How To Create A High Converting Homepage For Your Amazon Affiliate Website

high-converting-homepageWe tend to get the most traffic and clicks on the homepage of our amazon affiliate websites as it often ranks highly for the main keywords.

In this article, I’ll show you how to create a homepage that converts normal visitors into affiliate sales.

Now, take a look at things that make a high converting homepage.

Elements of a High Converting Homepage

1. Know Your Most Wanted Response

Today, I want to introduce to you a new concept called Most Wanted Response, or MWR for short, which is the action you’d like your visitors to take once they finished reading one of your pages or .

The MWR for your amazon affiliate website is to make visitors click on your affiliate links to Amazon; therefore, so your job for now is to optimize your website to get the most clicks possible out of the total traffic. It’s really that simple!

2. Make Your Content Presell

But you can’t just blindly send all of your visitors to Amazon without connecting with them first.

Your website should be all about them.

Talk about their problems and pains, then present a solution. Give them what they want and build the rapport.

It’s the key to a successful affiliate website.

3. Provide Helpful and Detailed Information

This is the first step to build the trust you need to convert more visitors into affiliate sales.

People who land on your site are usually the ones who are looking for information before making a decision to purchase something and there’s high chance that they are not only reading your site.

They still have multiples tabs open.

While we cannot prevent that from happening as it’s normal behavior of a human being, we can lower the bounce rate by providing a lot of helpful information so they don’t need to look elsewhere.

And having more words is always better as pages with 2000+ words often rank higher.

4. Compare and Review Different Products

Have you wondered why big sites like CNET, Toptenreviews or even e-commerce sites like Walmart and Amazon often have a big product comparison charts for different products?

Because it works to drive more sales.

People often want to compare different products to find out which is better.

So do that for them.

Compare and review at least 3 products on your homepage.

5. Have Clear Call to Action

Now that we’ve done the pre-selling part, your visitors have now warmed up and ready to buy something.

The last step is to send them to Amazon and let them do their best job. To get more clicks, you need a good call to action.

It has to be clear, specific and benefit-driven, like this one:

Click Here To Purchase The Best Adjustable Dumbbell on At A Discounted Price! Limited Time Available!

But don’t just include one.

Have different call to actions in different places to get the most clicks.

How To Create A Product Comparison Table

Spencer from NichePursuits just published a detailed guide to create a product comparison table here.

It’s a great article and it’s worth a read but I just want to add a few things:

1. Don’t Compare Too Many Products

Visitors can get confused. Just choose the products that have high ratings & lots of good reviews from the customers.

  • At least 4 star ratings
  • At least 30 reviews

2. Compare Basic Features First

All Amazon products have some common features namely:

  • Price
  • Rating
  • Saving
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Return
  • Weight
  • Dimension

3. Research Further to Find More Features to Compare.

You can browse manufacturer websites to get even more information.

Don’t just rely on Amazon product pages, you can get a lot more information from the official page by googling this:

” product name + specs”
” product name + features”

Step-by-Step Instruction To Create a Homepage From Scratch

This instruction was created by my lead writer and is used to train new writers in the process of making the homepage for amazon affiliate website. I think it’d be helpful to share this with you.

You can either follow the instructions to create the homepage yourself or give it to your dedicated writer.

[wpsharely id=”1398″]

This document is a step-by-step guide on how to make a homepage for websites. Basically, the homepage contains 2 main parts: The reviews of the 3 top brands of the featured product and its buying guide.

Step 1: Key in your main keyword + bestseller to get the best selling list of the particular product you’re working on from Amazon. For example, if you’re working on double strollers and your main keyword is best double stroller, key in “best double stroller + bestseller”. You’ll see the Amazon bestseller link as the top results.

step 1

Step 2: Choose the top three best selling products. If they have different brands, the better. Remember that the objective is to get top 1, 2 and 3 brands but if not possible, just make sure you go for the ones below number 10.

Make sure also that they have an average rating that’s nearest or a perfect 5.  Thirdly, ensure that the reviews for each brand that you choose is more than 25. That way, there would already be enough reviews (pros and cons) for it to be considered credible.

Step 3: Make an introduction of your homepage by focusing immediately what the purpose of the homepage is and that is to guide you in making the right choice when you finally buy the product featured in the website. This is done through reviews from Amazon followed by the buying guide.

high converting homepage step 3

Step 4: Note that when you make the homepage, two keywords must be mentioned numerous times in the most unobtrusive way for SEO purposes. The first keyword is primary and usually contains the word, “best” followed by the name of the product so if we stick to our double stroller example, it would be “Best Double Stroller.” The second keyword serves as the support and contains the product name followed by the words, “reviews” so still with the double stroller, it becomes “Double Stroller reviews”.

Step 5: Present the three best selling products followed by a table of comparison based upon the format of Amazon. The details or information can all be found at the description of each product in its corresponding Amazon page.

high converting homepage step 4

Step 6: With the table of comparison in place, you’re now ready to make an in-depth review of each of the three best selling products. Begin by mentioning the positive reviews based from Amazon and liken it to how such positive feedback can relate to your own experience with the product. Highlight benefits and how much the product can help you or make your life easier.

Step 7: Of course, no such product is perfect so mention at least 1-2 downsides of it and how the users addressed such issues. If there is no solution presented in the reviews, try thinking of a possible solution to the flaw yourself. Make sure that the cons you chose are not isolated incidents. They must be common to a number of users for it to be considered a valid negative feedback.

Step 8: End each review with a conclusion that collates and summarizes everything about the product with that particular brand.

Step 9: After making the reviews, you’re now ready to make the buying guide. Begin by first stating briefly what the product is and what its mission is in the first place. Again, focus on benefits especially on how it can make things easier for you or help you solve a particular problem.

Step 10: Follow it up by discussing the types or kinds for each product if there’s any. For example, with double strollers, there are actually six types available in the market so give a comprehensive description of what differentiates one from the other. Include also what they’re best for as well as its pros and cons.

Step 11: If the product featured doesn’t have any types or kinds, skip step 10 and proceed with this step. Make the buying guide by googling what there is to know the product before making your purchase. You will usually find topics like “What to Consider when Buying a Double Stroller” or “How to Buy the Right Double Stroller.” Go for topics like these, read them and paraphrase text to make it for your website.

Step 12: After discussing the buying guide, end your homepage with a conclusion that summarizes everything that has been discussed.

In your paragraphs, you need to make sure that your main and secondary keywords are mentioned every now and then in a non-obtrusive way. This is way easier said and done because the tricky part is mentioning them where it’s not obvious.

One tip so as not to go wrong is to mention them in the part of the paragraph where they accurately apply. With this tip, it implies that you have to think in advance of the words you’ll use to fit the corresponding keyword so you can mention them. To do this, it would be very helpful to make an outline of your write-up first to serve as your guide.



Now, you have all the information you need to create your very own homepage for your amazon affiliate website. I hope that you found the article to be helpful and useful.

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As always, I would love to hear your thoughts! If you have any burning questions that you’d like to ask or any input that you’d like to add to the process, please let me know.  I look forward to the discussion below.

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