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How To Find Profitable Sub-Niches In 2017

Hitting your head against the wall in frustration, not knowing how on earth you’re going to get your hands on a profitable slice of the internet pie? Think all the profitable sub-niches are already taken?

Don’t worry!

I’ve been there. Tung’s been there. We’ve all been there.

But here are the facts:

  • Technology is driving the creation of new niches every single day (i.e. Apple Watches)
  • More and more latecomers are transitioning away from other mediums and are beginning to use the internet as their primary source of information (i.e. does your mom have a Facebook account? Point proven) - meaning you have more opportunities than ever to cater to unique markets
  • This is just the beginning of the internet revolution - lots more exciting and profitable opportunities are to come.

Sure things may look competitive. Sure things may look hard.

And truthfully, they may be.

But opportunities always come in the form of obstacles and challenges. Finding a profitable sub-niche in 2017 is no exception. There’s money to be made. Lots of it.

The question is…

Are you going to continue hitting your head in frustration or are you going to get your hands dirty and do whatever it takes to find a profitable sub-niche?

If it’s the latter, you’re reading the right article.

Motivation part over!

Let’s get down to the tactics, the real reason you’re here.

Here are the most optimal ways to find profitable sub-niches in 2017:

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Cloud Living’s Weekly Digest 11


From an update on Tung's $10K challenge to an action packed affiliate SEO case study - this Weekly Digest has a little bit of everything. 

So sit back and get comfortable! 



Let's get straight to the good stuff.

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