NWP Update 2: Making $1000+ in a Month

niche website update 2It’s time for another update on my public niche website project.

So far I’ve written 7 posts showing you exactly what I’ve done in this project including keyword research, setting up the site, creating content, etc.

I think those articles are barely enough for anyone to start an online business with niche website. It doesn’t require too much work and money to build a successful niche website, the key here is to take action on your first.

Once you know the process, scaling up the business is easy.

May was a great month for me and my niche website. This is my first time being an Amazon Associate and honestly I’ve never thought that my site was freaking profitable like that. Here is the detail:

8000+ Visits

My website’s traffic increases 2.5 times in just 28 days, went from 150 to 385 visits per day.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.20.00 AM

Search engines contributed 59.37% of that amount which was equal to 4757 visits. I’m ranking #1 for “best adjustable dumbbells” (1000 searches) and #2 for “adjustable dumbbells” (8100 searches) but these 2 keywords only accounted for 25% of search engine traffic, the rest was from other long tail keywords. The weird part is that the majority of traffic (2585 visits) comes from “not provided” keyword which makes it hard for me to truly analyze the traffic source.

I also noticed that people often mistype the word “dumbbells”, they miss one “b” so that the keyword will be “dumbells”. The funny thing is that the keyword “adjustable dumbells” gets 1300 searches per month and it brought me 75 visits in May !! Not bad for a mistyped keyword.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.38.35 AM

Making $1000+ !

This is the most exciting part, right? 😀

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.51.05 AM

That’s the commission for 107 shipped items at 6.5% compensate rate. I still have 9 unshipped items and once they are shipped, the rate will increase to 7% so the commission will definitely be higher. See the table below to know more about the commission rate:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.58.52 AM

Updated screenshot:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.26.43 PM

The thing I love about Amazon is that sometimes I got commission for some unrelated and funny items like this:

Amazon’s 24-hour cookie rocks!

 Content Update

I’ve found a winner. Now it’s time to scale it up and make my site become the ultimate resources in the niche. I’m adding 20 more articles to the site at the rate of 1 articles per day. The easiest way to find more long tail keywords to target in articles is to use Semrush.com. You can generate a list of all the keywords your site or your competitors are ranking for using this service.

Honestly there are not many more keywords available on “adjustable dumbbells” to write about so I decide to target some related keywords like “dumbbells workout”, “dumbbells exercises”, etc.

Link Building Plan

To be honest, there are 2 backlink strategies that account for the success in ranking of my niche website:

  • Tiered Link Building (web 2.0, social bookmark, article directories,…): I outsource all the creation to this service. (20% discount coupon: CLOUDLIVINGJOURNEY)
  • High PR links from my own blog network: I will write more on that later. But you can check out this article by Jon at AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com

This month I order one more tiered link building package for my site and one more high pr link service.  Consistent link building will help me to keep the site strongly at #1 as this public case study will drive more competitors. Spencer’s site is getting so many copy cats so I have to prepare myself for the battle if I dont want to be outranked.

 Your Thoughts

As you can see, I’m having positive ROI now just after 2 months. I expect the site to make even more in June as the ranking and traffic are steady now. I’m planning to flip the site in the next few months to have more fund for other projects so any improvement in earning will help me to increase the total price. But right now I can truly enjoy the passive income as my site doesn’t require any further work from me. The feeling is so great!

Ask me please! I would love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions. Was there anything that I didn’t cover that you want to know? Or If you have any suggestion for me to improve the performance of the site, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment.

One more thing, our community is growing fast on Facebook. If you havent liked Cloud Living Journey’s fanpage yet, do it now to get more updates!

Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of CloudLiving.com.

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  • Bradley Chapple says:

    Congratulations on your niche site earnings, Tung. You are right… there will be plenty of copycats when you reveal your exact keywords. Now it’s time to make your content EPIC!

    • For sure, what happened to Spencer’s site was unfortunate, but not unlikely given the public nature.

      Bradley makes a good point about making sure your content is epic. That will definitely help you out a lot.

      Tung: have you seen any hits at all to your site from Google updates. I only ask because of the service you’re using(not that it’s bad). I only ask because Google sees things in it’s own way.

      Based on the number it doesn’t look like you have, but I thought I would askl.

  • Hi
    Which plugin are you using which redirects visitor to amazon checkout page?

