Non-US Resident’s Guide to Receiving Payments from Affiliate Programs

If you’re an affiliate marketer living outside of the USA, it can be a challenge to get paid with Amazon and other popular affiliate programs.

Most companies offer check payments, but they can take a long time to come. Aside from that, banks also charge up to $50 per check to cash it, along with a very bad exchange rate.

In this article, I’ll be introducing you to a solution called Payoneer which I’ve been using for the last 4 years to fully receive my affiliate commissions.

What I Love About Payoneer


Payoneer is no doubt the best solution to getting paid from US or EU based companies, as if you have your own US or EU based bank account.

The way it works is simple. Payoneer provides you with personal collection account numbers, which allow you to receive payments via ACH transfers from US companies and via SEPA transfers from EU companies, wherever you are in the world.

Payoneer Payment Service

Opening Your Payoneer Account

Your first step is to sign up for a free account at the Payoneer official website.

Using the link above, you’ll earn a $25 reward once your card is loaded with the first $100.

I’ll get $25 for referring you as well (at no extra cost to you).

After visiting the link and clicking on “Sign Up & Earn $25”, you’ll see the sign up page.

You can start filling in all the required personal details:

Screen Shot 2017 12 25 at 9.14.20 AM

Remember to use the right home address as they’ll be sending you a letter via mail with a code which you will need to activate your Payoneer account.


Using Payoneer to Receive Payments

Simply login to your account, then under Receive choose either US or EU Payment Service.


Open your affiliate accounts payment settings, choose “Direct Deposit” and enter this payment information. Here are some examples of popular affiliate programs:

Amazon Associate Program







I’ve been a happy Payoneer user for the last 4 years and they really helped me grow my business better.

If you’re looking for an easy, reliable way to get paid as an affiliate marketer, then this is the solution that gets my best recommendation.

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