How To Build a High PR Blog Network and Rank For Anything With Ease

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Do you want to get quick and powerful backlinks that skyrocket your website to the first page?

Do you want to effortlessly rank for highly profitable keywords in just a few days?

If you say “YES” immediatelyyou MUST read this new SEO guide.

You’ll see how I and other people are dominating the search all by using a simple yet powerful tactic…

…and I’ll share how you can use the same tactic too.

The Most Effective Link Building Strategy

The strategy that I’m going to share with you today is by far the most effective way to get trusted backlinks without spending a lot of effort on outreaching and networking with people. In fact, if you master this, you can literally rank for whatever you want with ease.

This is: Building your own High PR Blog Network

It’s a strategy that has been around for quite a long time and is used by lots of SEO experts and agencies to rank sites. It still works wonder till today. No, it’s not a white hat strategy cause any effort to build backlinks is considered “black hat” by Google, but you can’t just sit tight and wait for “natural” backlinks either.

Actually, I think this kind of links is pretty safe because it comes from highly relevant and trusted (high PR) websites. It has worked for many people for many years,  but I have no idea on what Google’s going to do in the future, so use this tactic at your own risk.

Understanding What Makes A Perfect Backlink

First of all, you have to know the factors that create a perfect backlink. Well, here are they:

1. The Authority Of The Site

The most important factor is the authority of the site. If you are able to get a link from Wikipedia or Forbes or The NY Times, you can expect a ton of link juice flowing to your site.


Because Google knows that these sites don’t link to junk. They’ll only ever link to quality, so when you get a link from Wikipedia, it’s the best indicator of “Hey, this site is trusted, give it high ranking!”

2. The Page Rank of The Site

Pagerank is one of the oldest ranking factors that Google uses to determine the importance of a page. That means the higher the PR of a page, the more powerful the backlink it produces.

That’s the reason why we build high PR blog networks: to get backlinks from pages with established PR.

3. The Relevance Of The Linking Source

What is the biggest mission of Google? It’s to deliver the most relevant results for its users, right?

It’s also how Google ranks sites.

Relevancy is a highly important factor. What this means is that links from relevant sites always carry way more power than links from sites with no relevance.

4. The Type Of Site That Create The Backlink

There are some kinds of link that are dead easy to get links from, so Google devalues links from social bookmark, blog comments, forum profiles, etc. Don’t get me wrong, they STILL carry some weights, but not as much as links that are more difficult to obtain from blogs, press release and authority sites.

5. Link Location On The Page

To make it short, the best place to get links is in-context or you have to get contextual backlink to get the most of the backlink source.

Other posisitons like homepage, sidebar, footer are still good but not as powerful as contextual backlink.

For example, this is a contexual backlink to one of my favorite blogs.

6. The Amount of Outbound Links


Page Rank gets distributed between links on a page. That means the more link on the page, the less juice each link will receive. It’s simple as that.

 A Perfect Backlink Example

Let imagine we want to rank for a website in the fitness niche, this is what we want to get link from:

  • A PR 4+ Fitness Blog ( for example)
  • Contextual Link
  • Stay forever on the homepage to get the most out of the PR 4
  • Very few outbound links

BOOM! We have a perfect link. But it sounds like impossible for an authority site like Nerdfitness to put a link to our fitness blog on a sticky post that stays forever on the homepage, right?

The solution.

Go out, make your own high PR & relevant site and link it to your fitness blog. Mission completed!

This is why building your own blog network is so insanely powerful.

Ok, that’s enough for bragging about the power of this tactic. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of how you can do that.

Building a High PR Blog Network: The Ultimate Guide

Basically, there are 4 simple steps to build your high PR blog network. Here they are:

  1. Buying high PR domains the right way.
  2. Setting up the domains corectlly to avoid footprints.
  3. Making the high PR sites relevant to your site.
  4. Place links strategically and naturally.

Here’s a more detailed version of the process:

Step 1: Buying high PR domains the right way

The first thing I want to tell you is that building a SEO blog network is not free, but not freaking expensive either. It does take some investment depending on the size of your network.

If you have just started off with some niche sites targeting low competition keywords, getting a few PR 2-3 sites for $200 is more than enough to get you ranked quickly.

If you have a big budget or are doing SEO for high paying clients, spending a little bit more on PR 4-5 domains is neccessary to ensure you and your clients always get amazing results.

How much to pay for a high PR domain?

Actually it depends on the PR and backlink profile, but here is my general rule of thumb:

PR 2: $15 – $25

PR 3: $30 – $60

PR 4: $100 – $150

PR 5: $150 – $250

How To Find High PR Domains

There are many ways but here are what I prefer:

1. Bidding on Godaddy Aunction

There are thousands of domains that are expiring or have been put up for auction everyday on Godaddy. Most of them are worthless, but if you are willing to dig through, you will find many great domains with high PR and good backlink profile to grab at an affordable price. However, this method is time consuming and you have to compete with hundreds of other people like you looking for domains. Here are some free and paid tools to help you do that faster:

  • (free): My most favorite tool when it comes to buying domains through Godaddy Aunction, and it’s FREE and very easy to use. Remember to choose “Order by Ascending” to view ending-soon listing.
  • PR Powershot (Paid): This is also a handy tool to help you quickly uncover some PR 2-3 domains on Godaddy Aunction. I haven’t got my hand on this because the owner decided to block my Vietnamese IP (I don’t know why) but I heard lots of positive reviews about it, so you can give it a try.
  • (Paid): This tool is decent. I found some PR 3 domains using it.
  • (Paid): Lots of people love it but I don’t like the monthly fee. You can grab a yearly subscription for a 25% discount.

2. Buying Through Domain Vendors

This is the quickiest way to get your high PR domains. Domain vendors are the people who buy domains at Godaddy Auction or other sources and sell them to you at higher price :D. Here are some places to find them:

  • : I can’t recommend enough you to use this service to quickly grab some high PR domains and start ranking your sites. All the domains are of high quality with natural backlinks. The customer support is amazing and he will always be available to address any of your questions. I just bought 5 PR 3 domains from him today. Tom is also kind enough to give CloudLiving’s readers $20 OFF for the first order plus 5% steady discount. Just mention the codeword: cloudliving when ordering or contacting him. 
  • : This is also a good vendor you can purchase domains from. The database is quite big. The only thing I don’t like is the website is in French. The owner also gives some discount for CLJ’s reader. Ask him!
  • AVOID Digital Point Forums & Traffic Planet : Although you can still find some good gems here, there are many scammers at those forums and you will not want to deal with them as the forums won’t be able to help you when you get scammed. I don’t want to take risk so I would be better off avoiding them right from start.

