What I’m Doing Now

Inspired by Derek Sivers, this page shares what’s going on in my personal life & business.

Last Updated: October 26th 2022 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Spending 2 weeks in Thailand

I visit Thailand every October to attend the DCBKK conference, which is put on by the Dynamite Circle (DC) community.

I joined the DC in 2013, and over the years I’ve made a lot of friends there.

Because of COVID, the conference was put on hold for two years, so a lot of people came this year to see old friends and meet new ones.

I had a great time and was inspired to get back to work after spending most of 2022 not doing much while my great team at TK Ventures took care of the business.

Working on this blog again

With my newfound motivation, I’m going to write and publish something on the blog soon.


This month, I bought 10 new books, and I’m going to read them one by one. Here’s the list:

  • Ten Year Career by a fellow DCer Jodie Cook
  • The Lifestyle Investor
  • The Snowball
  • Tax-free Wealth
  • Who Not How
  • The Great Depression: A Diary
  • No Man’s Land
  • Multipliers
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • Getting Results the Agile Way

You can find all of the above books on Amazon.