5 Examples of Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites (Including The One That Was Just Sold For $60,100)

You are probably interested in seeing some specific examples of successful amazon affiliate websites to learn from the pros.

Well, that is what I’m going to show you today – 5 examples to be exact.

Just to be clear – these are NOT my websites!

I don’t know the owners of these websites or how much money they make (except for the one that was sold).

I’ll just analyze their websites and tell you my findings.


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Let’s look at the first example:

1. Kitchenfaucetdivas.com

This is my most favorite example as you can easily see that it was built by a real pro.

It really looks like an authority site with customized template, unique logo and high quality graphics.

The content is well-formated with tons of useful information for the buyers.

But what I like the most about this site is its internal linking structure.

This will definitely help the site to rank higher for not just one but many keywords as it allows link juice to flow throughout the site. Look at any large websites and you will see the similar structure.

For more information about that, read this article.

This website primarily uses a private blog network (PBN) to get backlinks. However, if you look at the backlink profile, you won’t see many backlinks.


Because the owner intentionally hides his PBN from backlink checkers (Ahref, Opensiteexplorer, MajesticSEO, etc) by not allowing their bots to crawl the site.

Ironicaly, using some simple Google search queries, I discovered his entire network in a few minutes:)

He couldn’t hide the PBN from Google after all.

2. Livelongerrunning.com

I just discovered this website a few months ago and found it really interesting.

First, It has no affiliate link on the homepage and funnel the traffic to a comparison chart and other review articles on the sidebar.

Second, guess what is ranking the site?

Yes, it’s also a PBN.

A huge dedicated one.

Look at some of these PBN sites:

  • http://www.rabbitbistro.com/
  • http://www.onverrabien.com/
  • http://www.oksqs.com/

Interesting, huh?

Each PBN site has just one article on the homepage with one link pointing to the money site with varied anchor text.


This website should be making a lot of money to cover the cost of building 227 PBN sites with unique article and hosting for each like that.

3. Canvasli.com

This website was built on an expired domain and has been around for nearly 2 years.

It also has a nice structure with lots of internal links on every page.

One thing I notice is that its homepage contains a lot of relevant long tail keywords like:

  • Citrus juicer
  • Centrifugal juicer
  • Best overal juicer
  • best budget juicer
  • most versatile juicer

This would help to increase the relevancy score that leads to increase in ranking. I’m still testing this strategy and will keep you posted with the result.

All the category pages are marked “nofollow,noindex” as their roles are just to help the visitors navigate the site more easily.

Be sure to do that to your website as well to avoid content duplication issue.

This website has backlinks from all over the places but mainly:

  • PBN
  • Blog comments
  • Web 2.0
  • Links from other money sites.

The anchor text profile is overly optimized with 41% links using “best juicer” as anchor phrases. I don’t know why this website hasn’t been penalized for so long. Any idea?

4. Thebestespressomachines.org

I truly believe this site and #3 were built by the same person. It also has been thriving for nearly 2 years and there’s not much to talk about for this site.

The only difference is that the anchor text profile is much diversified.

5. Pickmyshaver.com

This site has lots of public data as it was just sold for $60,100 on Flippa. Here’s the link to the listing.

This is a new website built on September 2013 and started to earn money 2 months later on November 2013.

Since then the earnings increased significantly after every month and it generated approximately $8446 in April.

That is pretty impressive for an 8-month old website.

I hate to say this again, but this website also used a PBN hidden from backlink checkers to rank.

Lessons Learned And How To Build A Successful Amazon Affiliate Website

I’m sure you have learned a lot from these successful sites. Let’s sum up the main points:

  • Good keyword research is still important. I highly recommend you to use Long Tail Pro.
  • It takes time to build a successful site (6-12 months), so be patient.
  • PBN is still a very powerful link building method to rank your sites if used properly. Get a custom built PBN for you here.
  • Having a good on-site SEO and internal linking structure is critical. You’ll need less links and effort to rank a well-structured site.
  • A well-optimized WordPress theme can help you make more money from your websites on less traffic. Check out the best Amazon affiliate theme here.
  • Build your website on an expired domain if you can find a good one with clean backlink profile.
  • Provide real value with high quality content.
  • Longer content ranks better (1000+ words)
  • Logically link to Amazon 3-5 times in the articles
  • Blog comments and web 2.0’s are good for diversifying your backlink profile.
  • Lower the keyword density for main keywords and include as many longtail keywords as possible to get more traffic.
  • The more content the better. At least 20 pages for optimal results.
  • Make affiliate links nofollow.
  • Make category,tag pages ‘nofollow, noindex’
  • Put the main keyword at the beginning of your title tag and meta description

Final Words

I hope these 5 examples would give you an idea of what a successful affiliate website looks like. Following them would definitely give you a higher chance to succeed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about my analysis- and feel free to leave your comments and questions below!