How To Truly Find a Good High PR Domain

First off, the domain name doesn’t matter. You’ll only have to look at:

  • The Backlink Profile of the domain
  • The Health of the domain

Let’s look at how I do that.

Checking The Backlink Profile Of The Domain

This is freaking important!

This is freaking important!

This is freaking important!

I’m sorry for hurting your eyes but I only told the truth : This is freaking important! 

Building a high PR blog network is all about getting the juice from the high quality backlinks of our high PR domains tranfered to our money site. So, the more high quality links going to our domain, the more powerful our domain’s links are.

Another thing is that domains with high quality backlink profile will keep its PR update after update.

To check the backlink profile, simply head over to (non affiliate).

Small tip: You only need to check the backlink profile of the root domain. Because when you only write the root domain, it automatically check for all backlinks to **.

What we want to see is an enough amount of links from high quality pages.

This is the part that most people get confused and misunderstood. Don’t look at the amount of backlinks to judge the quality of a high PR domain.

Instead, look at the amount of high PR backlinks it get. Here is my criteria:

A PR (x) domain must have at least one PR (x+1) backlink together with several PR(x) and PR(x-1) backlinks from different unique refering domains.

For example: An ideal PR 3 domain for me must have:

  • 1-2 PR 4 backlinks
  • 2-3 PR 3 backlinks
  • 4-5 PR 2 backlinks
  • All the backlinks are from different domains.

That’s how I analyze the backlink profile. Let me explain why I do that:

  • PR gets passed from one page to another. Do you think 1000+ PR 0 backlinks will give you much juice than one PR 5 backlinks from a trusted source?
  • If you get a backlinks on homepage of a website with 10,000 pages, you will instantly receive 10,000 backlinks pointing to your site, but only from one referring domain, and when they remove that homepage link, you will lose all that 10,000 links. It’s not good. Diversify is very important to keep your domain’s PR safe.

What’s about TF/CF and DA/PA?

Trust Flow/Citation Flow (TF/CF) and Domain Authority/Page Authority (DA/PA) are the metrics that made by big companies like Majestic SEO and MOZ for quickly analyze the importance of a page or domain, but my opinion is they are just metrics and are not always accurate. For some people they’re important, for me they’re not. But if you need a guideline, make sure your domain has:

  • 10+ TF/CF
  • 20+ DA/PA

That’s the common thing I see on my high PR domains :D.

Checking The Health Of The Domain

Here are a couple of things you have to check:

  • Make sure it’s real: Some scammers will do a 301 redirect from a higher PR domain. It will push the PR to the site it’s redirecting to. After selling that “fake” PR domain to someone. They turn off the redirect and the domain will go back to PR 0. We don’t want this to happen! You can simply get rid of that by using this PR checker. Be sure to check as well, if the domain in the result is different than “”, then its PR is probably fake.
  • Make sure it’s healthy: Some people sell penalized domains. To get rid of that, just paste the url of your domain in google. If it’s healthy, it will show up. In  some cases, when you a buy domain that was expired for a very long time, It won’t show up as Google has cleared its information. Be aware of that 😀

Now that you have learned how to buy a good PR domain. Let move onto the next step.

Step 2: Setting up the domains corectlly to avoid footprints.

Google doesn’t like our blog networks. If they found our high PR sites, they will deindex it immediately. But it’s almost impossible if you set up your network correctly to avoid the footprints. Here are a few things you need to do:

Activate Private Registration

This is always the first thing you need to do after buying a domain. This simple action will hide our ownership on high PR domains. This will make it hard to link our sites together.

Setting Up Each Site On A Unique IP Address

You don’t want Google to simply check the IP and find all your PR sites, right? Moreover, doing this will help your backlink profile looks natural. You have 2 options:

  • SEO Hosting: This is an inexpensive way to host our sites on different IP addresses. There are some discussions about the drawbacks of SEO Hosting, check out Why SEO hosting is bad and why you should avoid it and Will Google get wise to SEO Hosting?. 2 good SEO hosting providers are: SEOHost and SkynetHosting.
  • Shared Hosting: This is absolutely the best solution, but it’s quite expensive as you have to purchase lots of hosting package from different providers. I highly recommend using this if you have a big budget and want 100% safety. I use a combination of both SEO Hosting and Shared Hosting.

Make Your Site Unique

Use different themes and layouts. Publish unique content on your sites is recommended as well. This little trick will help your PR sites to pass a manual review.

You can go to and look for some cheap writers to write all the articles for you. They don’t have to be of high quality, just make sure the articles are unique and readable. Here is the template I use to find cheap writers for my SEO network:

Step 3: Making the high PR sites relevant to your money site

Remember the relevancy factor when it comes to building a perfect backlink? We’ll do that now.

To make your site relevant, make the Onpage SEO reflects the niche you’re targeting. For example, if we’re trying to rank for a keyword in “dog training” niche, our high PR sites will have:

  • Title and Description related to “dog training”
  • Articles about “dog training”
  • Image titles and alt tags have the keyword “dog training”
  • Link to some authority dog training sites.

Does the site have to be always relevant?

No, It doesn’t.

It will be a huge waste of money if we could only use one PR site for one money site for building backlinks. We can use it for other money sites as well.

Just put up new articles about those different niches on our sites and add links to those articles. You will still receive a great deal of juice from your high PR sites.

Step 4: Place links strategically and naturally

Now that we have a site about our niche, it’s time to get the juice transfered by placing our links in a natural-looking fashion. This will keep us safe while getting the most link juice. Here is how I place links:

  • The first link needs to be our main keyword.
  • The second link points to an authority website in the niche (like this:
  • The third link needs to be a plain URL link to our sites (for example:
  • You can also add an image link if you want.

And you’re done. Now rinse and repeat until your website reaches the first position!

Bonus Tip: Make Your Links Explode!

This bonus tip will help you to strengthen the power of your high PR sites even further.

It’s simple: Build more links to your high PR domains.

You can either buy some link building services or do it yourself because the cost will add up when you have more sites.

I’m using a fully automated tool called: GSA Search Engine Ranker and am completely satisfied with it.

When building links, remember to use anchor texts that are relevant to your niche. It looks 100% natural. The types of links you should build are:

  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog comment
  • Wiki
  • Web 2.0
  • PDF

Over To You

Now that I have given you the best and longest SEO tutorial I have ever written (3000+ words).

What are you going to now?

