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​For the next 24 hours, I will answer any question that you may have. Just ask by leaving a comment below.

It can be about anything really, but here is a list of topics that I can provide the best answer for:

  • Niche & Affiliate Website
  • Traffic Generation & SEO
  • Eating healthy, getting rid of acne, working out.
  • Personal development, books, building habits.

Please keep in mind that I don't publicly reveal my sites or personal income anymore 🙂

Have a question for me? Leave a comment below.

Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of

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  1. Hi there, thanks for this opportunity. How can I promote my amazon astore throughout my site without it looking spammy? I’m having a banner made which will be placed at the bottom of each post. Will that be enough do you think? Please check out the link above to see what I mean. Its my own personal site.

  2. I have several 🙂

    1. Why don’t you publish your income any more?
    2. Why don’t you publish your sites?
    3. Exactly which plugins do you use for your site?
    4. What’s your goal in life? What’s your purpose in life? Do you follow any religious/spiritual beliefs?


      • Awesome, thanks.

        Your How to Set up a Website page doesn’t mention any plugins for your signup form. Is that functionality part of DiggDigg, or custom code?

  3. Hi Tung, i like you blog very much, the way you write a post its like your motto is just helping others. I am new in Affiliate field, can u guide me how to choose a niche and how to rank on it. everybody says built email list but my question is that if my website is new why anybody wants to subscribe my posts ? How they reach to my post to subscribe us. waiting for your response. please suggest me with example site.

  4. Here are my questions:

    – What are the TOP 3 books that you’ve read?
    – Best app for gym workouts?
    – Best cloud-based software for keeping track of income/expenses?


    • Hey Alex,

      – My top 3 books:

      1. How to Win Friends and Influence People
      2. Rework
      3. Anything You Want

      – Currently I use MyfitnessPal for tracking weight and calories and StrongLifts to track workout.
      – I have no idea for bookkeeping software… currently using Google Docs.

  5. I found what I feel may be a promising niche, my search on LongTail Pro finds:
    Local Searches : Average Keyword Competitiveness is as follows for selected keywords:
    40,500 : 33
    22,200 : 35
    12,100 : 29
    12,100 : 17
    12,100 : 33

    Many rank for keyword competitiveness in the high 20s or low 30s with pretty high search volumes.

    Do you think this is a good sign that I should move forward? My goal is to start an ecommerce store with a proprietary aspect being an associated blog (i know, that is not super proprietary, but the competition lacks this aspect).

    Any interest in coaching me and writing about it 🙂 ?

  6. Hi sir, summer vacation is coming, my sales recently have dropped down terribly. Any suggestion for the field that may work well in this horror season? I know you won’t point out any specific niche and I absolutely understand that . But some fields that have sellable niche ? I really appreciate .

  7. Hello,

    Here are questions:
    1) I want to ask about seo strategy. How PBN should looks like? Better to link from sidebar or from articles?

    2) What’s best seo strategy for blogs? I have own blog in finance niche and I would like to boost BLOGPOSTs, not homepage. What do you recommend for boosting blogposts?

    3) What’s your favourite affiliate program, and why it’s amazon? 😀

    4) What of ALL affiliate amazon websites do you want to make it own? Give us 3 BEST amazon affiliates websites that you like/love most and u want to own them.

  8. Hi,

    thank you for the opportunity!

    Two quick questions:

    1) Issues against using e-commerce themes with automatic plugins like WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates for affiliate web sites (provided that the content is unique)?

    2) Best big (pro) affiliate web-site that come fist in your mind.



  9. Hi I’m stuck on finding a decent theme both for my site and for amazon affiliate sites. My site looks poor! And I would like a good theme. Thanks in advance


  10. How do you stay productive. Share your productivity secters like habits and tools. And if you’ve been a perfectionist in the past how did you overcome it?

    • I find out that I’m most productive on the day when I wake up at no later than 7am.

      For dealing with the perfectionist in me, the best way is to make a minimum viable product for anything. For example, I’m planning a new course and instead of waiting to finish the whole course, I’m gonna launch the first module now and charge an early bird price for it.

  11. Hey Tung
    Do you have any successful websites that aren’t relying on PBNs or other grey/black hat techniques?
    If so will you be helping others who only do white hat ranking?


