NWP Update 2: Making $1000+ in a Month

niche website update 2It’s time for another update on my public niche website project.

So far I’ve written 7 posts showing you exactly what I’ve done in this project including keyword research, setting up the site, creating content, etc.

I think those articles are barely enough for anyone to start an online business with niche website. It doesn’t require too much work and money to build a successful niche website, the key here is to take action on your first.

Once you know the process, scaling up the business is easy.

May was a great month for me and my niche website. This is my first time being an Amazon Associate and honestly I’ve never thought that my site was freaking profitable like that. Here is the detail:

8000+ Visits

My website’s traffic increases 2.5 times in just 28 days, went from 150 to 385 visits per day.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.20.00 AM

Search engines contributed 59.37% of that amount which was equal to 4757 visits. I’m ranking #1 for “best adjustable dumbbells” (1000 searches) and #2 for “adjustable dumbbells” (8100 searches) but these 2 keywords only accounted for 25% of search engine traffic, the rest was from other long tail keywords. The weird part is that the majority of traffic (2585 visits) comes from “not provided” keyword which makes it hard for me to truly analyze the traffic source.

I also noticed that people often mistype the word “dumbbells”, they miss one “b” so that the keyword will be “dumbells”. The funny thing is that the keyword “adjustable dumbells” gets 1300 searches per month and it brought me 75 visits in May !! Not bad for a mistyped keyword.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.38.35 AM

Making $1000+ !

This is the most exciting part, right? 😀

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.51.05 AM

That’s the commission for 107 shipped items at 6.5% compensate rate. I still have 9 unshipped items and once they are shipped, the rate will increase to 7% so the commission will definitely be higher. See the table below to know more about the commission rate:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.58.52 AM

Updated screenshot:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.26.43 PM

The thing I love about Amazon is that sometimes I got commission for some unrelated and funny items like this:

Amazon’s 24-hour cookie rocks!

 Content Update

I’ve found a winner. Now it’s time to scale it up and make my site become the ultimate resources in the niche. I’m adding 20 more articles to the site at the rate of 1 articles per day. The easiest way to find more long tail keywords to target in articles is to use Semrush.com. You can generate a list of all the keywords your site or your competitors are ranking for using this service.

Honestly there are not many more keywords available on “adjustable dumbbells” to write about so I decide to target some related keywords like “dumbbells workout”, “dumbbells exercises”, etc.

Link Building Plan

To be honest, there are 2 backlink strategies that account for the success in ranking of my niche website:

  • Tiered Link Building (web 2.0, social bookmark, article directories,…): I outsource all the creation to this service. (20% discount coupon: CLOUDLIVINGJOURNEY)
  • High PR links from my own blog network: I will write more on that later. But you can check out this article by Jon at AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com

This month I order one more tiered link building package for my site and one more high pr link service.  Consistent link building will help me to keep the site strongly at #1 as this public case study will drive more competitors. Spencer’s site is getting so many copy cats so I have to prepare myself for the battle if I dont want to be outranked.

 Your Thoughts

As you can see, I’m having positive ROI now just after 2 months. I expect the site to make even more in June as the ranking and traffic are steady now. I’m planning to flip the site in the next few months to have more fund for other projects so any improvement in earning will help me to increase the total price. But right now I can truly enjoy the passive income as my site doesn’t require any further work from me. The feeling is so great!

Ask me please! I would love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions. Was there anything that I didn’t cover that you want to know? Or If you have any suggestion for me to improve the performance of the site, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment.

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Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of CloudLiving.com.

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