Of course buy some high pr domains and start ranking your site. Start small with a few PR 2-3 domains and you are ready to rank for low competitive keywords and make some money. It’s just that easy! Take action now!

Hit me up in the comment section below and I will happily answer your questions. If you like this post, don’t forget to give it some social love by sharing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc.

Thanks for reading!

– Tung

Want to hire my team to build you a powerful PBN? Shoot me an email: tung[at]


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  • Hayley @Content Marketing

    Very good article!
    I will bookmark it for reference! Thanks bro! 😀

  • Matt

    Awesome thanks Tung!

    Regarding the hosting for these new domains I hear many people saying steer clear of SEO Hosting as some of those have already been blacklisted by Google and more to follow. Better to just go pay $5 a month or whatever for different Hosts perhaps?

    I guess it’s all about the level of risk you’re willing to take.

    • Tung Tran

      Exactly 😀 I still use SEO hosting though

      • Ryan Kaufman

        hey Tung,

        Congrats for the post, keep them coming, as it shows you’re talking from personal experience here, and that’s what your audience appreciate the most… I also like you personally reply to most comments left on each article…

        I wonder, why somewhere in the middle of your article it says…

        “This content is locked!
        Please support us, use one of the buttons below to unlock the content.”
        Is this a glitch, or a strategy of yours where you’re hiding some of your best content to get more shares and twits? :)

        • Iain

          I don’t think it’s a glitch.

          It just way of hiding content behind a gate. To see what’s behind it you need to like or tweet to see it.

          I think Tung is using wpSharely for that.

          So all that to say, it’s a strategy.

          • Tung Tran

            Thank you Iain :)

          • Iain

            Glad I could help

        • Tung Tran

          Hi Ryan,

          Thanks for dropping by :) It’s not a glitch 😀 I used a WP plugin called Wpsharely to hide the content and people will have to share the article to unlock.

          Checked your Flippa’s profile… it’s amazing 😀 I’m looking forward to learning from you :)



          • Ryan Kaufman

            Thanks Tung regarding our Flippa profile. We worked really hard to get our reputation to where it is today; However, today we mostly sell our sites to our private buyers list instead of through Flippa.

            If you or any of your readers have any questions regarding selling their site, valuation, flipping, ect.. I’m happy to help however I can.

          • Tung Tran

            Thank you :)

  • jeff

    A long post,it takes much time and energy,your post always great,thanks Tung!

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    I have one question regarding language, if I my blog is a spanish web page, for spanish audience, it would be good or bad for the blog to get a link from a high PR related page based in another country and language?

    For example, if I have a web page about a gadget, trying to rank high for spanish results, it would be good or bad to get a link from a related US page? or if I get a link from an article in an article directory only in english?

    Thanks again Tung!

    • Tung Tran

      It’s not the best but still ok :) I have some PR sites that get links from Chinese websites and they are still powerful

      • Gabe Lee

        In regards to Chinese links, are you referring to automated links built by software or high PR links that are purchased?

        If the ladder, care to share the source?
        Email me, if not comfortable sharing publicly.

        • Tung Tran

          Natural High PR links of course 😀

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    This piece is really a GEM. But people like will always have silly questions and you are used to it I suppose.

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    Priyank, Your Indian Friend.

    • Tung Tran

      1. Only links from pages with PR matter 😀 The reason? They have PR that means they are important and trusted in the eyes of Google :)
      2. Contextual link is always the best kind of link. But sidebar links work very well as you will not only get links from homepage but from other pages as well
      3. I always keep the OBL < 30

      • Priyank

        Thanks for replying bro,

        When we create new post/page, it will have no PR I think even if domain has PR5, if I am not wrong.

        So how is that link going to get powerful link juice?

        Hope I don’t sound stupid here.


        • Tung Tran

          It will show up in the homepage with high PR :) Remember to make your homepage show full post

          • Priyank


            That way…! Understood bro.

            Thanks a ton for helping. You are a Rockstar!

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      Using an aged and high PR domain is always better. But think about the brand factor :) I always want a nice domain name so I will buy a new domain

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    Also, when should I let them know about my website? Now (only construction page), once I have my first draft of the site posted, or once it’s complete and perfect?

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      No, it’s not good. Out of that 15 dedicated IPs, only 5 -6 are unique

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      I think that’s not a problem

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        • Tung Tran

          Thanks :) Good luck with your ranking!

          If you need any help, dont hesitate to shoot me an email


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    PS. BTW, I’ve noticed that as your posts go by, your english is getting really good.

    • Tung Tran

      1. You mean niche sites? I host between 10 – 20 sites per hosting account. If you mean high PR domain, only one per IP address
      2. The 2 providers I mentioned are the cheapest

      • Winston

        Yes. I meant niche sites. Are the 10 – 20 sites per hosting account using adsense for earning or affiliate like amazon.

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      Yes, just a single PR 5 backlink will give you a significant boost in ranking. But remember the diversity factor :D, You have to keep on building links

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    • Tung Tran

      No, the domain name does not matter

      yes :) Please read my article again before asking , I have answered your 2 questions

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      That’s a great strategy indeed :) But I like to have full control over my network.

      • Mike

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      No It won’t if the domain has high quality backlinks from higher PR sites.

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      Great to hear that Justin. Do u have any helpful tip that can be added to the article?

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    • Tung Tran

      As I said in the article, I have my cheap writers write those articles for me

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    I want to try an experiment with a site, but don’t want to mix it with my current host. I am also hoping to get cheaper hosting since this is just a test, and don’t want to be spending $7 to $10/month for the experiment.

  • Paul “Knife”

    I do not agree with those prices of the domains. Since this rush with building High PR blog networks the prices are much higher.
    And another word about the hosting, you can host each of your HiPR Blog on an different cheap hosting company so you`ll have a big diversity of ip`s and low prices. I get at 1$ per month accounts with monthly payment at first for the testing,

    • Tung Tran

      Yeah, we can get some good deals at godaddy aunction. I use cheap $1 per month hosting as well but I like because it’s easier to manage my network.

      Thanks for your feedback!


      • Paul “Knife”

        You can manage your wp network with an excelent software: – manage unlimited wp instalation on free version.

  • Jay

    From your experience, how long does it usually take to have a domain transferred to your account at domainswithpr? I completed all of the registration and transfer information but haven’t heard a word—other than that my account had been created. The original registrar was Directi LTD (an OpenSRS reseller it looks like—using Site5 it appears), rather than godaddy.

    • Tung Tran

      I have to wait 1 2 days

  • Josh


    I visited the TB Solutions website and there are so many domains which are quite pricey. How do you decide on which domains to buy to include in a private network?