    • Yes. It’s Cloud Living 🙂 I’m still trying to figure this out honestly. The guys at knows this a lot better than me. Highly recommend to check out

  12. hello, ive read your blog and others related to your topics and i have some questions:
    1. is pbn is stronger than web 2.0?
    2. should i do web 2.0 and pbn together?
    3. xrumer\gsa is required to rank the most competetive keywords in google?
    or just a strong pbn is enough?
    4. only 5-10 links via pbn (direct links) are enough to rank something? (competetive niches). or i should use gsa for more baclinks (i saw that the opponents have something like 90k backlinks and i have only 300…)
    5. can you review my site a quick view?

    • 1. Yes if built properly
      2. Yes
      3. No.. never use anything automated like that
      4. Hard to tell. It’s no rocket science. You have to test and adjust accordingly.
      5. Sorry but no. I don’t have enough time for that. But feel free to ask questions.

      • thanks for you answer.
        if you say to dont use gsa so how other websites ranked the top 10 in my niche have so many backlinks?
        i use a tool to check how much links they have and they have alot..

        how many pbns and web 2.0 should i build to rank a “web development” keyword (but just in my language) in google?

        also, what are the meanings of the terms:
        web directories, articles and pings in seo ofcourse.


  13. Hello, thanks for this opportunity 🙂 What you think, what all is needed to build and rank a high competitive niche site? What things we need to keep in mind while build PBN’s? Thanks! 🙂

  14. Hi there,

    Do you always include Google Analytics and Webmaster on your projects?

    Also what are your thoughts on tiered link building?

    Thanks – enjoy reading the blog 🙂

      • Why always? As a matter of interest and what is your number one tip for getting quality links? Also how do you determine what a quality link is – PR/outbound,authority?


  15. Hi Tung, I’ve been following your great blog, but this is the first time I comment. I still have a regular work, but I’ve been interested in Amazon niche sites and Teespring to become my main income source.

    In both I’m in the first stages; keyword research for Amazon niche sites, and waiting for my monthly salary to invest in Facebook ads for some tees campaign that I want to explore.

    My question is, would you be working in both projects at the same time or you would focus in one?

    Also if you’d work only in developing Amazon niche sites, would you do it in more than one niche site or some 4 or 5 at the same time?

    Thanks in advanced!

    • Definitely FOCUS. Doing one thing at a time. Even for amazon site, you should focus on only ONE site and make it a success.Don’t do both Teespring and Amazon Affiliate. You will not succeed that way.

  16. Do u still sell other people affiliate product?

    Regarding traffic, do you use other people list? Normally through where?

    Do u have a mentor to guide u in Internet marketing when u first started as a newbie?

    Thank u

  17. Hi Tùng, cảm ơn email của Tùng.
    a là newbie, cho anh hỏi chút, a làm web nhưng mà làm bộ xương cho toàn nội dung của web trước, tức là tạo category, tạo page, tạo post trước mà chưa hề viết nội dung, sau đó google nó index trộm web của anh (:D) trong lúc mà các post chưa hề có nội dung, vậy xong nó có liệt web vào dạng thin content k e? a thắc mắc quá, giải thich dùm a nghen. 🙂 Nếu có thì chỉ a các khắc phục nhé.
    Thank kju Tùng.

  18. Hi,
    I’m thinking of focusing my site development on fitness(running, yoga, nutrition, coaching, etc). I’m located in the northeast (USA) and it seems like a good opportunity. So my questions are:
    1. Do you think that the market is too saturated for this type of niche site?
    2. Is there a way to do an analysis to see if this is a viable option and how would I find the best ‘practices’ for such a niche? (Content, design elements, etc)

    Thank you

    • Hi Kevin,

      1. Indeed it’s competitive but you can get in with an unique advantage. What’s the thing that makes you better?

      2. I’d say analyze the top 5 competitors in your niche and judge them based on each metric.

  19. Hi TUNG TRAN, I would like to get some advices on one of my websites about Traffic Generation & SEO. I build this website almost 1 yr now. It has some traffic from time to time. But, never get any conversion 🙁
    If possible, please take a look and see if you can give me some advices as how to kick start the conversion… Any Online/Offline SEO are not right?

  20. In 2015 we have noticed that now it takes more time and backlinks to rank a site. Do you know some workaround to this, so that sites can be ranked in 2-3 months just like we used to do an year back.

    And what do you think about the no backlink approach? Is it good.. Can it really rank a site.

