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14 Powerful Plugins Every WordPress Blog Should Have

It's no doubt that WordPress is very powerful, flexible and feature-rich.

And it also has a large database of both free and premium plugins to boost it up even further.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to sort out the good from the, well, not so good.

In this article, I'll be featuring a list of my favorite plugins that I usually use to optimize my sites for better performance. Let's dive in!

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The $10K Challenge: Building a Profitable Authority Site From Scratch

Last year in September, I announced a public case study on the blog with the goal of creating a successful authority site to show you what it really takes to build a profitable online business from the ground up.

Well, I failed to follow through with it.

But in July, after acknowledging my recent failures, I decided to continue with the project again and was fully committed to make it a success.

What’s The $10K Challenge?

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My Failures For The Last 9 Months and Why I’m Sharing Them

When we fail at something, our natural tendency as human beings is to hide it.

We fear of losing credibility or being looked down upon by others when sharing our own failures.

But who doesn’t have any failure at all in his/her entire life?

It’s just an inevitable part of our journey to success.

And yes, even the billionaires fail often too.

Instead of hiding and shying away from failures, we should embrace them, learn from them and quickly move on because they’re just things of the past.

In this article, I will be sharing with you my failures over the last 9 months and some of the lessons learned.

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