The $10k Challenge Update #2

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Welcome to the 2nd update of my $10K Challenge. If this is your first time reading, check out what this challenge is all about here,

November 2015 was a great month with significant traffic and income growth for our authority site. Here's what happened...

Key Successes


  • Successfully launched an ExpertsList campaign that resulted in 2 placed backlinks and 73 social shares. There are also 2 guest posts being approved by the featured blogs.
  • Secured 3 guest posts on sites with DA 25+.
  • Published 20+ new buying guides.
  • Hired an SEO specialist to help with outreach campaigns.
  • Hired a content editor to help with writing and editing content.
  • 152% traffic increase.
  • 450% income increase.

What's an "ExpertsList" campaign?

It's basically a list post featuring the top experts or blogs in your target niche.

The goal is to build relationships with influencers and hopefully get them to either share or link to your site.

I'll write more about this in details with step-by-step instructions in the next post.

Key Failures

  • Not having a proper tracking system in place - This has always been my weak spot for years. I don't have the habit of tracking things and It's not a good one to have. This month I'll make a tracking document and have my VA manually fill in all the stats including traffic/income/expense/etc.

Website Stats for November 2015


10k challenge update 2 traffic

November showed an over 152% traffic increase compared to the previous month. The total traffic was 6,522 with 4,286 coming from search.

I know this is a November update, but from the beginning of December, we've already been averaging over 280 visitors a day from Google, which means December should be a big month from a traffic perspective.


The site earned $102.31 in November which was a 450% increase compared to October.

10k challenge update 2 income

I know the earnings were still small, but that wasn't bad at all since I've just started to work on the site for about 4 months.

Currently It's averaging about $5 - $8 a day, so hitting $200 in December is totally doable.

Sneak peek at earnings for the first 6 days of December.

Sneak peek at earnings for the first 6 days of December.


I'm very happy with the progress me and my team have made in November. Everything is going in the right direction as I anticipated.

Here's what we're going to focus on in December:

  • Create more non-commercial articles (how-to's, list posts, image roundups, etc) as I'm having a good amount of buying guides on the site now.
  • Publish this infographic and try to get at least 5 links from manual outreach.
  • Optimizing top performing pages on the sites for more traffic and conversion.

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