    • You can build your site on an expired domain with existing age and backlinks. And also you need a few very high quality domains from sites with DA 30+ to bypass the sandbox.

      I never believe in the no backlink approach. There will be backlinks pointing to your site anyway.

  21. Hi Tung,

    Thanks for creating this post. I have very basics question, I hope you’ll answer it because I want to create a passive income for me.

    1. How much minimum searches of keywords for amazon affiliate site ?
    2. How many articles for a amazon affiliate site ?
    3. How much worth product should we need select ?


  22. Hi Tung, It’s Steven again . I don’t know somehow that i can’t reply to your comment 🙂
    I sell T-shirt like on teespring . Few weeks ago like 3,4 weeks, sales came normally everyday . But recently like 1 or 2 weeks , my sale dropped and I figure out the reason that everyone busy prepare money for holiday etc and with that change , I also have tested many niches but nothing comes to profitable campaign . Any suggest in this season of this year is very ,very helpful for me and Thanks for your consideration !

    • Teespring is all about LPD – Launches per day. You need consistency. Because 80% of the campaigns will fail. So you need to launch enough campaign to get those 20% winners.

      I’d suggest to launch 5 a day for starting out. You would have 150 campaigns a month and 30 winners.

  23. Hey Tung,

    I love your blog and know the power of the stuff you teach. I have made multiple affiliate sites in the past, but stopped making them after getting a site I sold for 1k stolen on flippa. I’m ready to try again, but I am unsure of what ranking techniques are working nowadays. I also want to try Amazon affiliate marketing, or make a solid quality content site I can continue to grow as I enter college next year. Do you have any suggestions? I am willing to apply myself, and I was inspired by the relatively small age difference between us.

  24. Hi Tung,

    Long time reader and follower, first time commenting.

    I am about to start seriously getting into niche websites. I know how to set up hosting and WordPress, the basics of SEO and I’m a pretty decent writer, as I work as a part-time SEO writer for a large SEO company in NZ. I hope to use these skills with my niche sites.

    My question is – What are the best resources for learning to build niche sites and learning affiliate marketing? I am aware of Spencer Haws’s case studies at niche pursuits, Doug over at Niche Site Project and yourself. Would you recommend Wealthy Affiliate or Bring The Fresh?

    Thanks very much

    • Hi Jamie,

      I have no experience with Wealthy Affiliate or Bring The Fresh but I can say that Doug’s course is pretty good.

      All the information you need to start is available on my blog or sites like Niche Pursuits, Authority Website Income, etc but it’s true that it’s not organized.

      I’m actually in the process of revamping my old course about building amazon affiliate and hopefully to release it in a few weeks.

      But don’t wait for me, go ahead and build a site. If you need help, just email me.

  25. Tell me How to make money online with AM or Blog?? ?!! Click Bank, Amazon..v.v.!! I want to learn step by step!?! Can you teach me?!?

  26. Hi,
    1) How much should I pay for a new website with ecommerce?
    2) How much should I pay for a phone App to be developed?
    3) How much should I pay for a simple algorithm?

  27. i had 2 years gap working online. before i use to work on my adsense/clickbank sites and small freelancing (wordpress tasks)

    Since i start again i am not getting any luck to make good cash any help where i should start or whats working to make $ ?

    This time i have more ideas but not getting results also i am jumping from one place to another.

    2— My passion is learn programming but in order to make a living i have to work on sites etc…. if i focus site than i dont get enough time to practice programming.
    What should i do … BALANCE or only one thing (what one thing )

    • I think you should focus on building your income with freelancing first. Building a successful website takes time and upfront investment. So you couldn’t rely on that for at least 6-12 months.

      • I am not pro in writing custom wp plugins and themes how can i keep doing coding practices beside learning more programming stuff?

        Did u mean building a successful website gonna take 6-12 months?

        Any idea minimum what one should invest in adsense/clickbank or amazon websites as initial amount? [ i ask so i can save that much ]
        btw i can invest little amount to get started which i had in saving ac.

  28. Aloha what is your favorite tool for collecting keywords from a webpage for basic SEO and the # one thing for basic SEO of a site!? Thanks

  29. Hi Tung, thanks for giving us this oportunity to talk with you. I have few questions:

    1) What are your tips on networking? What would you say is the fastest way to meet new people interested on internet marketing (apart from starting a blog). I don’t mind if they are from different countries.
    2) Do you any software to rank niche site. If so, which one (GSA?, Magic Submitter?, Senuke?)
    3) Apart from PBNs, what do think is the best SEO strategy working now to rank niche sites?

