How To Build a High PR Blog Network and Rank For Anything With Ease

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Do you want to get quick and powerful backlinks that skyrocket your website to the first page?

Do you want to effortlessly rank for highly profitable keywords in just a few days?

If you say “YES” immediatelyyou MUST read this new SEO guide.

You’ll see how I and other people are dominating the search all by using a simple yet powerful tactic…

…and I’ll share how you can use the same tactic too.

The Most Effective Link Building Strategy

The strategy that I’m going to share with you today is by far the most effective way to get trusted backlinks without spending a lot of effort on outreaching and networking with people. In fact, if you master this, you can literally rank for whatever you want with ease.

This is: Building your own High PR Blog Network

It’s a strategy that has been around for quite a long time and is used by lots of SEO experts and agencies to rank sites. It still works wonder till today. No, it’s not a white hat strategy cause any effort to build backlinks is considered “black hat” by Google, but you can’t just sit tight and wait for “natural” backlinks either.

Actually, I think this kind of links is pretty safe because it comes from highly relevant and trusted (high PR) websites. It has worked for many people for many years,  but I have no idea on what Google’s going to do in the future, so use this tactic at your own risk.

Understanding What Makes A Perfect Backlink

First of all, you have to know the factors that create a perfect backlink. Well, here are they:

1. The Authority Of The Site

The most important factor is the authority of the site. If you are able to get a link from Wikipedia or Forbes or The NY Times, you can expect a ton of link juice flowing to your site.


Because Google knows that these sites don’t link to junk. They’ll only ever link to quality, so when you get a link from Wikipedia, it’s the best indicator of “Hey, this site is trusted, give it high ranking!”

2. The Page Rank of The Site

Pagerank is one of the oldest ranking factors that Google uses to determine the importance of a page. That means the higher the PR of a page, the more powerful the backlink it produces.

That’s the reason why we build high PR blog networks: to get backlinks from pages with established PR.

3. The Relevance Of The Linking Source

What is the biggest mission of Google? It’s to deliver the most relevant results for its users, right?

It’s also how Google ranks sites.

Relevancy is a highly important factor. What this means is that links from relevant sites always carry way more power than links from sites with no relevance.

4. The Type Of Site That Create The Backlink

There are some kinds of link that are dead easy to get links from, so Google devalues links from social bookmark, blog comments, forum profiles, etc. Don’t get me wrong, they STILL carry some weights, but not as much as links that are more difficult to obtain from blogs, press release and authority sites.

5. Link Location On The Page

To make it short, the best place to get links is in-context or you have to get contextual backlink to get the most of the backlink source.

Other posisitons like homepage, sidebar, footer are still good but not as powerful as contextual backlink.

For example, this is a contexual backlink to one of my favorite blogs.

6. The Amount of Outbound Links


Page Rank gets distributed between links on a page. That means the more link on the page, the less juice each link will receive. It’s simple as that.

 A Perfect Backlink Example

Let imagine we want to rank for a website in the fitness niche, this is what we want to get link from:

  • A PR 4+ Fitness Blog ( for example)
  • Contextual Link
  • Stay forever on the homepage to get the most out of the PR 4
  • Very few outbound links

BOOM! We have a perfect link. But it sounds like impossible for an authority site like Nerdfitness to put a link to our fitness blog on a sticky post that stays forever on the homepage, right?

The solution.

Go out, make your own high PR & relevant site and link it to your fitness blog. Mission completed!

This is why building your own blog network is so insanely powerful.

Ok, that’s enough for bragging about the power of this tactic. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of how you can do that.

Building a High PR Blog Network: The Ultimate Guide

Basically, there are 4 simple steps to build your high PR blog network. Here they are:

  1. Buying high PR domains the right way.
  2. Setting up the domains corectlly to avoid footprints.
  3. Making the high PR sites relevant to your site.
  4. Place links strategically and naturally.

Here’s a more detailed version of the process:

Step 1: Buying high PR domains the right way

The first thing I want to tell you is that building a SEO blog network is not free, but not freaking expensive either. It does take some investment depending on the size of your network.

If you have just started off with some niche sites targeting low competition keywords, getting a few PR 2-3 sites for $200 is more than enough to get you ranked quickly.

If you have a big budget or are doing SEO for high paying clients, spending a little bit more on PR 4-5 domains is neccessary to ensure you and your clients always get amazing results.

How much to pay for a high PR domain?