  • Great article! 🙂
    The link to the tiered link building service is broken so I wondered if you could post it again. 🙂
    I am starting my own niche site using amazon associates and hope that it can be as successful as yours.
    I believe that the “not provided” on analytics is when the person searching is logged into google. At least thats what I can remember!

  • AWESOME Tung 😀

    I noticed the visitors that stayed on your site the longest were the ones that typed best adjustable dumbells… they can’t spell or read perhaps!! lol kidding 😉

    You can actually shorten your links with amazon apparently, so they don’t look so long and spammy! I have not tried it yet, but there is a link to the source here: http://designpx.com/business/short-amazon-affiliate-links/

    Hey if you could do a post on how you brain storm and go about finding your keywords that would be cool. Yes I know you use Long Tail Pro, as do I. But everyone has a slightly different strategy how they start searching a niche and typing them into their keyword tool, and think it would be super cool to see how you go about it?

    Keep being Awesome 😀

  • Tung! Great job! Keep it up! When do you know when link building is too much? and for NASIF there are plugins like Pretty Link and Amazon Associate that help you set the ID and a url to whatever you would like.

    • When Google penalized me haha… I just focus on link velocity and gradually building more links.

      • Syed Irfan Ajmal says:

        Congrats! You have done a marvelous job!

        Two questions:

        1. You mentioned link building velocity and gradually building new links. It may be a stupid question but how many links build per day/week/month would be a good graduate speed for link building?

        2. You mentioned that you have 2 different link building strategies (the Sarkar one and your own blog network). I would like to ask why have two different ones? In other words can we rely on just one?


  • Hey man this is awesome news! I’ve been building niche sites as well, but I have to definitely build an Amazon niche site. Great stuff. Keep it coming!

  • Sebastian says:

    Yeah man, you did it ! 😀 That’s amazing. Congrats 🙂

    Why do you don’t use a plugin to extend your cookie life to 30 days? Does amazon allow this?

    Btw, my amazon website made +$100 this month with 100 visits/day. My products aren’t expensive (pregnancy pillow).

    last month I made $50 with my website, but I changed it to something more similar to your website and the spencer one.

    Just keep sharing with us! 🙂


    • Perhaps it’s good. I think refering people to a landing page where the product appears is better than put them into the shopping cart section. Let me try 😀

  • Congrats. You are really earning a handsome amount from niche sites. Hard work always pay good result. Thanks for sharing your income report.

  • Tung

    My man — you rock!

    I have never heard of anyone else making close to $1k (with Amazon or any other affiliate program) within 2 months of launching a site from scratch!

    That’s insane… how many articles do you have so far on the site?

    What’s your take on keyword density?

    Which SEO plugins are you using?

    Is (on site) post inter-linking something which you’ve done for this particular site?

    I cannot wait to hear what you have to say, and what others inquiry you about next!


    • 1) I have 24 posts now
      2) I usually make it around 0.5-1%
      3) WordPress SEO by Yoast
      4) yes it’s very important. and I will add more internal linking to make the juice flow around the site 😀

      • Cool

        Here are further q’s (probably you’ve answered them before?)

        1. Does Amazon credit you for sales generated by referrals finding your site in Google/or whatever, but already have an Amazon account of their own?

        2. Does Amazon credit for sales outside US Affiliate program (which I think you’ve subscribed with yourself)?

        3. Are the product photos on your site Amazon copyright? Do they allow we add them on our sites?

        4. I see you’re not making keywords bold and italics — is there a reason why?

        5. Logo: how much and where did you outsource it to?

        6. Do you also outsource the actual posting/formatting and article submission within WP?

        7. How easy to use / vs. time consuming is the table plugin for you?

        8. Do you plan to add AdSense code onto this blog? It could bring an extra $200…

        9. I like the floating deal in the blog’s sidebar… where did you grab that from? The headline and bullets look amazing… Did you use a tool for building such? Is there a plugin to make it look like that?

        That’s enough for now 🙂

        I thank you very much in advance for answering…

        I think you could create a private coaching soon with the new-built experience of starting and selling niche blogs — did you think about it?

