NSC Update #3: Ranking In The Top 10 And Making Money

As promised in my last income report, here’s the third update for the friendly niche site challenge I started with Josh Ecusa on October 2013.

We did this for 4 reasons:

  • We want to inspire other people to take action.
  • We want to help action takers shorten the learning curve and achieve success faster.
  • We want to prove that niche website building is still working well no matter what changes Google made in the algorithm.
  • We want to see which is the better approach when it comes to building a successful niche website.

The challenge is going really well. Both sites are on the first page and started to make money for us. Let’s take a look at the nitty gritty of this official update.

How My Site Is Doing

I’m the first to admit that the site didn’t get the attention it deserves. After getting the initial content and basic on-page SEO done, I just left the site and had my SEO partner to slowly drip feed the backlinking campaign.

My site is now bouncing between #7 and #9 for the main keyword “best double stroller”. It clearly shows that my backlinking strategy worked although the result came pretty slowly. When it comes to SEO, slow and steady wins the race, so I’m totally fine with that.

There’s no secret about my strategy. Actually, it’s pretty simple because I’ve cut down on most type of links that won’t work anymore and only focused on the only few things that matter which are:

  • High Quality & Hand Built Web 2.0 Properties: This super powerful type of backlinks will work incredibly well if done right. I only used unique & perfectly readable articles that are written by our in-house  content writers.
  • High PR Blog Network Posts: Having a strong network of private blogs is still the best way to dominate the Google ranking at the moment. All the blogs on my network have high PR/PA with strong backlink profile.
  • Manual Blog Comments: These links will diversify the anchor text and make the overall backlink profile look more natural.
  • High Quality Social Bookmarks & Social Signals: These links and social signals are hand-crafted and help to lay down a strong, natural and well-diversified back link foundation.

If you want to learn how exactly each link has been built, be sure to enroll in my upcoming membership which will be launched on February 14th. You’ll have access to over 2-hour worth of training videos that show you everything you need to implement this highly effective backlinking strategy.

Here’s a current look at the site statistics:

2/10/2014 Ranking Report

Ranking For Main Keyword

2/10/2014 Analytics Report

Stroller Site Analytics 2:10:2014


The site is getting on average 40-60 visits a day and the number is increasing as ranking improves. It’s good that Google is driving the majority of the traffic which holds about 50.7 percents in total.

Visit Duration & Bounce Rate

The average duration of each visit is 2:10 which is actually a good number, but the bounce rate is extremely high at 72.19%. This means that I have to put more effort on improving the landing pages to make it more interesting for the user to make them stick on my site for longer time.

Top Content

Of course the homepage is at number one spot, but seeing the Blog page at #2 is not what I want. People also visit the About page of my site but that’s still a blank page with no content in it. I’ll need to replace it with a good about page to increase the creditability to earn more trust from visitors.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.41.19 PM

2/10/2014 Earnings Report

[wpsharely id=”1505″]

My earnings to date for this site is $14.67. It’s interesting to see that I sold two Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger, Blue/Gray at a conversion rate of 18.18%

Amazon_com_Associates_Central_-_Orders_ReportScreen Shot 2014-02-10 at 2.29.12 PM

Ok so that’s pretty much what you need to know about my site at the moment. I’ll continuing to tweak and improve the site to have higher ranking and earnings.


How Josh’s Site Is Doing

Josh is taking the lead and his site holds #1 spot for our main keyword. It is doing incredibly well for him I guess. Read his official update here.

The reason why he’s doing better than me in term of ranking is because he was able to get some very strong high PR/PA backlinks from private blog networks. I also notice that he’s using lots of rich anchor text links which definitely helped to boost his ranking.

josh site anchor text
This would help for short term ranking, but from what I’ve experienced in the last 12 months, this site could potentially be penalized in the next few months because of over optimization. Oh, did I just tell Josh that he should rotate the anchor text? My bad 🙂

We Got 2 New Competitors! (And One Is A Copycat)

The challenge is becoming more interesting than ever as a month ago I noticed there was one more site competing with us on the same set of keywords. It’s topdoublestrollerreviews.org

This is indeed a very good-looking site with good content and a strong backlink profile. I reached out to the webmaster behind the site and invited him to join the challenge, but he wanted to stay anonymous.

There’s not much to talk about this site as it was built with quality in mind and deserves to rank on the first page.

What really frustrates me is that there’s one more site bouncing between the first 2 pages which is a copycat of my site. While I have no problem with people targeting the same keywords  or using the same layout as mine, it’s bad that all the content on this site is just a spun version of what I have on my site. I’ve contacted the webmaster and kindly asked him to remove the duplicate content. I will wait for his response as I’m sure he reads my blog.


I’ll be putting more work into the site this month to make sure I can win this challenge. It’s too soon to conclude who is the winner so stay tuned. I’ll be conducting a detailed analysis and revealing my action plans to get the site ahead of the competitors on the next update.

If you have any question, let me know by leaving a comment.

Reminder: The membership is going to be launched on February 14th 2013. Be sure to visit my blog at that time so you can join the community.

Thanks for reading post,


Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of CloudLiving.com.

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  • Great update Tung. With 60 visitors per day right now, I’m sure the earnings on the site are starting to pick up.
    As for the anchor text on my site, I’m actually aware of it being a bit over-optimized and I already have plans to remedy this by pillowing the site.
    I look forward to seeing you up in the top of the first page with me…but don’t think I’ll be letting you take my lead 🙂

      • Hi Tung, i liked your content and there is a facebook.com/sophiethegiraffee
        fan page, can you add some inputs about it…:)

  • Bruno Amaral says:

    Hi Tung,

    Copycats are normal when running public niche sites, but copying and spinning your content?! :
    Oh well, a lot of people out there wants to earn money without putting in the effort…

    Other than that, great post as usual!