    Can you put a guide together about this.

    • Tung Tran

      Read my article again and you will know how :)

  • Jay

    One question about analytics. You set your site up on different IPs, or shared hosting accounts. What about analytics? Do you create a new Google Analytics account for each site? Or do you use something else to track your analytics? What about registering for Webmaster tools? Same thing?

    • Tung Tran

      High PR blog don’t need any kind of analytics 😀 I dont add anything to my high blog to minimize the footprint

  • Sibo

    I got one question for you, Tung. When you build up the high PR sites, if you add contents that are totally irrelevant to the old contents, will the sites who linked to your high PR sites cut off their links? If that happened, your high PR site will worth less. How do you avoid that?

    Thanks a million, bro!


  • Best Adjustable Dumbbells
    • Tung Tran

      Why dont you keep it?


    I have no knowlodge of the niche and it was part of a domain package i bought , Looks like the previous owner didnt do much with it also.

    I personally would not know where to start with this niche but maybe one of your readers would like to create an authority site (not copying you of course) :)

    • Tung Tran

      How much are you going to sell it?


    Open to offers :)

  • Ab


    Ur giving away a goldmine for free :)

    Well I have a question. While searching for some expired domains I often come across sites that have previously been used for blog networks. At the moment they are showing on Google for the default homepage. What would u do with such domains, leave them?

  • Phan Luân

    Hi Tung, is it good if i find some domain with high pr, good trust, good backlink……but it had been dropped serveral time or dropped now… Should I buy it?

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  • john

    I have read your article but i still have some questions:
    1. I found a pr4 site at for 17$. I did not buy it , too bad right?The sites name is I checked the anchor text it uses and its:”life at its best, add nothing”.
    So if i would have bought this domain name could i have put content about a new topic or does it explicit have to be a topic about the anchor text of that site.

    2. I have seen very strange domain names that don’t make sense. Is your recommendation still to buy them?

    3. If i acquire a high pr domain name and i want to link to my money site should i use the anchor text to link to my homepage or to my sales page?

    4. If i need more then 1 link coming from high pr site to multiple money sites, how would i do this?You said you need to create a post related to the money site and attach it to homepage as full post.But what if you need more links to other money sites not just one?There can only be one post on the homepage.
    Please explain

    5. Any recommendation of cheap $1 hosting? So if i have lets say 5 high pr sites i need to buy 5 different hosting packages from same hosting company. Will this give me 5 different ip addresses. But with shared hosting you get your ip shared with others,

    I hope you can help me with this so i can start asap.

    • Tung Tran

      1. Just about anything you want
      2. Yes. .Domain name doesn’t matter
      3. yes
      4. I have around 10 20 posts on homepage
      5. yes. You can use instead


      • john

        thanks for the fast reply but i still am confused,

        3.Should i send anchor text from high pr site to homepage of the money site or to the sales page of the money site?

        4. How can you have 10-20 posts on a homepage?You mean the shorten version of those posts?If so then you need to add the anchor text at the beginning of the posts,right?Otherwise it gives no linkjuice to the money sites.

        5.You said there are drawbacks by using
        How about using shared hosting instead?How to accomplish this?Should i create different hosting packages at one hosting company.Because with each hosting package you get different ipadress and different dns servername.Am i right?Would this be enough to start a network without footprint?

        Hope to hear from you.

        • Tung Tran

          1. To anything you want to rank 😀
          2. Settings -> Reading -> Blog pages show at most -> Choose number you want
          3. Yes. You have 2 options: SEOHosting or Seperate Shared hosting account… There’s no way to leave no footprint at all. But by doing what I told you in the article, you will minimize the risk

          • john

            Ok great thanks.
            I found some good high pr sites but some of them look as if they are not indexed. Well one has the parked domain indexed, is this the same as indexed?
            How to check if site has been penalized?
            Because if i type only the domain name without http:// in google it gives me many sites.
            If i put all the sites in they are all fine.So i am confused a bit.

            Still don’t understand answer on #2 about the posting settings. Should i put 10 full posts on the homepage or only the excerpt, the short version of the post. If i put full posts will this not be counted as duplicate content?

            I am eager to buy the domain names after your answer.
            thank you

          • Tung Tran

            No it’s not 😀

  • Yande | Bonsai Tree Care

    Hallo Tung..

    I have a problem when adding private registration in my high PR domain..i bought it at TB solution..

    I have upgrade the domain, but the Privacy tab is not available in the domain name’s Upgrade section of the Domain Manager.

    Can you help me..?


    • Tung Tran

      What is your extension? Maybe it automatically hide the whois… You can ask Tom. He can help 😀

      Or email me if you dont want to reveal your domain to the public:

      • Yande | Bonsai Tree Care

        I have email Tom domain ccTLDs. So i think i don’t need to use private registration.

  • Josh


    I have a few questions that I need your help on. I have bought a few domains from TBS to build a private PR network. I was able to get my site to number 25 with one link from PR4 domain. I bought 3 other domains but added them as addon domains in cpanel and my site has gone down to page 12. I phoned SEOHOST and was told that all my sites are still on one ip address so I need to use WHM to add domain and assign unique ips.

    I don’t know how to do this. Do you have any training on this? or do you know where I can get a video to help me?

    Pls I am desperate to sort this problem out. HELP!!!!!!


    • Tung Tran

      You can ask SEOhost to help you with that 😀 I dont have any special training

  • Daniel

    Very nice article. I own SEO Omega and several other courses and I understand the basics pretty well but I have never fully understood how you can check the live links for a domain. You said a PR3 for example should have at least 1-2 PR4, a couple of PR3 and a couple of PR2s, but can you explain how to check that quickly? Thanks for your help.

    • Tung Tran

      I use SEOspyglass or to exact all the links and check the PR using Scrapebox 😀

      • Daniel

        Thanks man. I will try that.

  • CongVu

    Chao Tùng. It is the first time I read a wonderful seo article from a Vietnamese guy. I’m very new in this business and looking for some one that I can learn from. Is there any way I can contact you in case I need advice? Ps. I’m living in Hanoi, I just open up my new business in travel industry and need to Learn all above seo to make my business survived. I can be catcher at Cam on Tùng.

    • Tung Tran

      Hi You can contact me via email: tung[at]



  • Philip

    For the hosting of these High PR Domains, shared hosting you mean like the normal shared hosting at bluehost (just an example), which is 7.95$/month? Just want to clear this one up because I’m a bit amaze about this strategy you have discuss. Additionally, how many domains can the shared hosting be able to accommodate, based on your experience? Sorry for this I’m a bit new with niche sites.