    Thank you for your time.

    • 1. Go to events and conferences. You can build better connections by meeting in person.
      2. No I dont use any software
      3. Guest posting & Broken LInk Building. I’m actively testing these new strategies.

  30. Hi, thanks for this opportunity. Do you think PBN are losing power or you think they’re still powerful as they used to be one year ago?

  31. I am thinking of starting a niche site, but I want to evaluate niche/keyword but don’t know how…I don’t have LTP Platinum so could you give me advice on how to evaluate?

  32. Hi! I love this initiative, i live in mexico have teo kids and a full time job, i need to be more at home, where i can find inspiration of niches, what about personal image and On line consultations? Any reco, how i start?
    Thanks my kids would love to have me near!

  33. Hi Tung! You are doing amazing thing here. To be quite honest, you and your energy inspired me to get into this online ocean.

    I build an Amazon affiliate site and currently looking for backlinks building. I’m theoretically covered, but need some practical hint for creating backlinks and here are my questions:

    1) How to, as fast as possible of course, build free backlinks (whether via FB, forums, or whatever)?

    2) If I opted to buy backlinks, what do you suggest?

    In a nutshell, I lost much time on site development, and really need some more efficient actions from now on. 🙂

    Thanks, Tung, and please continue on your work and inspiring people.

    • Thanks Vladimir!

      1. Blog commenting is the way to go. Just do 5 a day on relevant blogs and you will have a balanced backlink profile in just a short time.
      2. Black Hat World 🙂 It takes some testing but BHW is the best place to buy links.

  34. do you prefer teespring or amazon niche site?
    why (scalability, income – profit, workload, budget, easy to implement)?

  35. Hey, Tung!

    Hope everything is fine with you, I have a question related to the SEO process of the niche/affiliate websites. Do you think that good rankings (1st page) can be achieved without the PBN usage? I’m currently performing a keyword research for a new website and I do not plan to use PBN links (they are quite expensive), so I’m wondering if I will be able to achieve good results.

    Thank you!

    • Definitely yes! But it would take time and a lot more effort to build white hat backlinks… But if you do your keyword research right, it’s achievable!

  36. Hi again Tung, You said in one of your replys you use what do you think about Fresh Store Builder? I bought it about 3 days ago but have not use it yet, Have you used Amasuites too? What do you think about them for Amazon niche sites.


    • I never tried Fresh Store Builder or Amasuite. I don’t build stores so I don’t know much about these plugins.

      But Amasuit seems good for niche research.

  37. Hi Tung, I know you are a well-known blogger for amazon affiliate. The important thing I want to ask you is how to build backlinks for website (do not buy backlinks), the blog comment is the best way to build backlinks? What is the best way to build backlink?


    • I love blog commenting! It’s just a nice way to drive natural looking backlinks to your site and balance the anchor text profile. I’d recommend doing 5 a day if your site is new and keep doing that.

  38. Does it require any conditions to be an Amazon affiliate? For ex, like your site has to have a large enough amount of traffic?

  39. I started a website based around art. I love art, so I created the site with the intentions on monetizing it. This is the first site I created. So my questions are.

    What would be the top tip you can give to drive traffic to the site?

    What suggestions would you have to keep followers engaged?

    How much traffic should I be aiming to get? What would a good goal be to shoot towards?

    • Hi Amanda,

      Before thinking about these questions, ask your self this question first

      “How am I going to make money from my website?”

      Figure out the monetization first. Everything else comes later.

  40. Hi Tung, not sure if this is still on.

    I had a chat with you last time. If I’m not wrong, you were doing FB marketing then – maybe a few months ago. It seems you’ve changed your direction? Are you still doing FB marketing? Right now, I’m moving into that. What do you think of using FB to drive traffic now? Cheers!

  41. Hey Tung,

    Thanks for allowing the opportunity to get some direct advice from you.
    After reading your website and coming from someone who has zip knowledge on how to build a site, I was wondering how do I get started step-by-step. I have a niche market in mind but where and how to get started is the next hard step.
    Btw, super proud of a fellow Vietnamese doing so well at such a young age all the way from Hanoi!!!

    Many thanks,

  42. Hi Tung

    Thanks for doing this! If I want to do blog commenting for backlinks, should I include the exact link to my post or should I just link it to my domain name (dot) com? Also, should I use my name or website name in the name section?

