blogging niche and profited handsomely from them.  If you would like to win a free site overview plus a high quality backlink package to boost the ranking of your keywords, all you have to do is write a blog post about the launch of Cloud Living Journey. I’m ready to answer some questions if needed.

That’s it! I’d love to hear your comment 😉 Just say ” Hello” to encourage me :D… Thanks!

Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of CloudLiving.com.
  • Tung,
    Good luck with your new blog! It must be hard to write in English when Vietnamese is your first language. Keep us posted on your progress.

    • Tung Tran says:

      Yes actually it was extremely hard when I first started 3 years ago. But now things get easier as I write everyday.
      Thank you for becoming first commentator on my blog 😀 How did you discover CLJ?

  • Welcome back, dude – and wish you success with your new projects. And, Happy New Year!

  • Tung,
    I found your blog from a comment you left on another blog. I guess this is one way people can find you!

    • Tung Tran says:

      Great :D… Commenting is a good way to build traffic and backlink. Thank you 🙂 I have 2 other posts worth checking if u have time 🙂

  • Welcome Back Tung…. Wish you best of luck for your new Blog… Happy Blogging 🙂

    • Tung Tran says:

      Thank you Amit! Without your encouragement, CLJ wasn’t be launched 😀

  • Good to see you finally stepping back. I wish you nothing more then success with your new projects 🙂


    • Tung Tran says:

      Thank you Devesh. You always give me encouragement. PS: Check your gravatar 😀

  • Hey Tung,

    That’s pretty sweet you sold one of your first sites, that’s instant cred in my book :D, I’m new to this online stuff and got started with Pat Flynn’s stuff, I know you love him as well.

    I haven’t been able to harness a strategy yet for growth, I’ve been up about 5 months so I know it’s early so not to stressed about it at the moment.

    Look forward to hearing more about your success and strategy, cheers!

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your words!

      I’m a fan of Pat Flynn as well and actually he gave me inspiration to do my public niche website case study which you can see at this link :


      Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with the latest update 🙂

      PS: Your blog is really nice. Listening to your podcast now.


  • Again my friend, I love your writing very much. One day, I will write something like this. But my English isn’t good enough so far, just need to improve more.

    I wish you all the best and get more success with this blog. Welcome CLJ launch. Cheers! 😀

    • Thank dude 🙂 Don’t hesitate to start. You can’t improve your English unless you write some articles hehe

  • Hey Tung,

    Just came across your blog from Spencer’s site. Awesome stuff so far dude — keep the content coming.

    Where in the Philippines will you be staying? I was born and raised in Manilla (I think that’s how you spell it) but moved here to the states when I was 5 so I don’t really remember much.

    I wish you the best on this blog and your stay in the Philippines,


    • Thanks for your kind words Janssen. I’ll be staying in Cebu 🙂

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