    • Tung Tran

      yeah 😀 some people do that for the safety of their network. around 10-20 per account is fine. But you want each domain is hosted on one IP so using SEOhost instead

  • Sublimation paper pakistan

    Very good information for begginers

  • Dennis

    Man that was a good article. My thing is, how focused are your High Pr blogs on specific niches? Let’s say i want to rank a website on baby Gender selection and then a month later I want to rank a site on a work from home business.

    Can I use all my high PR blogs to link to a site or would that leave a foot print? Also, would that penalize my High PR sites if I’m constantly creating content on different subjects.

    • Tung Tran

      Just make sure you post relevant article. it’d be fine. I havent had any site deindexed because posting content on different subjects. It’s like a personal blog about everything 😀

  • Jake Zepp

    Hello and thank you for the great info on high PR building. Very good info.

    When I search for high PR domains I see domains that have high PR but zero backlinks. Is this okay to purchase? What do you suggest.

    Thank you so much!

    • Tung Tran

      No, I avoid domains with zero link.

  • rani

    i am working hard on my Blog PR wish me good luck dude. and please gimme some sort of advice which can be help ful to me plzzzzz

  • Stew

    Hi Tung. Great article!

    I have a question – in Majestic SEO, for backlinks, etc, do you look at the “root domain”, “sub domain” or “URL” values?


    • Tung Tran

      I choose root domain because it automatically includes backlink to sub domain and www

  • Stew

    Thanks for the reply! I have another question on buying expired domains. I have bought a couple of expired domains where the current PR is “n/a” but the sites have PR5 links going to them. When (and if!) does the PR change? Is this at the next Google Toolbar PR update?


  • steve

    Hi, love the article, quick question though.

    1 – For my high p[r domain, should I only place 3 links on my homepage related to my niche money site or should I continue adding more and more articles using just 1 or 2 keywords per article?

    2 – I’m trying to rank for 1 main keyword, should I keep buying high pr domains that link to my money site targeting the same keyword over and over for each new blog I make?

    3 – I would prefer to rank a category on my money site for example:

    Should I build all of my high pr backlinks to my money site homepage or that category I am trying to rank?

    Thanks alot!

    • Tung Tran

      1. I still add more relevant and non relevant articles for making links to other sites.
      2. No you can leverage old sites. Make sure the link is on relevant article.
      3. You can try:

      First link to home page
      2nd link to category page
      3rd …

      Remember to have a good internal link structure so the juice will be passed around your site : homepage >> category >>> article >> homepage

  • Ardi

    Hello Tung, It’s my first comment here.

    I follow your guide and bought couple domains with PR2, PR3 and PR4 all of them have backlinks. Then set them in different hosting companies, 1 hosting for 1 domain.

    I added articles, and added backlink to money site with text and image about 3 weeks ago. The domain and articles are indexed. But when I check my money site links on ahrefs, only 1 domain that give backlink to money site, others not. Did I doing it wrong?

    One more, how about paid links from broker like Do you ever try it? Or insight from you about service likes that is also great.

    • Tung Tran

      Could you recheck all the links? as I see that ahrefs usually indexes the backlinks in 24 hours.

      If everything is fine, you should wait for more 1 2 weeks. Did you see the improvement in ranking?

      I dont prefer paid links as the cost will add up and it’s hard to control the quality

      • Ardi

        Yep, links still there and clickable. Maybe I just need wait few more weeks.

        Money site with links from pr network only is indexed, but I can’t find it in serp with main keyword. I search manual until last page.

        Other money site that have links from many source is on progress to top spot. Hope will hit the top in next few weeks.

        Thanks for response.

        • Tung Tran

          Try to build some links to your high PR blog using Fiverr 😀

  • Estelle

    hello Tung, thanks a lot for this detailed tutorial. You wrote ” Here is my criteria:
    A PR (x) domain must have at least one PR (x+1) backlink together with several PR(x) and PR(x-1) backlinks from different unique refering domains.”

    But how do you check that?

    When you type the url in majestic seo or ahrefs, you don’t know which links are the high pr ones. So how do you find domains that match you criteria?

    Many thanks

    • Tung Tran

      I export the link list to a csv file and check their PR using or

  • Claudinei

    Very good indeed, thank Tung!

  • rina patel

    Awesome post tung.
    I have to feature it to my to browse list therefore elaborated. want time to digest this.
    Love your content protection plan, thats simply brilliant!
    thanks lots..

  • Sumit

    I don’t think it’s a glitch.

    It just way of hiding content behind a gate. To see what’s behind it you need to like or tweet to see it.

    I think Tung is using wpSharely for that.

    So all that to say, it’s a strategy.

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  • George

    Hi Tung,

    I’ve tried to buy 1 domain but Tom said that 20% OFF discound is not available……

    • Tung Tran

      Oh 😀 They have changed policy and become a private service

  • Yogesh

    I read over a post its great information. I want improve my blog PR. Just I am having 1 pr i want more of my blog

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much for this article ! I have been reading and reading and trying and trying, hopefully one of these days the switch will flip and traffic will come pouring in and my GPR will skyrocket!

    • Tung Tran

      Best of luck Melissa 😀

  • John

    Hey Tung, if you buy a domain from TSI how do you get the privacy? I know at Namecheap you can get it for free, and at Godaddy you have to pay quite a bit for it. But to get it at Namecheap you need to register the domain with them.

    So when you buy from TSI how does privacy work?

    Cheers, and great post

    • Tung Tran

      I will just buy the privacy 😀

  • Med ijja

    hi Tung,

    Do you think this strategy will work if i use with the high pr domains, or it’s better to buy hosting for each PR domain.


    • Tung Tran

      yeah it works very well 😀

      • ijja

        Ok good, i think this the best strategy for people with small budget, thaks for reply tung :)

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  • Atif Sharif

    Excellent Article – I have some questions, if you like to answer.

    1 .Tung can you suggest any place where I can find high pr expire domains with low cost which has good ct and tf too. I use for finding domain names but mostly are sold if I found any good pr domain it has no value. I have small budget but want to make a blog netwrok so for this purpose kindly give me any place where I can buy a good domain in $10 to $20.

    2. Kindly suggest any fiverr backlink service that you use and prefer it to use for blog network.
    3. I purchase a domain from expired domain which DA= 45 and PA 54 but has no PR, is it has any value.
    4. Can I install SEO plugins on blog network or not?
    5. Can I build wiki link to my money site?

