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Hieu Nguyen’s Success Story: Selling A 9-Month Old Amazon Affiliate Website For $17k

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I always love success stories – especially when they come from my readers.

Today, I have the pleasure to share with you the story of how Hieu Nguyen has built and sold one of his very first websites for over $17k in just a short period of 9 months.

His success really proves that what I teach here on Cloud Living really works, and anyone can do the same with hard work and dedication.

Ok, Take it away Hieu…

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My Monthly Income, Growth and Traffic Report – January 2014

My Monthly Income, Growth and Traffic Report - January 2014

Welcome to my first monthly report for 2014!

I stopped publishing these reports for a while for some reasons. As the new year 2014 has come, It’s time to bring them back with a new and updated format to provide more value to the audience.

Each month I will be publishing a detailed report that tells you what I’ve done and lessons learned during the previous month. I will transparently show you how my online business is progressing including my income, expenses and traffic throughout my websites.

I do this for four reasons:

  1. To help me keep track of my own progress.
  2. To push myself to see improvements month after month.
  3. To lead by example by sharing both my wins and failures.
  4. To inspire and encourage other people to start their own businesses.

Ok. Let’s get straight into this month’s report.

Important Happenings In January

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How To Get Your SEO Strategy Bang On Every time And Rank on Page 1

competitors research You know the feeling…

…. You have designed a great looking site and added some quality content.

It’s now time to do some link building.

But you are kind of stuck!

What should you do? What strategy should you employ?

Since doing more client based work I have come to realize that different niches and keywords require completely different forms of SEO and back linking.

There is no sure fire method to ranking sites. Some people may adopt the same method for every site they do…..

It may look something like this for example:

  • Press release
  • 50 X High pr blog commenting
  • 10 X Article directories
  • Social media links
  • 10+ Web 2.0’s
  • Tier 2 links blast with GSA

You get the drift!!

Problem with this is, it may well work for some sites, but for others it will not cut the mustard, or may even be too much!! (Yes you can over do it)

So what should we do?

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How To Do Keyword Research for Your Niche Website: NSC Update #1

keyword-research-guideAs I ask people who subscribe to my email list about the biggest problem they have when it comes to niche website building, I often receive responses like these:

I’m struggling!!! How can I find a good keyword?

What’s your personal approach?

Why the hell is that you are able to find so many profitable keywords? Do you have any secret?

Well, in fact, I’ve written a very detailed post about this topic before, it contains some basic foundation on keyword research which is still very valuable if you’re just getting started.

But as I constantly learn new things and sharpen my method, I decided to write this article to keep you updated and hopefully it will answer every question you may have about keyword research.

Actually, as this is an official update of the niche site challenge, I’ll have Josh from on and both of us will share our takes on this topic and we will walk you through the exact process we’ve gone through to choose the niche and keywords for this challenge.

Okay, let’s get started!

My Take On Keyword Research

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How To Build a High PR Blog Network and Rank For Anything With Ease

how to build a high pr blog networkWant to have a custom PBN built for you? Check out this service by my friend Jon Haver.

Do you want to get quick and powerful backlinks that skyrocket your website to the first page?

Do you want to effortlessly rank for highly profitable keywords in just a few days?

If you say “YES” immediatelyyou MUST read this new SEO guide.

You’ll see how I and other people are dominating the search all by using a simple yet powerful tactic…

…and I’ll share how you can use the same tactic too.

The Most Effective Link Building Strategy

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How I Built A Niche Site That Ranked #1 in Google and Made $93.32 in 38 days

How I Built A Niche Site That Ranked #1 in Google and Made $93.32 in 38 daysAs I’ve promised in the last update, I will be revealing my entire process to build my 2nd niche site from scratch in today’s post as a case study so that you guys may learn something valuable and apply the tips to your own businesses.

Some of the tasks that I did are basically the same so you may want to read some of my previous posts.

I will not replicate what I’ve written so be sure to check out those posts before reading ahead if you are new to this blog.

Updated: August 20th, 2013

Let’s recap some important things about my niche website project:

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Keyword Research: Why 95% of Marketers Are Doing Wrong?

Keyword ResearchDo you know the reason why over 95% of people fail at building successful niche websites no matter how hard they try?

Do you know that the success of your websites depend on just one simple first step?

If you follow some successful people like Pat Flynn, Spencer Haws, Justin and Joe, you will probably know that their niche site’s successes largely rely on just one thing : Their ability to find golden keywords.

In other words: They know exactly how to do keyword research the right way.

The reality is that one of the most important skills for any internet marketers or website builders for making an authority site or having success with SEO in general is KEYWORD RESEARCH.

In this update of Public Niche Website Project, I will be sharing with you all the information and tactics you need to master the art of keyword research, to escape the group of failure and to start making big bucks online with your niche websites. Let’s get started!

Understanding What Makes a Golden Keyword

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The Ultimate Guide To Clicky Web Analytics

Clicky Web Analyticsversion of this article was first published on Want to get your article featured on Cloud Living? Check out the guidelines here.

One tool I have been using since first stumbling upon them 3 years ago is Clicky – Web Analytics (formally GetClicky).

In this Clicky Review and Guide I will show you;

  • Why Clicky is a great alternative to Google Analytics
  • Setting up Campaigns and Goals
  • A real life example of how I make more money using Clicky
  • A COMPLETE GUIDE to all of the cool features

N.B – All screenshots were taken from the Cloud Income Clicky Analytics dashboard and are used to provide a visual guide to you the reader. Some of the links below are affiliate links and I will receive a commission should you purchase after clicking on my link. Thanks!

Why Bother With Analytics?

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