My Monthly Income & Traffic Report – August 2013

My Monthly Income & Traffic Report – July 2013Welcome to my August monthly income & traffic report!

Each month I will be publishing a detailed report that tells you what I’ve done and lessons learned during the previous month. I will transparently show you how my online business is progressing including my income, expenses and traffic throughout my websites.

There are four main reasons that make me do this:

  1. To help me keep track of my own progress.
  2. To push myself to see improvements month after month.
  3. To lead by example by sharing both my wins and failures.
  4. To inspire other people.

Ok. Let’s get straight into this month’s report.

Important Going-Ons In August

I hired my first VA from the Philippines !!! That was a great experience.

Yes, I’ve been outsourcing a lots on content creation and link building, but building a team of people working for me full time is something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time but never took any action because of many fears:

  • Fear of losing money (No, it’s an investment)
  • Fear of not knowing how to train my VAs (then I realized that it’s easier than I thought)
  • Fear of people knowing everything about my business. What if they steal my money? (If you don’t trust people, don’t hire them)
  • and many many more…

But I asked myself one question: “Would I be able to take my business to the next level doing everything myself”

Obviously, the answer is “NO, I can’t”

So I sit down and followed this article by Chris Ducker (one of my favorite entrepreneurs) and created my “3 lists to freedom”.

It took just 5 minutes but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.

I came to realize that there are only 2 important things that only I could do:

  • Creating content for Cloud Living Journey.
  • Doing keyword research for new niche website projects.

And I delegated all the other activities (learning to use SEO tools, setting up WordPress sites, adding articles to my blog network, etc) to  to my new VA. Done. Hours of my time saved.

Taking the first step is always the hardest. After that, everything seems a lot easier.

I went ahead and hired an amazingly talented CPA (certified public accountant) from the Philippines to help me keep track of the finance of my business including bookkeeping and making financial reports.

I have never done this before and been mixing up my personal and business finances. If you’re like me and have that problem, fix it as soon as possible and keep an eye on your money. Recommended reading: Think Like a Business Owner FIRST, a Blogger Second (You’ll Make More Money!)

I’m in the process of hiring a content writer so I won’t have to buy articles on many places like before. Hiring and training people takes lots of time and effort but it’s worthy in the long run.

Niche Website Project

My dumbbell site is doing pretty good this month although I haven’t put any effort on it, so the income is 100% passive.

I’m thinking about wrapping up this project and moving into creating new case studies and experiments.

If you have anything you want to know about this niche website project which I hasn’t covered, please leave a comment so I can know.

Cloud Living Journey

It’s sad that I didn’t manage to publish any new article in August. I’m really sorry this, but I already had a publishing schedule for September, so stay tuned for more valuable articles.

Crunching The Numbers

Although I didn’t have any new post, the traffic remains stable and even increase from 163/day to 193/day which is a good thing 😀


Most Popular Content

The article about “How I Built A Niche Site That Ranked #1 in Google and Made $93.32 in 38 days” got featured on Flippa. That’s why it got a lot of referral traffics and claim the #1 spot. I also noticed that my About Page, Start Here Page and Resource Page got quite a bit of traffic as well.


Top Traffic Sources

Organic and direct traffic still remain on the top 2, but Flippa also sent me quite a bit of traffic as a result of me being featured on this post.


Income Breakdown

Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please let me know!

Also, please note that these are figures from reports from each individual company for the previous month. It does not necessarily reflect the actual payment which, for some of the companies listed below, comes 30 to 60 days later because of potential refunds.

  • August Expenses: (Below is what was paid last month. It does not include pro-rated yearly fees. Most are related to new projects under development):
  • VA Salary: $235.81
  • Namecheap: $32.83
  • Membership: $49
  • Long Tail Pro Subscription: $12
  • DeathbyCaptcha: $27.8
  • VPS: $35
  • Buy SEO: $310
  • $9.95
  • Other: $50
  • $10
  • $15
  • Total Expenses for August : $787.39
  • Net Total in August: $1879.17
  • Net Total Previous Month: $575.62

Wow, What a great month!

Finally I managed to triple my net total in August :D. I also found out that choosing to promote high-price product likes hosting can be very profitable. Yes the competition is tougher but the reward is more promising.

Final Thought

As I’m going to put lots of effort on writing for the blog this month. I need your help with article ideas.

Leave a comment below answering these questions: “What else do you want me to write about? What problems are you struggling with?”

I will try my best to give you the best answer.

Thank you


Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of

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