    Thanks so much

  • AndyG

    that’s a very great and informal post about building a blog of the best which i saw till now!

    I hope it is ok to ad my own toughts and strategies:

    There is no tool which shows ALL backlinks – so it is important to use all possible backlink indexer which are out there: Majestic Seo, AHref, Seo MOZ, Blekko…

    Relevance and Authorithy can EASY outrank Pagerank – that’s why we can see Pagerank 1 and 2 ranking above PR 4 and higher..

    I hope it is ok to post a link here to one of my forum postings about the same topic:

    (liked your facebook page – and sent you a message there)..


    • Tung Tran

      Thanks for your comment AndyG :)

  • MZ

    What about adding the blog network sites into webmaster tools account? Should we not do that?

    • Tung Tran

      yes. dont do that unless you want to risk your “private” network 😀

      • MZ

        How would you recommend getting the blog network sites indexed quickly without adding them to webmaster tools?

        • Tung Tran

          If they had PR, they will be indexed

  • Josh

    Great post Tung! I checked out the french site, he has some high PR sites for not a bad price, but the few I checked out the site s are only 1-3 years old and losing links daily. Does this mean there were bought, spammed for fake pr to flip?

    tbsolutions – is now paid site, only 25$, but do you think it is worth it?

    I am looking for a solid pr 2-4 for fitness niche, but have time to spend hours or days researching domains.

    Thanks, Josh

    • Tung Tran

      tbsolution is still a great service but the price is pretty high. That’s $25 will be refunded after your pay.

      Check out this guide if you want to find your own domain:

      • Josh

        Thanks for the quick reply! I have just found a PR 3, still need to check links. site is:, do you think this would work turning into a fitness link site?

        • Tung Tran

          Not a good domain for me. Check the backlink profile

          • Josh

            I checked links for this site and few other PR 3s, but seems the links were all built recently and the domains had been dropped and picked back up, had a bunch links thrown out them for page rank to flip.

            What is the quickest way to find quality domains that have natural link profiles?

            Thanks Josh

          • Tung Tran

            tbsolution and prnator 😀

  • slim

    Hi Tung,
    Great post and nice to see you sharing your strategies. I had a couple of questions and interested to know your thoughts.

    1. The first question is about building backlinks on the high PR domain network. Say you have a 50 high PR blog network, and you want to sell home page links to clients. What percentage of the high PR blog network would you let each client use for their websites? If you let clients promote their domains on 100% of your blog network, then you will have all of your high PR blogs with outbound links to the same set of blogs (outbound link footprint).

    I would guess maximum percentage around 30%.

    2. Do you have any experience with using these high PR blogs and doing a 301 redirect instead?

    • Tung Tran

      1. I don’t know because I don’t sell links :P. But I’d like to keep it seperated. For client and for my personal use
      2. NO

  • http://n.a Tom

    If you purchase shared hosting from various sites all your sites will have different IPs?

    • Tung Tran


  • http://n/a Tom

    What if I find a domain name with high PA/DA but it says -1 on expiredomains . net
    What does that mean? Is it penalized or something?

    • Tung Tran

      It means the domain has no PR

  • Hermine

    Hey Tung,

    Thank you for writing this guide, this is exactly what I was looking for. As I was reading this, I also thought about the fact that you could do this with a clean, never been used domain as well. All it would take to get some page rank and domain authority going is to get some nice backlinks from more established sites.

    I’ve done this before by contacting webmasters in my niche directly and asking them to link to my site and went from PR 0 to PR3 in about a month. Just a thought since I think there’s a lot of folks out there who might have domains just sitting around and gathering dust – this could be a good way to use at least a few of them, maybe mix in a few newly purchased domains too and save some cash.


    • Tung Tran

      Hi Hermine,

      That’s indeed a good way to build a high quality PR domain but it will require more work. But I think it’s worth the effort

      Thank you


  • Bruno

    Hi Tung, i have some doubts. For example: If I buy a domain in english with all the links in english but my money site is in portuguese. It will help in the same way?

    Thanks, mate!

    • Tung Tran

      I’ll help 😀

  • pedro

    What are your thoughts on using cloudflare instead of SEO hosting? It gives each site a different IP address.

  • Paul Rone-Clarke

    Great article. I’ve done similar but only ona small scale. 4-5 sites and started from scratch. Building up the PR on a new domain took 2-3 months to get to PR3 and 6 months to get to PR 4/5.

    I’m aware that Page rank is likely to be replaced by something else in 2015 when Google’s license for it runs out and the Stanford patent expires. My thinking is that Google are looking to buy MOZ – or at least the rights to use their well established Moztrust and Mozrank authority measures.
    This might be why MOZ rebranded themselves recently – losing the “SEO” tag – which surely wouldn’t fir if they were in cahoots with Google (A search engine working openly with a search engine optimization company. “Gamekeepers openly employing poachers”
    Recently Fishkind has spent so much time talking up Google and chatting with the Google hierarchy.
    Only a guess. But August 2015 is basically the end of PR as it currently stands, so something will happen between now and then for sure.


  • Tommy

    If you are using GSA to build links to your High PR site are you posting them to your articles or the actual domain or both.


    • Tung Tran

      to the articles

  • Dan


    Great article, two questions

    1) how many times do you post articles on each of your pr network sites that point back to your money site? ie if you have 5 pr network sites and i post one article this week on each of those sites pointing back to my money site, is that it? or do i post once a week with links pointing back to my money site, maybe using different keywords? and can i use this pr network to send juice to another of my money sites? or just keep it so that one network sends juice to only one money site?

    2)If you pick up a great PR5 site on a drop service with great links and authority are you ever tempted just to make that a money site and develop it instead of using it in your pr network?

    3)do you ever monitize your sites in your pr network with ads/clickbank/commissionjunctioin etc?

    4) do you buy backlinks to your pr network sites? and if so what do you use as a service.

    thanx for your time, a bit more than a cpl questions, sorry


    • Tung Tran

      1. I just post when I want a link to my money site.
      2. I’ll use it as one in my network
      3. no 😀
      4. I use GSA search engine ranker to build tier 2 and tier 3 links

  • SkyNetHosting.Net

    Very informative article and its really nice to see the author replying every comment :)

  • Chechman

    wow i got the link from matt woodward site, i have read few articles on building your own network, but you broke it down nicely and and gave the template to hire good writers. thanks buddy

  • Rahul

    Blog are very nice.Thanku you for your information i am sure it will help people like the way it help me i like the blog.For more information please visit our website.

