$10K Challenge Update #10

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Welcome to the 10th update of my $10K Challenge. If this is your first time reading, check out what this challenge is all about here

Below are the things that happened since the last update (March 2017):

Key Successes

  • Increased revenue.
  • Moved forward with ecommerce project - almost ready to launch.

Key Failures

  • N/A

Website Stats - April 2017


Domain Profile

I used Ahrefs (paid) and Open Site Explorer (free) to help measure the effectiveness of my promotional efforts by tracking these metrics:

  • Domain Rating: 49 (+2)
  • Referring Domains: 360 (+76)



Traffic went down by 8.11% compared to March 2017 which is normal fluctuation.


Screen Shot 2017 05 15 at 2.39.59 PM

We finished April 2017 with $5,226.82 in Amazon affiliate commission and $1,128.07 from a new affiliate program that we tested which summed up the total revenue for the month to $6,356.44.

What We’ve Done in April 2017

As usual, we continued posting new articles regularly and ran some link building campaigns.

We also started to focus on growing our Pinterest account  to get more social traffic to the site.

Our Pinterest strategy is pretty simple and straightforward:

  1. ​Create and optimize personal boards for big relevant keywords.
  2. Pin stuff regularly to the boards.
  3. Try to join as many big group boards as possible.
  4. Become a regular contributor to those group boards. Pin good stuff regularly.
  5. Mix in curated articles and our own articles then pin to those group boards.

This 5-step strategy seems to be working out well so far. We've been seeing an increase in organic followers and referral traffic to the site.

TYS Pinterest April 2017

For monetization, we've tested some new affiliate program and found a good one that added $1,128.07 in revenue to the bottom line.

We made some good progress on the e-commerce project as well - almost ready to launch!

Goals For May 2017

  • Test more affiliate programs to find ones that bring in more revenue.
  • Keep focusing on building our email list.
  • Getting the e-commerce project ready for the launch in June.


That's it for our 10th update. It's a quick one because there's not a lot of new things to report on with a monthly update schedule.

If you have any question for me, feel free to leave a comment below or post in our Facebook community.

You can also join my online course AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp, if you want to fast-track your way to success with building Amazon affiliate websites.

People are having great success with the program and many are on their way to their first $1,000 monthly. Check out some of the most recent ones below:


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