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Joining the DC Crew in Sai Gon!

I just arrived in Sai Gon (or Ho Chi Minh city) yesterday to attend February Junto – a monthly event for all the DCers around the world  to get together and chat about their business goals, life goals, travel goals, all or none of the above over drinks, snacks, etc.

I had a really great time hanging out with cool people with tons of energy. Some pics:

Hanging out with DCers

From left to right: Me, Derek, Dan, Nick, Nate

In the kitchen

In the kitchen

I’ll be staying here for around 4 weeks, so ping me via email or Facebook if you’re in Sai Gon. I’m happy to meet up! I’m not sure if many Cloud Living readers are in Sai Gon though.

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Johnny FD - February 21, 2014

Welcome to Saigon buddy. Keep crushing it!

Hieu Nguyen - February 21, 2014

Welcome to Saigon mate! Will contact you and we can have a beer 😀

Josh Escusa - February 21, 2014

Awesome compilation. Every single one of those blogs are on my rss. And thanks for listing me in there 🙂

acoupletravelers - February 21, 2014

So many of these are ones I read this week and also thought to myself, damn that’s a good article!

Aaron Goh - February 21, 2014

Now that’s a good reading list! Some bed time reading to keep me occupied haha.

Yeshua Quijano - February 21, 2014

Living the dream!

Vincent Nguyen - February 22, 2014

Justin’s been trying to convince me to visit Vietnam. Meeting up for a DC Junto will be one of my first stops if I ever go there! Hope you have a great month there.

Neel - February 23, 2014

Hi, your blog is really informative. I like the template a lot.
I have a doubt. I am about to start a niche site and I have chosen a domain name which includes d word “sexy” e.g sexyshoes dot com . Will such a domain name cause any problem wrt Seo n google safe search. Wil my blog be rejected by affiliate companies?

Viet Cuong - February 23, 2014

Hello Tung
Thanks for sharing your experience
I have some question for you:
1. Do you have your own private network ?
2. If yes, please tell me the hosting provider that you are using
3. And do you use C-Class IP for your own network ?

    Tung Tran - February 24, 2014

    1. yes of course
    2. ixwebhosting, hostnine, dreamhost, hostgator, westhost, site5
    3. yes of course

Winston - February 24, 2014

Great compilation! I like things like this because it lets me read the posts I miss.

Tung, in an earlier comment you mentioned the hosts you use.

Which ones do you recommend for the main/money sites?

I’ve never tried dreamhost, westhost and site5. Interested to know how well they are in loading speed and uptime.


Doug cunnington - February 26, 2014

Hey Tung – Great post and thanks for the shout out!

Have fun in Sai Gon!


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