        • 1. Yes I think.
          2. Yes but I have to use easyazon.com to automatically switch the affiliate code based on the traffic.
          3. I grab them directly from Amazon and Google. I dont know 🙂
          4. It looks over-optimized and unnatural. Just use bold and italic when it makes sense or to emphasize something.
          5. I created it myself using iconfinder.com and photoshop 😀
          6. No. I did it myself.
          7. Just had my VA create the table and import it into WP using TablePress. 2 minute.
          8. I’m thinking about it
          9. Photoshop and my creative 😀

          Maybe when I get experienced 😀 Now I’m still testing many things.

  • Please keep your keyword service running 🙂 next month I will purchase some keywords if you’re still doing it. The most exciting thing is you can easily scale this up to 5-10 or even more.

  • This is really inspiring Tung how profitable this niche is for you. I own those Bowflex Dumbbells too and they are awesome.. people love them!

    I am making progress with the niche you suggested for the KW research you did for me. I will e-mail you my site so you can check it out, I’m currently working on article creation and might have a few questions for you.

  • Oh my God, Tung! I’m so happy for you.




    Haha! I’m sure you had some people shaking their heads at you when you told them you were dropping out of school to make an online business again.

    I hope they will have the humility to admit that you know what you’re doing with your life and that your decision was not a mistake.

    Way to go, Tung! Keep it up.

    • Thank Chris 🙂

      Everything has both pros and cons. I dont’t have student life like my friend but I’m happy now. I dont really care about what other people think about me 😀

      • Hey TUNG I am a teen also I was wondering do you plan on doing any travel at all that the main reason I want to do this online biz. I really want to travel to SE Asia, Europe and America. I’m still in school though so yer I’m a tad jelous. What did your parents say?

  • Nice! I think that one of the reasons why your niche site is really successful is because adjustable dumbbells are a high priced item. Congrats!

  • Tung – That is an awesome result! Well done my man. To be honest I am surprised you are flipping the site… Why not collect the recurring income for years to come? If you just want the cash – I get it but in general you have shown the beginnings for a great business. Keep up the great work either way! Quinn

    • It’s not a permanent decision 😀 Perhaps I will not flip the site. I will consider your advice.

      Thank you Quin for all your support and useful advices 🙂

  • This is amazing progress. How much do you think you have spent in terms of time and money so far on this site?

    How much do you think you will have to spend in the future to sustain the link velocity?

    I hope it continues!

    • I spent over 30 hours and $500 on this site

      $100 per month should be fine for future link building

  • Hey,

    Great results and inspiring case study…

    My first ever site, only 25 days old, is stuck at $10 with amazon. Only 40 clicks and 4 sales.

    Main products are around 100-200$.

    Thinking about buying some High PR links to jump few places and break into first 5 in SERPs for my main keyword. Ranking 13th at the moment for 4400 exact local monthly searches for US.

    Priyank, Your Indian Friend.

  • Do you think that searches conducted by more tech savvy people are more likely to have a lower conversion for amazon vs less tech savvy people? I say this because tech savvy people are usually prone to not clicking ads.

  • Nick Gustafson says:

    This is so awesome Tung! Keep up the great work!

  • Almost $1000. That’s pretty awesome within this small period of time. Congratulation Tung.

  • Haha I am making also a website about dumbbells and stuff in my own country (the Netherlands), so we don’t have to compete 🙂

    But the funny thing in the Netherlands dumbells get 2900 exact match searches and dumbbells (yeah, the right one) only gets 720 exact match searches.

    So blame the dutch visitors (it wasn’t me :))

    But did you test the site in Chrome? It’s totally messed up here for some days on my iphone it just looks fine in the beginning it was fine on Chrome as well but lately the design is messed up.

    How many articles did you put up before linkbuilding? I really don’t know how to linkbuild 🙁 and I think it’s hard to outsource it for a Dutch website. Maybe you have some idea’s.

    I can make some articles for articles websites with links. I know those startpages with a lot of links about the same subject. Link exchange, but that’s about it what I know. I know you outsource it but maybe you have some idea’s?

    I have now only 5 pages. Keep it up and I wouldn’t flip it. It’s good to have 1 site to give you some money each month.

    • It’s problem with caching plugin which I’m trying to fix.

      I have around 11 articles first. Just find a people who speak your language and ask them to write for u 😀

      • I can write it myself but just don’t know how to linkbuild. Alright I am using WP Super Cache, that one is working fine with chrome.

  • Wow! I grab my hair Tung!