    My niche site is also getting the same amount of visits, ranking 6# in G. To really convert you have to be in the top 3. Do you agree?

    • Tung Tran says:

      Absolutely. It’s good that your site is doing well 🙂

      • Bruno Amaral says:

        Not that well. Just like your site, converting just 5/10 dollars…
        Your membership will teach me how to get to 1#. 😉

  • markaunit says:

    good and inspiring to see the updates Tung :),

  • Stew @ NinjaGorilla says:

    Hi Tung. Thanks for the update. I see that the copycat site is currently down 🙂

  • Awesome work Tung! I’m delighted to see that my back linking strategy is somewhat similar to yours (minus the private blog network). I’m hoping to see the keywords for my latest niche site rank very soon. And like you, hopefully I will be finally making some money with it!

  • Hi Tung. thanks for the niche site update, I guess from the next month both niche site of you and josh will combat for the #1 spot. I also notiched the keyword rich anchor text of Josh website’s backlink profile, I think he will reduce the percentage soon as you already mentioned in the post.

  • John Gibb says:

    hey Tung

    That’s an awesome post, and I’ve eagerly
    anticipated it.

    You’re an inspiriting for the young bloggers
    out there and affiliate marketers who are still on the fence with SEO and niche
    blogging. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to your club launch!

    How many members will you allow to join in,
    by the way?


  • Great post. You mentioned about hand built web 2.0 sites, can you tell us how many web 2.0 blogs you have linking to money site and how many articles does each of these web 2.0 sites has?

    • Don’t get lost in the weeds Singh. Web 2.0s don’t carry the juice that they use to. Use them to diversify anchors, and use the high pa links to pass the real power.

  • Hey, nice post,, I love the fact that you reached out to a copycat, and invited them in… This is another dumbbell site for sure…

  • It is very interesting to see you and Josh battling it out in this niche
    site duel. Both of you guys are doing very well in the top 10. So who should i rooting for? 🙂

  • fastow2012 says:

    gosh…the bounce rate is scary…thankfully you didn’t start this site to make money…:)

  • That is lame to hear that you have a copycat. Hopefully they’ll respond to your emails. I just don’t understand why someone would do that. I don’t see any gain from it besides the person wanting to be a douche bag. Good Luck!

  • Hi
    Your result is great. Well, my niche site is also ranking #4 on google. This was also some part of your link service and my own link building.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Tung Tran says:

      That’s nice Raweewan 🙂

  • Sorry hearing about your copycat. It is so unfair working hard for a niche site and seeing someone else trying to steal your success.

  • Looks like you are doing OK so far.

    I clicked to tweet but the content locker didn’t show the earnings.

    Good luck for next month.


  • EstateAgentsBelfast says:

    What is the total number of first tier links that you have? I have a small private network of about 5 high PR sites. Can this work in addition to building other web 2.0 sites? If you are just starting what are your options for building links with a small budget?

    • Tung Tran says:

      It depends on your keyword… if you choose an easy to rank one, yes 5 sites are enough

  • EstateAgentsBelfast says:

    how much does it cost to get some links from your own network?

    • Tung Tran says:

      it’s not for sale 😀

  • Tung you’re deffo updating us much more often now which is great.

    Anyway i wanted some opinions on web 2.0’s. you obviously think they are powerful whereas the liked of Spencer from niche pursuits think they are useless.
    As you can see there is a slight contraction there.

    So ultimately , did the web 2.0’s help boost your rankings?

    Anyway hope your sight earns much more in the future as it has lots of content!

  • Hi great job..

    Can i ask wich tracking software are you using, for the Ranking Report ?

  • John Paul Paquibot says:

    Hi Tung,
    May i know what do you think is the factor that contributes to the 72% bounce rate ?

    How much is the membership fee?
    I like the concept of membership ….but I’ve read one membership that i like to replicate, they were featured in a newspaper, so i sent him an email, and his answer sounded like

    Membership creator to me: Nope, we wont teach you how to fish, we will give you fish …

    That answer i think is interesting …

    • Tung Tran says:

      Maybe the content is not so well-structured… I’m working on it though

      My membership is $99/3 months but the price is likely to go up.

      I dont give you fish, I give you the rope and the fisher community.

      • John Paul Paquibot says:

        i see, do you also plan to sell this double stroller just like your dumbbells Tung?
        $99 good price…
        Ahh yes i know since most membership teach how to fish, its just this one group in the newspaper told me that they only give their members fish …
        which i personally think a clever move on their part ….

        thanks for sharing your NSC Tung …

      • John Paul Paquibot says:

        may i know if this NSC websites of yours and Josh will be 4 months old by end of February?
        I read Josh posts and it seems he is earning almost $300 now ? and sorry if i’m mistaken but is your $14 ?

  • Artsy Fartsy says:

    Hi Tung,

    Just want to ask though, before you said that it’s a good sign to see niche sites ranking first page at Google, but what if there are lots of existing niches already targeting on the same keyword and building same backlinks, wouldn’t that make it hard to outrank them as well and be on first page on Google?

    I think the competition for ranking on a niche site is getting a lot tougher these days.

    • Tung Tran says:

      If they can rank, you can 😀 Match their backlinks, their onpage then improve your site futher

  • Hi tung,
    What happened to the niche site? I cannot see any content on the sites. I wanted to have a look since I am creating my first niche site.

  • >