Insights from My 2014’s Reader Survey and What They Mean For You

Two weeks ago, I launched my first annual reader survey after learning about the importances of understanding my audience from other bloggers (here and here).

The results has been really positive with over 122 responses ​containing valuable insights about my readers. They really helped me make informed decisions on improving the blog.


So, if you participated in the sur​vey - thank you very much! I appreciate the support and I will continually try my best to make Cloud Living more helpful and relevant to you.

If you haven't, click here to fill out the survey. It only takes 5 minutes of your time.

As promised, I already picked one lucky participant to receive a $50 Amazon gift card using List Randomizer.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • The Cloud Living audience is male dominant (86.07%)
  • They are young and are between 18 - 34 (77.87%)
  • They're located all over the world (40+ countries) but the top 5 are: United States (17.21%), Viet Nam (17.21%), UK (9.02%), India (5.74%), Thailand (4.92%).
  • The majority hasn't started a business (36.07%) or earned less than $10,000 a year (43.44%). We do have some pros who are doing $100,000+ a year (4.92%) and are trying to scale as well.
  • The common biggest challenge is traffic generation. Others are: getting started, niche selection, overwhelmed, fear of failures, lack of time, hiring reliable writers and scaling up.
  • They're still most interested in building authority websites and amazon affiliate websites.
  • 57.95% of them would love to see 1 new article a week.
  • How-to posts still work best. People also want to see more videos, reviews and personal development posts as well.

Based on the findings above, I have come to 4 conclusions:

  1. Publish more frequently. I keep hearing this over and over again from people. They demand more of my high quality and in-depth content. I always know that. Once per week seems too much for me at the moment, but I will try my best to publish at least once every 2 weeks.
  2. Stay newbie-friendly, personal, honest and practical. One of the consistent themes I picked up from the comments is that my readers like it when I publish case studies, success stories and in-depth tutorials. It makes everything easier for the newbies to follow.
  3. Be more open in sharing my entrepreneurial journey. Trust me, never had I seen an entrepreneur with only successes. Everybody has their ups and downs. That's why people love it when I share my personal challenges or problems that I'm facing. It makes them feel like they're not alone. After all, I'm just a normal guy who's trying to make it online.
  4. Create something to sell. Yes, people actually say that they want to buy stuff from me. I just need to create something of value and people'd love to give me money for. The good news is that I've been working on this and I'm actually launching a very cool product on December. So stay tuned!

I got tons of insights and ideas just from going through the survey. I just wanted to say thank you for all your support so far. Without you, Cloud Living wouldn't be where it's today.

Questions: What additional insights do you see from the survey​? Feel free to leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of
  • Good to see your blog post again, so far things around me are going pretty fast now. I need time to break from everything, might be long vacation on December. Well, looking forward for your product. 🙂

  • Publishing some of the email addresses doesn’t seem to be a great idea to me. Is it just me? Mine is not on this 15 list, but it could be because I answered too. Though I wasn’t aware it could be published.

    • Tung Tran says:

      Hi Dan,

      I don’t publish any email address… Just want to show the people that I actually chose the winner. Sorry for that. I edited the image.

  • Yes stay newbie friendly )

    This is a challenge for everyone because of what is known as the curse of knowledge.

    After we learn something we find it hard to think about the problems from the point of view of people who are less well informed.

    The classic psychology study was when subjects of an experiment were asked to tap out a song on a table.

    People thought that others should be able to easily guess the song from hearing the tapping.

    But people couldn’t guess the song as easily as the subjects expected because of course they were only hearing the tapping but not the melody. Inside the tappers head the melody was playing )

    When bloggers write they have the full information about the problem — they are hearing the full melody of the problem but newbies are only hearing the tapping 🙂

    So stay friendly to newbies and remember that they don’t have access to the same information as you do )

    Thanks for the insights Tung and I hope some people find my little psychology detour interesting 🙂

  • milky milky says:

    Wow, I won the competition. Thank you Tung, just gotta decide what to spend it on! I hope my survey was helpful and look forward to seeing some more tutorials for newbies like myself

  • survey wow this is a great thing to do as readers honestly tell us what they feel and need…the direction one takes is based on that data,,, smart move Tung .. your title reminds me 2014 is closing ohh nohhh….

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