    Name: Jane
    Name: my affiliate site



  43. Thank Tung that give us change to ask you. I have some questions about niche.

    Currently, I see two main sites about Amazon Affiliate niche site.

    1. Static Home Page like your theme
    2. List Top 5 Products, Top 10 Products or more list products per post that give summary products and put link to amazon. Ex:

    Which one of site you prefer #1 or #2? And which one best for SEO and best convert?

    Thank you,

  44. That great that you post this topic. I have some questions need your advice.

    1. How do you think if I use Adsense and Amazon Affiliate (or other affiliate program) in the same site?

    2. Which one you prefer example below?

    A site use only amazon affiliate
    A site use Amazon affiliate and Adsense

    Please provide your reason that select a option above.


  45. Hi Tung!
    Are you opening class to teach SEO or Do you know SEO prestigious center at Hanoi city?
    I am building a web share coupons, use clipper theme of wordpress! Its relatively complete, but my biggest problem is SEO!
    I hope to get your help and share experiences SEO.
    Thanks you very much!

  46. Hi Tung,

    Very informative blog.Congrats for that

    My question is-
    1. I have made my first website and I am using WRpagebuilder to make rows and then divide each row into three columns.Well the whole process is very time consuming and I can’t add social buttons to every post.

    Actually what I want is to exhibit products on front page and two three lines below the pictures about every item.
    Well can u recommend a free theme which is designed for the purpose.

    2. Going through your blog I came to know about Teespring and it can also make a good income if we get the marketing part right.

    I want you to help me with this.What steps one should take after a T-shirt is designed.Shall we use fb ads only or some other strategy.

    I am stuck and need your help.


  47. I’ve already asked this question with many people but they’ll not answer me directly. I want to know that when I hire some writer to write product review article what keyword I should provide to him/her. Because when I use LongTailPro to search low competition keyword with this link for product, I just see the same keyword with the other products. For me, I will find low competition keyword for general article, these article willl call the traffic but for product review article I can just only review by not giving the keyword? Is it good?

    Can you suggest me? Thanks a lot.

  48. Hi Tung,

    Can you make a step by step guide to explain how did you completed your Amazon Tax Information Interview, as a non us resident.

    That would be really awesome piece of content! 🙂

    Kind Regards,


  49. Hi Tung Tran, I know now is too late for your post’s deadline but still want to post my question here because I hope you will answer this.
    I want to make blog about MMO by English like yours but I have a problem in writing blog by English and vocabulary as well.
    Could you share with me about yourr process of your first post by English?

    Thanks a lot.

  50. Hey it’s another lately question hope you don’t mind. As wandering through BHW i discover you and followed through to your website. I’ve gotta say that I’m impressed by your entrepreneurial spirit. Then I would like to ask following questions:

    + How did you start your path in MMO ?
    + Did you learn needed knowledge all by yourself or through reference of mentors ?
    + Could you share your vision for next big step as a young entrepreneur ?

  51. Hey Tung – I really loved your article and felt great to read your journey of life building your career out of amazon.

    However, I am still wondering if getting the articles written by any outsourced writer for a product (they haven’t actually used) will come across as fake review and unethical?

    I would love to hear your view on this.

  52. Hi Tung, I know it’s late for Ask Me Anything but I’m just wondering… I’m using the twenty twelve theme and I cannot get Adsense to work, even in the sidebar widget, have tried various Adsense plugins and just plain pasting code into the sidebar widget, it just never activates… do you have any ideas? Thanks!

  53. Hi Tung,

    Recently I’m building a niche site regarding home improvement.
    I have always found the problem when I try to find relevant blog comment. I bought the ScrapeBox tool, but it’s not effective. Do you have any post or tip to find the relevant blog for comment?

  54. Hi Tung,

    I am using your product Authority Azon theme. However, the site is expired and I cannot contact the supporter. Do you have any link or files to download the knowledge base of AA theme.

  55. Hi Tung,

    Hope you still can see my comment even this post was from 2015.

    I have a question that had bothering me for a long time. My company is now giving me a task to look for IB or Affiliates to increase our sales.

    I’m a total newbie on this area and I barely get any reply from them(IB and Affiliates). So I’m just wondering what is actually the best way to look for IB and Affiliates?

    Look forward to your reply! Thank you!

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