    You’re the man guy! I think you have a decision to flip this site, and it’s good to flip because more or less this site will be having many copy cat. Many readers on your blog starring at you now 🙂

    You might be rich now! 🙂


  • Pretty awesome dude. I just started Amazon this month too..but only made around $200 with a couple sales that haven’t cleared yet :/ lol. Keep up the postings on this site!

  • One more think that I forgot, how many sites in your PBN? What are there PR?

    If possible I think you could schedule new content about this tactics! Thanks!

  • Hey the link building service gives a 404 error..

  • Hi Tung!

    It is an impressive result, that you earned so much money, with your public study.

    I love reading your post, you are motivating me, to make my own online business.

    Good luck!

    Regards, Johhny

  • Great going Tung!

    You were right about the site having lots of potential. I have a question. With your 5 sites, do you put them all in 1 host, or do you separate them to different webhosts?

    • I have each site on different hosting account to diversity the IP

      • Is it seo hosting? or different hosting all together?

          • What hosting providers do you recommend?

            I notice that as you increase the number of sites and if you have different hosts, then webhosting can be expensive.

  • Hi Tung,
    Thank you for the great article here.

    I’m a newbie to niche business, especially in generating high-quality content. I read your post about how to find ghostwriter on the internet, but there are still some confusion in my mind.

    I have 2 questions for you:
    1) how do you ask your Filipino ghost writer to give you the words that you want?
    I mean, do you give him the detailed instructions after you’ve done the research about the topic yourself; OR you just give him the k/w and let him research the topic, generate the layout first and then let him write the whole article? OR, you both work together during the process?

    2) about Amazon Affiliate program. You can tell my writing here that I’m like you not from US, so how do you collect the earning from Amazon? Although I choose gift card, I still don’t know how to turn it into cash on my account, simply because I never did before.

    Thanks Tung, I hope you can clear my mind, and I will keep tune with your blog.

    • 1) I do both ways. I give detailed instructions first, and then let them write. Then I give immediate feedback on their works. After they are experienced, I just send them the keyeowrds and let them do the job
      2) I use Payoneer to receive payment.

      • David,

        Get a Payoneer card. I have one too. Basically Amazon will pay all your money into Debit Mastercard Card and you can withdrawal from any ATM that accepts into your local currency.

        Inexpensive and quick way to get your money. No expensive international exchange fees, check clearing times, waiting for snail mail etc.

        Good luck

  • Hello Tung , I live outside the USA . I live in Africa .Will get commission from Amazon when someone in USA and Europe buy a product from my website Or do I need a plugin to be able to get commission from USA and Europe ?




  • congrats Tung!

    I searched through google adwords the keyword “best adjustable dumbbells” seems to be on high competition. Since you’ve managed to get to the top, do you think it’s worth a try to enter high competition niche? Care to share what makes you enter this niche despite the competition?

  • Hi Tuan,

    Congratulations on your achievement. Thats excellent results.

    The “not provided” are basically keywords that Google have hidden from their search. They decide to hide the refer information last year where they went from http to https. Kissmetrics got an excellent article how you can unlock these keywords. http://blog.kissmetrics.com/unlock-keyword-not-provided/

    Keep the good work up


    • Hi Norm, thanks for the great share about how to unlock the keyword. This is something didn’t come across after reading Kiss metrics for sometime.

      thanks for the share.

  • Hey Tung How’s it going? 😀

    I keep coming back to your site for your experience and knowledge. I think your dumbbell site is structured brilliantly and very visitor friendly 🙂

    Sounds like a human explaining everything and not a sales person, which is where a lot of people go wrong when building a niche website.

    Have you been talking to Neil Patel 😉

    Just out of curiosity where do you get the highest click through rates from your visitors?

    Do most people click on the dumbbell picture with the discout sticker, your blue text links or do they click on the amazon price chart more, that you’ve made?

    Hope you don’t mind me asking this information, but I understand if you want to keep it confidential.

    Cheers Tung, You ROCK 😀 8|

  • I am very happy, that you made this public niche study.
    I have a little question…
    I made my first niche website. At the homepage, I had an ~1000 words article, written by me. It has ~1,3% primary keyword (Longtailpro KC:26) density. The problem is, that the site is alive for 2 weeks, and it hasn’t got any position for it’s primary keyword. However, there are secondary keywords in the content, for the site has 8th-10th google position.
    What could be wrong? The main page content should only contains the primary keyword, and nothing else?
    If I now change the home page content, will I loose rankings to my secondary keywords?
    How long does it take for Google, to reindex my site, after I modified it?
    I hope you have some time for me.
    Looking forward your answer.