  • Muz

    I see a lot of High PR domains on sale but all of them have 0 backlinks , should i buy such domains?

    • Tung Tran

      No of course

  • Nisar Ahmed

    how many times do you post articles on each of your pr network sites that point back to your money site? ie if you have 5 pr network sites and i post one article this week on each of those sites pointing back to my money site, is that it? or do i post once a week with links pointing back to my money site, maybe using different keywords? and can i use this pr network .When you type the url in majestic seo or ahrefs, you don’t know which links are the high pr ones.

    • Tung Tran

      I just post new article whenever I need a backlink

  • Ago

    Epic post Tung, thanks for this!!!
    I’m afraid that this could not work anymore with the latest Google algorythm changes of “Hummingbird”.
    Wouldn’t be better do a long term time investment about content marketing, as Neil Patel is suggesting on his blog and his forum? For example, investing on infographics and guides.
    What do you think about?
    Thank you so much,

    • Tung Tran

      No it’s still working very well

  • Aradhya

    hello Tung,
    must say a very nice article, your article have all good information how to build up a high quality PR blog or site, really very informative. i have bookmark your site for more informative articles
    thank you for sharing it.

  • Kash

    can all domains be registered on 1 or 2 accounts on godaddy and namecheap? Have you tried using fake info as well as using privacy?

    and what are some ways to combat against losing links to the high pr domains.

  • Jonny Nilsen

    really good article i must say 😀
    but i must ask you a ideal PR 4-5 domain, how many backlinks must contain pagerank? please explain? :-)

    / Thanks

  • Ray

    I got excited and went bought an expired domain, Everything seemed really good but AFTER I bought it I read another guide with different selection requirements and now I am afraid I wasted money on a no good domain. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

  • SEO Cognition

    Hi Tung,

    Just to clarify, when you say “And you’re done. Now rinse and repeat until your website reaches the first position!”

    Does this mean “you rinse and repeat” by posting unique articles with the same exact keywords in them over and over again?

    Or do you post multiple blogs with multiple links/keywords
    (pointing to your money site) over and over again?

    Can Tung or somebody clarify this for me?


    • Tung Tran

      I mean building new high PR blog and link to your site

      • SEO Cognition

        Hi Tung,

        There’s also been a lot of confusion in the SEO community about class C IP blocks vs dedicated IPs.

        What do you suggest? Also, in looking for a hosting company, which one do you recommend specifically? Which ones not on Google’s hot list?


        • Tung Tran

          I still use seo hosting

  • Maysum

    Just read through all of your posts. Please answer this for me:

    If I recently purchased some PR4 and 5 domains that seem pretty healthy, what is the next step?
    – Should I somehow try protecting the links those pages have?
    – Will the rank of those pages decrease since the owner changed?
    – Will the rank drop since I will be changing content?

    Please answer these questions for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I recently spent about 500$ on domains and I dont want to lose my money. Thanks Tung.

  • Travis

    Hey Tung. Just a heads up, I registered an account at TB Solutions. When I registered it asked me how I found the site so I said I found it through your site, even though you say that you no longer receive a discount for being referred by you. However, when I purchased a domain I was given a 5% discount because I came from your site. It’s not the $20 that it was before, but still a discount. Anyways, just thought I’d let you know. Thanks for the tip. I got a kick ass domain for a pretty good price.

  • Rushin

    Hey really a great post!
    I just have a question about Hosting. I really dont like SEO hosting but as you said I am also liking the shared hosting stuff, So i wanted to ask that how much high pr’s do you usually host on your single shared host and If I want 25 High Pr sites how much hosting accounts should I create.

    • Tung Tran

      I only use SEO hosting so I dont know 😛

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  • Dave

    Hi Tung,

    This is an excellent post. Where were you 3 years ago when I was searching for someone to give clear instructions on how to setup a private high PR blog network? Oh well… I guess it’s better late than never :-)

    I have a quick question that I really need your help on.

    I set up my own private network as you’ve instructed above with different shared hosting accounts. My network is 2 PR5, 2 PR4, 2 PR3 and 7 PR2

    It’s been about 4-5 weeks since writing relevant content on each site and linking to money site.

    Here’s the odd thing…

    ZERO movement. Not even a Google dance… zilch, nada!

    Is Google becoming aware of this strategy and taking more time to give credit for these links? How long will it take before seeing an effect?

    It’s like ever since the last update (Penguin 2.1) link building is slow to produce results.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and any experience you have regarding this.

    • Tung Tran

      yeah it’s slow to produce results now but it’s really weird… Have you checked the backlink profile of the domain? or maybe it’s because of your keyword is too competitive

  • Gary James

    Good article Tung. I want to clarify something as far as health of the domain. If a domain has been expired for awhile and the pages have been de-indexed by Google, should this domain be avoided or just domains that have been penalized?

    • Tung Tran

      It’s still okay to use

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  • Ray

    Thanks for the great article. Question on domain names. You said they don’t matter. But what about the previous subject? For example, if I have a PR5 site whose previous subject is insurance and all of its backlinks are insurance-related, can I use it for my website based on, let’s say, dogs? I’ve heard that’s a bad idea. Your thoughts?

    • Tung Tran

      it’s very good… go for it

  • Yesh

    Super helpful! I’m in the process of creating a blog network too, since I’m fond of creating niche sites. Bookmarked!

  • Taylor Hendricksen

    Great article man! The only smaller thing I would add would be finding domains using the NoHat SEO method of using Xenu Link Sleuth to scrape older sites and re-register quality domains. Have found some gems doing that, but it does take some time to check those, especially at scale. That’s when the GoDaddy bulk checker and come in really handy.

  • johnbrew

    what tool do you use in getting “contextual” keyword.?
    What are the tools that you are using?

    • Tung Tran

      I use keyword planner 😀

  • Sean

    Hi Tung, I was just wondering about backlinks to pages other than the root domain. In the case of expired domains do they still count? I would have thought not.

    • Tung Tran

      yes they still count but not as effective

  • Timmy

    Hi Tung, great article. Newbie question here. When buying expired domains, does the domains previous content have to be relevant to my money site? For example, if my money site is about photography and the expiring PR5 domain is http://www.racecardrivers(dot)com, can I still buy it and turn it relevant? or do I only hold out until I see an expiring domain that’s relevant?

    • Tung Tran

      Hmm… if you can find relevant domain, it’d be the best… but high PR sites still help to rank your site

  • Uhura

    Hi Tung,
    Thanks so much for this great article. I have just 1 small question: You mentioned that you trust PR more than DA/PA from Moz. Yet PR is hardly updated and I can find some domains that have PR0-1 but have very high DA/PA, like 40+. Should I buy them or should I buy only PR3+ domains? Which path would give me the most bang for my buck? Thank you again!

