Introducing Authority Azon: Is It The Best Amazon Affiliate Theme?

About a year ago, I softly launched Authority Azon to my email list of only Cloud Living subscribers.

Since then, over 250+ people have invested in the product. 

Most of them were happy, only a few weren't.

For the past four weeks, me and my developer have been working hard on the product to make it even more valuable for Amazon affiliates.

As I'm really happy with what we have now, it's right time to let the world know about it.

What is Authority Azon?


In short, it's a WordPress theme with everything you need to build an optimized and high-converting Amazon affiliate website.

So you can reduce the amount of external plugins and scripts that possibly reduce your site's load time or cause conflicts with each other.

What Makes Authority Azon Special?

Let's take a quick look at some of the key features:

1. Get product data from Amazon with just one click

All you need is to enter the product's ASIN, click "Get Data" and the plugin automatically pulls information like prices, rating, reviews, model directly from Amazon for you.

Everything is auto-updated as well at your chosen update frequency.

Some people may have concerned about TOS violation by displaying prices on their sites, but I've done my research well and come up with a solution.

The theme will display a small updating time disclaimer when visitors hover over the price making it perfectly complaint to Amazon's TOS.

2. Increase User Engagements With Advanced Product Filters

This is what set Authority Azon apart from other themes.

You can see this in many successful review site because it's very helpful for visitors to quickly find the products they need.

See it in action below:

3. Easily Create Optimized Review Pages That Drive Clicks

More clicks mean more money.

Multiple call-to-actions are put at the right places to drive the most clicks to Amazon without looking very salesly.

4. Build a Responsive Comparison Charts Couldn't Be Easier

With Authority Azon, you don't need any external plugins to create a product comparison chart.We have created both vertical and horizontal versions.

5. Make the most out of your traffic with link localization

This feature will redirect visitors from countries other than your default locale to their international Amazon website instead of the wrong one.

Or you could take advantage of this feature to build sites in other countries like UK, Canada, French, Japan, etcThere are a lot more features, but I'll just let you explore yourself.

Is It Worth the Money?

Well, I may be biased because it's my product. 

So, let's hear from some of the happy customers:

AuthorityAzon is my go-to theme when I want to get a solid looking, correctly built Amazon Affiliate site setup. For anyone creating Amazon affiliate sites, it is a must have to use on some of the sites because of its ease to setup a site correctly!

Jon Haver

This is the perfect theme for Amazon review sites! My conversion rate increased from 3.45% with the old layout to 6.65% with Authority Azon... need to say more?

Daniele Besana

What's New?

With this relaunch, I decided to shift the focus from just selling a WP theme to crafting the best products to help you start, run and grow profitable Amazon affiliate sites.

Which mean there are a range of helpful tools and services coming soon. So stay tuned!

Currently, if you're just starting out and want to have my team build an optimized site for you following best practices that are working, then check out this service.


I wish this article would have given you a clear overview of what Authority Azon could do for you as an Amazon affiliate.

It's just not my style to hard sell you on anything. So check out the products offered if you think they might be helpful.

And I'd love to hear your feedback as well.

What do you think of Authority Azon? Could you offer me feedback to make it even better?

Tung Tran

Tung Tran is the founder of

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