Actually it depends on the PR and backlink profile, but here is my general rule of thumb:

PR 2: $15 – $25

PR 3: $30 – $60

PR 4: $100 – $150

PR 5: $150 – $250

How To Find High PR Domains

There are many ways but here are what I prefer:

1. Bidding on Godaddy Aunction

There are thousands of domains that are expiring or have been put up for auction everyday on Godaddy. Most of them are worthless, but if you are willing to dig through, you will find many great domains with high PR and good backlink profile to grab at an affordable price. However, this method is time consuming and you have to compete with hundreds of other people like you looking for domains. Here are some free and paid tools to help you do that faster:

  • (free): My most favorite tool when it comes to buying domains through Godaddy Aunction, and it’s FREE and very easy to use. Remember to choose “Order by Ascending” to view ending-soon listing.
  • PR Powershot (Paid): This is also a handy tool to help you quickly uncover some PR 2-3 domains on Godaddy Aunction. I haven’t got my hand on this because the owner decided to block my Vietnamese IP (I don’t know why) but I heard lots of positive reviews about it, so you can give it a try.
  • (Paid): This tool is decent. I found some PR 3 domains using it.
  • (Paid): Lots of people love it but I don’t like the monthly fee. You can grab a yearly subscription for a 25% discount.

2. Buying Through Domain Vendors

This is the quickiest way to get your high PR domains. Domain vendors are the people who buy domains at Godaddy Auction or other sources and sell them to you at higher price :D. Here are some places to find them:

  • : I can’t recommend enough you to use this service to quickly grab some high PR domains and start ranking your sites. All the domains are of high quality with natural backlinks. The customer support is amazing and he will always be available to address any of your questions. I just bought 5 PR 3 domains from him today. Tom is also kind enough to give CloudLiving’s readers $20 OFF for the first order plus 5% steady discount. Just mention the codeword: cloudliving when ordering or contacting him. 
  • This is also a good vendor you can purchase domains from. The database is quite big. The only thing I don’t like is the website is in French. The owner also gives some discount for CLJ’s reader. Ask him!
  • Hammerhead Domains – This is a new service from my friend Josh Kelly. He gives out free domains daily and some of them are really good so be sure to sign up.
  • AVOID Digital Point Forums & Traffic Planet : Although you can still find some good gems here, there are many scammers at those forums and you will not want to deal with them as the forums won’t be able to help you when you get scammed. I don’t want to take risk so I would be better off avoiding them right from start.

How To Truly Find a Good High PR Domain

First off, the domain name doesn’t matter. You’ll only have to look at:

  • The Backlink Profile of the domain
  • The Health of the domain

Let’s look at how I do that.

Checking The Backlink Profile Of The Domain

This is freaking important!

This is freaking important!

This is freaking important!

I’m sorry for hurting your eyes but I only told the truth : This is freaking important! 

Building a high PR blog network is all about getting the juice from the high quality backlinks of our high PR domains tranfered to our money site. So, the more high quality links going to our domain, the more powerful our domain’s links are.

Another thing is that domains with high quality backlink profile will keep its PR update after update.

To check the backlink profile, simply head over to (non affiliate).

Small tip: You only need to check the backlink profile of the root domain. Because when you only write the root domain, it automatically check for all backlinks to **.

What we want to see is an enough amount of links from high quality pages.

This is the part that most people get confused and misunderstood. Don’t look at the amount of backlinks to judge the quality of a high PR domain.

Instead, look at the amount of high PR backlinks it get. Here is my criteria:

A PR (x) domain must have at least one PR (x+1) backlink together with several PR(x) and PR(x-1) backlinks from different unique refering domains.

For example: An ideal PR 3 domain for me must have:

  • 1-2 PR 4 backlinks
  • 2-3 PR 3 backlinks
  • 4-5 PR 2 backlinks
  • All the backlinks are from different domains.

That’s how I analyze the backlink profile. Let me explain why I do that:

  • PR gets passed from one page to another. Do you think 1000+ PR 0 backlinks will give you much juice than one PR 5 backlinks from a trusted source?
  • If you get a backlinks on homepage of a website with 10,000 pages, you will instantly receive 10,000 backlinks pointing to your site, but only from one referring domain, and when they remove that homepage link, you will lose all that 10,000 links. It’s not good. Diversify is very important to keep your domain’s PR safe.

What’s about TF/CF and DA/PA?

Trust Flow/Citation Flow (TF/CF) and Domain Authority/Page Authority (DA/PA) are the metrics that made by big companies like Majestic SEO and MOZ for quickly analyze the importance of a page or domain, but my opinion is they are just metrics and are not always accurate. For some people they’re important, for me they’re not. But if you need a guideline, make sure your domain has:

  • 10+ TF/CF
  • 20+ DA/PA

That’s the common thing I see on my high PR domains :D.

Checking The Health Of The Domain

Here are a couple of things you have to check:

  • Make sure it’s real: Some scammers will do a 301 redirect from a higher PR domain. It will push the PR to the site it’s redirecting to. After selling that “fake” PR domain to someone. They turn off the redirect and the domain will go back to PR 0. We don’t want this to happen! You can simply get rid of that by using this PR checker. Be sure to check as well, if the domain in the result is different than “”, then its PR is probably fake.
  • Make sure it’s healthy: Some people sell penalized domains. To get rid of that, just paste the url of your domain in google. If it’s healthy, it will show up. In  some cases, when you a buy domain that was expired for a very long time, It won’t show up as Google has cleared its information. Be aware of that 😀

Now that you have learned how to buy a good PR domain. Let move onto the next step.