  • Sign Spinners

    Long post, but it is a long process but worth it if you want to get a high PR on your blog. It takes a lot of time and effort, yes it’s not difficult but so time consuming.

  • lee

    Awesome article! I have been looking for a thorough and in depth article such as this one. Just seeing your engagement with your readers means your in it to actually help people out rather than just boost your own site. I will be starting on this project asap. Look forward to reading what else you have to write about.

  • Ray

    Hi, Tung. Reread your article and have to say this is probably the best info I’ve read re expired domains. Quick question, though: how do you bid on Godaddy’s auctions. I mean, I know HOW, but do you use sniping software or a VA to bid for you? I can’t imagine waiting and waiting and waiting till the last moment to bid on multiple domains. I just want to know if there’s any software out there that’ll make it easier on me! 😉 Thanks.

    • Tung Tran

      I often buy in bulk from brokers these days 😀 or you can use PR Powershot

      • Ray

        Thanks! Think I’m gonna try out PR Powershot!

  • http://any steve

    Hi, I disagree with you when you say use GSA to backlink the websites you have bought.

    Why – because it is a spam machine, what is the point of picking a nice clean spam free domain to crap it up with alot of garbage GSA links?

    From Googles point of view, it is pretty easy to track the dropping domains, see the ones which reappear with a few pages of weak content – Panda for this, then Penguin to spot the crappy links appearing on these domains.

    Buying old domains is a great idea but you need to be a bit cleverer than the tactics you have outlined.

    • Adam Finan

      So what is your advice? Guest post for each domain? This is being targeted to!

    • Dee Sims

      You can simply build a 2nd tier of clean backlinks for your PR domain that you bought. You do this by creating 10 – 20 high authority Web 2.0 sites and link to them to your PR domain. The Web 2.0 sites I am referring to are sites such as Squidoo, Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube, Facebook pages, Hubpages,etc. You can do this yourself or go to and outsource it.

  • John

    Hey Tung would you recommend buying through PRdrop via godaddy or TBsolutions for someone new?

    Is one pr2-4 domain worth the 20-40$ price tag, does one feeder site really help ranking that much for a low comp niche site? ie. better than blog commenting and other backlink tactics?

    I have also read the entire PR Domain thread from Jon Haver’s site. He recommends pr 0-1 domains with relevancy to your target money sites keywords, with 15+ Citation and Trust Flow as well as correct anchors and healthy backlinks.

    You seem to recommend only pr 2+ with no relevancy to money site, with C/F flow of 10+ and similar other metrics. Is there any reason why your methods are different from his? Is one better for a different purpose?

    Like you Im targeting ranking of Niche Amazon/Adsense sites so I just wanna get this right.

    Thanks Tung, Cám ơn

    • Tung Tran

      Both method will work 😀 Try to combine them

  • Jack

    I have been hunting for domains using Xenu Link Sleuth and am finding it so hard to find a decent domain. They are all usually dropped too many times, spammed, high PR backlinks coming from only paid directories, Low CF/TF, etc.

    Would you opt me to just buy one from TBsolutions? Are there domains all clean and good for a PBN?


    • tbtb123

      At TBSolutions they guarantee 100% spam-free domains which ideal for SEO (PBNs).

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  • Romain

    Quick question: should the homepage of the expired domain be set on a single page, with full text displayed (and the link to our money site in that big article) ? Or should it be set to “Latest posts” ? If so, where do we put the link to our money site ?

    • Tung Tran

      you can do both… but i prefer 10 sticky posts on the homepage which link to my money sites… the rest is on blog page

  • stacy flick

    Hey Tung, great article .. Respect for making it 3000 words.. LOL
    A few questions
    1) i am ranking Youtube video’s for local companies in the UK, in your opinion would it be better to use domain links to point to the video or a % mix of .net .com’s etc..
    2) I’m also using Scrapebox to find expired Tumblr and Blogger sites with high PR to re-register.. What’s the best server error codes to use ?? I’ve got a list of them but not sure of the best ones to use as my results are still giving me some domains that are alive.

    Much appreciated for your time and knowledge.


    • Tung Tran

      1. yes but not very neccessary
      2. i dont use this so I dont know…

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  • Wayne Ng

    At Step 4, you said ‘The first link needs to be our main keyword.’

    So this link is the main keyword which links to the root domain of our money site ?

    • Tung Tran


  • Lawrence Gayoso

    Hi! Great blog.. I left you a message on facebook. Lawrence Gayoso.. Are you available for hire? Of course I would cover all the expenses and for your time :)

  • Jason Chesters

    Nice Post :-) I have just finished writing a post on how to find expired domains which fits in well with Private Blog Networks.

    Relevancy is definitely becoming more important when building out a blog network and I am now concentrating on niche specific mini blog networks!

  • ali

    Great information…..

  • Derek Murphy

    Thanks Tung, really useful – I just bought my first PR5, a little nervous about using it correctly.

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  • emmaharward789

    find the facebook covers click here…and download the beautiful covers…

  • Dee Sims

    Hi Tung, this was one of the best articles I have read about building a high PR network. I have one question please: “What exactly must I do after I buy a high PR domain so that I keep the link juice? Do I simply install WordPress and start posting new unique content or is there some kind of 301 redirect I must perform?

    • Tung Tran

      You just need to install “Link Juice Keeper” and that’s it.

      • Rajesh

        Hi Tung, Thanks for the great post on PBN..

        Btw, Where do I Install the plugin on PBN sites or money sites..?

        Please reply bro..

  • Bangalore Seo

    Hi Tung, Great Article.. Question: I want to rank my website for 4 low competition keywords with different pages, how many articles shall I post each Private blog network?

  • Dom Wells

    Hey Tung, you mention that it’s fine to have a PR site linking to more than one money site, but I remember Jon Haver’s recent guide suggests 1 “money site” per PBN site. I guess one is “safer” than the other. Do you think it’s still ok to link 1 site to several money sites, where relevant?

    • Tung Tran

      This guide was written a year ago so I need to update it soon.

      I’m now building a dedicated PBN of 5-10 sites for each money site I build.

      • Michelle Lapointe

        Do you still use scrapebox and other automated software or do you just rely on PBN?

      • rec

        Is 5-10 PBN sites a starting point or the bare minimum to start a network?Is there a point of there being to many PBN sites pointing to a money site?

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