How To Set Up A Website The Right Way With WordPress

howtosetupawebsiteNow that we’ve chosen a niche and completed keyword research, the next step is to focus on geting the site live and then we can start adding content and building our website’s foundation.

There are many different ways to set up a niche website, and the process has many same steps as setting up micro sites or any other normal WordPress site but with the ultimate goal of generating income in mind I will keep the site as simple as possible while focusing on improving user experience and conversion rate to maximize the income potential.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the entire process and checklist I used to quickly set up a website that not only encourages reader’s engagements (user-friendly) but also rank high on Google (SEO-friendly). Let’s get started!

Why WordPress?

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WPSharely Review: How To Increase Social Shares by 39 times In 24 Hours

There are obviously dozens of ways you can use to increase social sharing. But Do you know the easiest and most effective way to get people to willingly share, tweet and +1  your article?

The good thing is:

You don’t have to spend countless of hours engaging on Facebook, Twitter and Google + and begging people to share your post.

You even don’t have to disturb your readers by plastering social sharing button all over your site.

It all happens inside your blog. You have to do just one thing. BOOM! Your website is flooded with social loves from your readers.

Sound interesting?

Here it is: Give people something people desperately want in return for a share.

Simple but effective. But how to do that? Today in this article, I will be sharing with you  a new plugin which really helped me automate the process.Let’s get right to it!

WPSharely Overview

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Keyword Research: Why 95% of Marketers Are Doing Wrong?

Keyword ResearchDo you know the reason why over 95% of people fail at building successful niche websites no matter how hard they try?

Do you know that the success of your websites depend on just one simple first step?

If you follow some successful people like Pat Flynn, Spencer Haws, Justin and Joe, you will probably know that their niche site’s successes largely rely on just one thing : Their ability to find golden keywords.

In other words: They know exactly how to do keyword research the right way.

The reality is that one of the most important skills for any internet marketers or website builders for making an authority site or having success with SEO in general is KEYWORD RESEARCH.

In this update of Public Niche Website Project, I will be sharing with you all the information and tactics you need to master the art of keyword research, to escape the group of failure and to start making big bucks online with your niche websites. Let’s get started!

Understanding What Makes a Golden Keyword

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