Step 2: Setting up the domains corectlly to avoid footprints.

Google doesn’t like our blog networks. If they found our high PR sites, they will deindex it immediately. But it’s almost impossible if you set up your network correctly to avoid the footprints. Here are a few things you need to do:

Activate Private Registration

This is always the first thing you need to do after buying a domain. This simple action will hide our ownership on high PR domains. This will make it hard to link our sites together.

Setting Up Each Site On A Unique IP Address

You don’t want Google to simply check the IP and find all your PR sites, right? Moreover, doing this will help your backlink profile looks natural. You have 2 options:

  • SEO Hosting: This is an inexpensive way to host our sites on different IP addresses. There are some discussions about the drawbacks of SEO Hosting, check out Why SEO hosting is bad and why you should avoid it and Will Google get wise to SEO Hosting?. 2 good SEO hosting providers are: SEOHost and SkynetHosting.
  • Shared Hosting: This is absolutely the best solution, but it’s quite expensive as you have to purchase lots of hosting package from different providers. I highly recommend using this if you have a big budget and want 100% safety. I use a combination of both SEO Hosting and Shared Hosting.

Make Your Site Unique

Use different themes and layouts. Publish unique content on your sites is recommended as well. This little trick will help your PR sites to pass a manual review.

You can go to and look for some cheap writers to write all the articles for you. They don’t have to be of high quality, just make sure the articles are unique and readable. Here is the template I use to find cheap writers for my SEO network:
[wpsharely id=”959″]
We’re looking for an article writer who can provides quick unique and readable article for our SEO blog network.

About the Company:

You would be working as an article writer for producing content for our blog network.

Your application

Your bid is on 10 articles (maximum bid of $10), and only bid if you accept and understand the requirements.

You are required to write many 500 words articles which dont have to be of high quality. Just make sure they pass copyscrape and be human readable.

You will also be required to post these articles to our blog network.

This is a long term position.


– $1 per 500 word article.


1. All writing you create for me needs to be your 100% original work and free of any copyrighted or plagiarized materials.

2. I will own all rights to the completed articles. You may not distribute them in any way upon delivery.

3. While I am very easy to please, unlimited revisions will be expected until I am completely satisfied with the completed articles.

Best Wishes,
Tung  Tran

Thank you for your consideration.

Step 3: Making the high PR sites relevant to your money site

Remember the relevancy factor when it comes to building a perfect backlink? We’ll do that now.

To make your site relevant, make the Onpage SEO reflects the niche you’re targeting. For example, if we’re trying to rank for a keyword in “dog training” niche, our high PR sites will have:

  • Title and Description related to “dog training”
  • Articles about “dog training”
  • Image titles and alt tags have the keyword “dog training”
  • Link to some authority dog training sites.

Does the site have to be always relevant?

No, It doesn’t.

It will be a huge waste of money if we could only use one PR site for one money site for building backlinks. We can use it for other money sites as well.

Just put up new articles about those different niches on our sites and add links to those articles. You will still receive a great deal of juice from your high PR sites.

Step 4: Place links strategically and naturally

Now that we have a site about our niche, it’s time to get the juice transfered by placing our links in a natural-looking fashion. This will keep us safe while getting the most link juice. Here is how I place links:

  • The first link needs to be our main keyword.
  • The second link points to an authority website in the niche (like this:
  • The third link needs to be a plain URL link to our sites (for example:
  • You can also add an image link if you want.

And you’re done. Now rinse and repeat until your website reaches the first position!

Bonus Tip: Make Your Links Explode!

This bonus tip will help you to strengthen the power of your high PR sites even further.

It’s simple: Build more links to your high PR domains.

You can either buy some link building services or do it yourself because the cost will add up when you have more sites.

I’m using a fully automated tool called: GSA Search Engine Ranker and am completely satisfied with it.

When building links, remember to use anchor texts that are relevant to your niche. It looks 100% natural. The types of links you should build are:

  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog comment
  • Wiki
  • Web 2.0
  • PDF

Over To You

Now that I have given you the best and longest SEO tutorial I have ever written (3000+ words).

What are you going to now?

Of course buy some high pr domains and start ranking your site. Start small with a few PR 2-3 domains and you are ready to rank for low competitive keywords and make some money. It’s just that easy! Take action now!

Hit me up in the comment section below and I will happily answer your questions. If you like this post, don’t forget to give it some social love by sharing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc.

Thanks for reading!

– Tung

Want to have a custom PBN built for you? Check out this service by my friend Jon Haver.

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