    • I think the keyword density is too high… aim for less than 1% and remember to have the keyword in h1 and h2.

      Try to build some manual blog comments to the homepage. Have u check the average PR and backlinks of the top 10? Don’t completely rely on the KC

      You can include as many related keywords as you want, just make sure it’s relevant.

      • Hi!

        Thanks for the answer Tung!
        I decreased the amount of my keyword, becouse it was stuffed..
        After when the page got reindexed by google, it has a quite good position. But after some hour, it jumped over 500+ again…

        I don’t know what to do. It has quite a good density now. The top 10’s aren’t hard to beat….

  • Tung, you had a little quiz on the front page a while back ago, why did you take that away was it not converting well?

  • Tung have you invested in any more niche sites after this one? If not do you plan to in the future?

  • hi,

    I have been trying to rank a exact match keyword site for a local business but its sitting on the page 3 ranking. what type of links will help to move it to page. it was on page 1 a year back but was hit by the emd update.


      • Thanks, I will try a few and will update you.

      • Hi Tung,

        Congratulation on your success in niche websites.

        I have a question for you, when you say try to get some high PR backlink to the site, Do you mean I should link to the main domain or a specific post or page of in my site?


  • Congratulations on your success and thanks for sharing this article.

  • Ky Nguyen says:

    I am new reader at your website via Spencer (Nichepursuits). You are doing great job here. Following up your successes stories to start build up my own niche site soon. Thanks for your hard work that help reader.

    Keep up the good work

  • Tung Tran, I think I’ve found a winning keyword, can I e-mail to you to check if it’s worth pursuing?

  • Hi Tung,

    I recently discovered your blog (via Spencer as well) and I have to say it is inspiring, thank you!

    After keyword research I launched a new niche website 13 days ago targeting one main keyword ( ~ 14K ) and two complementary keywords ( ~ 2K ).

    Overall KC on the three keywords is around 20 in LTP.

    I have to say I’m running kind of an experiment to see if it is really easy to rank well picking the right keywords, this is why I’ve chosen so low competition keywords that, despite the search volumes, are no so lucrative.

    I got the site indexed pretty fast (~100 pages in 3-4 days from launch) and here are my ranking results so far ( 13 days from launch ):

    * Main Keyword – Position 50
    * Secondary Keywords: Position 24 and 26

    I haven’t built any link to the site and wrote the content my self.

    I consider these good results being the very first time I made the keyword research so carefully, I’m just wondering giving these circumstances:

    * How far (in terms of ranking) will I go with no link building?
    * How long will take?


    • 1. I think you should start building some social bookmark and blog comment from day one and then building more links after 2 weeks.
      2. It depends on your keyword 😀

  • Proud of you , man!

    I didn’t think you’d make it after reading one of your previous posts.

    Keep it up!

  • Google Algo updates cause havoc!
    Something happened in the last day or two that is wreaking havoc on sites like these. I noticed you dropped a little from the SERP on “adjustable dumbbells”. My own site had pages plummet. Not sure whats going on.

    • I got hit badly … I’m waiting for a few days to make a conclusion 😀

      • I’m seeing the same thing. The ranking just dropped and visitors are going down in a straight diagonal line downwards.

        I’m not sure if it’s the new Penguin 2.0, which was out May 22/23, or something new.

        Keep us updated. Also thinking of what to do.

        • Yeah I experienced a major hit ranking dropped from 2 to 200

  • First off, well done Tung! This might need to wait until this new algo update settles, but here it is anyway. Recently Spencer advised competing with ecommerce sites. Did you choose this keyword because of the SERPs on page one or do you think he just doesn’t use PR linking?

    • Advised to compete with e-commerce sites?
      I guess you have to re-read that article 😉

  • Hi,

    So about penguin 2.0……has affected you because as I can see Spencer was not affected (I guess)?


  • Hi Tung

    I ended up on your site from nichepursuits. What you’ve done with your niche site is very inspiring. I’ve been researching keywords using LTP but I seem not to be able to decide which of my ideas to follow. I input your keyword to get an idea and came up with a KC of 36. This is higher than the ones I’m getting for keywords I’m looking at. But I cant seem to make a decision on which one to pursue. Is there some way of deciding on entering a niche as a total noob?

