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7 Productivity Hacks for Marketers: How to Get More Done in Less Time

Struggling to stay on top of everything?

Having a tough time managing your time?

Scared you're going to fail to grow your business and will be forced to return to the abyss of 9-5 hell?

Then give this article a read! It'll show you how ANY marketer (this means you) can kick their ass in gear and get A LOT more done in less time. 

The February 7, 2017 Google Algorithm Update - Analysis and Findings From A Significant Core Ranking Update

Curious to see the impact Google's February algorithm update had on the online industry?

Then you're going to want to check this article out. 

It digs deep into the implications of the update, exposing both the positive and negative impact brought by the most recent Google algorithm change. 

The Best of Traffic & Conversion 2017: 57 Insights, Marketing Content, and Actionable Strategies

Traffic & Conversion 2017 just wrapped up. 

And if you weren't in attendance, you need to check this post out. 


Simply because Traffic & Conversion is one of the biggest and baddest marketing events. And it offers tons of valuable insights on what is and isn't currently working with respect to online marketing. 

This article provides a good recap of the event, sharing tons of valuable tips you can employ directly towards the growth of your own online enterprise. Highly recommended.  

[Case Study] $182,324.83 in Sales from Facebook Ads

Looking for a step by step guide you can follow to take your Facebook ads to a whole new level?

Start with this video.

Whether you're struggling with Facebook ads or you're simply looking to see how others have leveraged the power of Facebook to sell a bunch of online training courses, this video is a must watch for you. ​

Focus Filters: How to Prioritize a Task List

I love productivity tips and hacks. 

And that's because the smallest of changes can bring about the largest of returns.

After I read this article and watched the video, I knew it had struck a cord with me.

That's because prioritization doesn't receive enough attention as it deserves. Far too often, it seems as if we just blaze through our task lists without ever questioning what's the best use of our time - the tips and tools outlined in this video do a great job at addressing that very question.

You'll discover how to prioritize your task list so you can tackle the day from a position of power!​

Who Is Tracking Your Email?

Here's a great podcast by Dan and Ian from Tropical MBA

It digs deep into a topic all of us are quite familiar with: email tracking. 

More importantly, however, it shares the story of a new, awesome browser plugin called Ugly Email, which grants you the ability to see who is tracking your email. 

Give it a listen!

You'll not only uncover the story of how the creator developed this plugin, but you will also hear some startling discoveries about just how much of the information in your inbox is at risk.

Eye opening stuff (and a little scary). 


There you have it!

Another week has come and gone. And another post full of kick ass resources is complete. ​

Spend some time exploring the resources above and make sure to leave a comment below with your biggest takeaways. 

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