WPSharely Review: How To Increase Social Shares by 39 times In 24 Hours

There are obviously dozens of ways you can use to increase social sharing. But Do you know the easiest and most effective way to get people to willingly share, tweet and +1  your article?

The good thing is:

You don’t have to spend countless of hours engaging on Facebook, Twitter and Google + and begging people to share your post.

You even don’t have to disturb your readers by plastering social sharing button all over your site.

It all happens inside your blog. You have to do just one thing. BOOM! Your website is flooded with social loves from your readers.

Sound interesting?

Here it is: Give people something people desperately want in return for a share.

Simple but effective. But how to do that? Today in this article, I will be sharing with you  a new plugin which really helped me automate the process.Let’s get right to it!

WPSharely Overview

  • Name: WPSharely
  • Creator: Shane Melaugh
  • Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Price:  $37 for multi site License, $27 for single site license
  • Website: http://wpsharely.com/

What is WPSharely?

WPSharely is a powerful social sharing plugin for WordPress which will help you get more social shares (tweets, likes, G +1’s) by bribing people with something they’re interested in and want to get in return for a simple click on your social sharing buttons.

The plugin also provides usage statistics of social lockers on your pages for analyzing and optimizing purpose.

My Hype-Free WPSharely Review

I’ve got my hand on this plugin for over a week, tested it and achieved some initial results from it. That’s the reason I created this review.

How Does WPSharely Work?

Here’s a live example for you:
[wpsharely id=”500″]
Great? Thank you for sharing my post 😉 Let’s get into the detail:

One you finish installing WPSharely on your blog and enter your license information you will see the following screen:

WPSharely Review

Click on the “Add Sharely Lock” button to create a new one. You will be taken to a new page which has 3 important sections:

1. Basic Options


You can change the header, content and theme of the locker here. There’s a preview below which will refresh and show your latest changes, as you are making them. You’ll always see exactly what the new locker will look like, including any theme you choose for the locker.

2. Social Options: 

The social options allow you to change the order of the share buttons, activate or deactivate any of them and choose the URLs to be shared.



3. Advanced Options:

There are additional options listed in the sidebar. Each comes with a brief explanation so I don’t have to go into details here.

My Result Using WPSharely

My blog has just been launched for over 2 weeks so that I don’t have enough data to make any conclusion here but here’s what I got:
[wpsharely id=”500″] [/wpsharely]
1. Not using WPSharely

  1. I’m Back! Welcome to My Cloud Living Journey! – 8 likes, 0 tweets.
  2. 11 Lessons Learned from 2.5 Years of Being an Unsuccessful Internet Entrepreneur – 14 likes, 0 tweets.
  3. How to Discover Website Ideas That Make Money: The Ultimate Guide – 0 likes, 0 tweets.
  4. Online Business Idea 001: Build a Niche Website – 0 likes, 0 tweets.

2. Using WPSharely

  1. Why 95% of Marketers Are Doing Wrong Keyword Research? – 23 likes, 5 tweets.

See how just using WPSharely has helped me nearly doubled the amount of likes and got some tweets? Again this may not be 100% accurate as my audience is small. But the creator of Wpsharely, Shane Melaugh, has a case study on his blog showing how he managed to have 39x increase in social sharing by using WPSharely.


WPSharely is a very simple but very powerful plugin. Shane Melaugh is a kind of person who always put a lot of effort into his premium products so that you will not regret getting WPSharely.

Update: This plugin is on pre-lauch right now. If you want to get it, act now to save money as the price will be higher in 3 days! Grab WPSharely now!

Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of CloudLiving.com.

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