    I’d appreciate your insight.

    • My advice is not to completely rely on KC. It’s always accurate

      • Thanks for replying.

        So what is the best metric to use to decide if something is doable?
        For example, if a keyword shows all internal pages of sites, not domain homepages, with say 4 out of 10 showing exact title match and not a lot of juice page links. But two sites have high domain authority with overall KC of say 41 what do you think? Is it worth trying for?
        Also do you follow Spencers advice on not targeting ecommerce type keywords i.e. cheap electric kettles? Would you advise using review type sites like your best adjustable dumbbells site? If just the domain adjustable dumbbells was available would you have used that or rather have best, guide,review in it?


        • If some weak sites pop up in the top 10, it means the overall competition is not hard so I go for the keyword.

          Of course the shorter the better for choosing domain name 😀

          I still go for eccommerce keyword.

  • Hi, Tran
    I’m about to pull the trigger now. 🙂

    2 quick questions for you:
    1) Do you just use Sherlock SEO, or also use other SEO services?
    2) Do you build some links yourself, like blog comments, or just outsource link building at all?

    Thanks and looking forward to your next post.

    • 1. I use Sherlock package and links from my high pr blog network
      2. yes… some links from blog networks

  • Tung,

    I don’t own that copycat site that was placed by Den in a previous comment, but from a learning perspective, would you know why he isn’t doing well?

    If you don’t want to reply on the comments because it’s public, I’d appreciate it if you could email me with what you think he’s doing wrong such that he’s not doing well.

    • /\ Looks like the copycat failure is here asking for tips!

      Paul Knife ?

  • Congratulations on your niche site earnings. I work with google adsense and I earn $1,000 from my website a month but I’m impressed with your income from amazon. We have the same ideal and we are doing it. Add friends with me okay ^^

    • wow :D… you’re doing great… I would love to learn more about making money with Adsense as well :”>

  • Hi Tùng,

    I’m deeply impressed with what you have achieved, now that I’m also Vietnamese.

    I’ll drop you an email soon.

    Fantastic work, Tùng!

  • Hi, Tran

    is there a way to see how many items of a particular product are sold on Amazon?

    I wanna target a rather high-end product, but the number of reviews seems not so much, like 2, 4, 5, 20 reviews. So, it make me hesitate to pick that product and related k/w.

    So, I want to know how you think about that.

    Thanks, Tran.

    PS, Looking forward to your June income report. How is that going? 🙂

    • I have no idea on that 😀 but you can look at the reviews and rank of the products

  • Hi Tran,
    Your amazon site is awsome . What plugin did you use to create comparision table ?

    Thanks, Tran

  • Are you using a plugin or just modifying the images to show the save $230 dollars? Thanks!

  • Congrats Tung.

    Just a question, I went through the link building service (sherlock homes) and looks interesting. Do they take care of rewriting your articles as well when they are submitting to article directories?

    How much time they take to do this link building?

  • Tung,

    Do you still recommend that BHW service (Oct 2013) after penguin 2.1.?

    I like to hear from you. Well you have a good blog and I keep coming back to read your amazon blogging success. The income report is again a good one on this blog. Please answer my query.. 🙂

    • yeah it’s still good but I’m not sure that it will still work in the future

  • really nice progress.

    the 24h amazon-cookie is actually rather poor. other afiiliate networks give 30 days or even more. but amazon has a really high conversion-rate to compensate for that.

  • Hey Tung

    Do you still recommend and/or use the BHW service?

    What package did you buy?
    Also wont g00gle catch on if a relatively new niche site all of a sudden gets hundreds of links from that package all of a sudden?

  • Congrats! You have done a marvelous job!

    Two questions:

    1. You mentioned link building velocity and gradually building new links. It may be a stupid question but how many links build per day/week/month would be a good graduate speed for link building?

    2. You mentioned that you have 2 different link building strategies (the Sarkar one and your own blog network). I would like to ask why have two different ones? In other words can we rely on just one?


    • 1. I’m aiming for 10 high-quality manual outreach links per month. They can come from either guest posting, infographic promotion, etc. I also do 5 blog comments a day on relevant blogs to build relationship too.

      2. No. This is outdated. I no longer do these strategies. Check out the $10k Challenge.

  • >