Struggling To Find a Profitable Amazon Affiliate Niche?

This FREE report reveals 122 profitable niche ideas that you can use right away. Click the button below to download it.

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John Shea - June 2, 2014

Interesting information here Tung, glad to know that PBN’s are working so well for niche sites.

I’m working on Web 2.0’s and tons of unique content for my niche site right now, I plan to eventually add PBN links over time.

I’ve actually seen huge improvements for various clients who are using http://www.lightningrank.com for their niche sites. We have gotten a few folks to page 1 for their primary keyword!

    Tung Tran - June 2, 2014

    Yeah it works very well if used properly… and I think Jon Haver’s method is excellent for this

scott masse - June 2, 2014

Nice update, nice synopsis of things to focus on, I need to find a turnkey solution for my onpage seo, any suggestions?

Tushar - June 2, 2014

Nice case study man. You created curiosity inside my mind about those Google queries to find Hidden PBN links. lol now I am trying various things to find it. 😛

Priyank - June 2, 2014

Good Share Tung,

Here is an amazing case study of amazon affiliate site – http://toolfanatic.com/

Found it on Flippa. Making $2000 a month…little/no seo done. Is cool if you are scared of putting all your eggs in one basket.

One can build such site and do little SEO and focus more on other traffic sources to have full time income from such site alone.

Priyank, Your Indian Friend.

    Josh Escusa - June 2, 2014

    That site is fishy to me. The owner claims that the majority of traffic comes organically and yet they are not ranked for very many keywords. The only keywords they are ranked for are ones that have low search volume. I would now have placed a bid on such a site.

      Priyank - June 2, 2014

      1 Million Indexed pages in Google, Alexa rank of 175K. Those numbers cannot be tricked bro.

      I guess minimin 1000+ unique visitors a day. Not hard to make 100 bucks a day from it. Don’t you think so?

        Josh Escusa - June 2, 2014

        Hey Priyank. Neither of those stats guarantee traffic though. I have autoblogged a site to have thousands of indexed pages and it got no traffic. I also have a site that is alexa ranked in the 80k range that gets about 120 visitors per day. I can tell you that having 1mil pages indexed that have keywords ranked at 500+ means nothing.

        The seller claimed a majority of traffic came from organic traffic and yet he only has 170 keywords ranked in the top 20 of Google. 18% of his traffic comes from the keyword “waiter wallet organizer”. This keyword gets 70 searches per month and he’s ranked #11 for this… clearly not impressive.

          Priyank - June 2, 2014

          Yeah Josh,

          You are correct in saying that Alexa or Indexed pages are not right indications for traffic. However, I had a conversation with owner as I was considering to buy this site.

          And got to see his analytics. Was quite impressive.

          Anyways, I was talking more about the method than actual site here. People not ahead in SEO game work on such sites.


          Josh Escusa - June 2, 2014

          Hey Priyank. His analytics report is also of concern. His major organic traffic keywords are “power tools” and “hand tools”. Those keywords get 9,900 monthly searches and 5400 monthly searches respectively; he ranks for neither of those keywords. If I were looking to buy this site, that would bother me because it makes me think he’s paying for fake traffic.

          After doing due diligence I would not invest in such a site.

          Anyway, he built the site using 456Industry ecommerce theme; he’s using the woocommerce amazon affiliate plugin; and he get a majority of links from blog comments on foreign web 2.0s.

          Tung Tran - June 2, 2014

          I agree with you Josh… it doesnt look like a legit site too me…

          I think the site can make some money but it’s not gonna work for long term.

          I have many friends who are still doing this auto stuff and doing very well.

          Thoufeeq - June 3, 2014

          glad that i read the comments prior to investigation. Everything i wanted to know about are summed up, by you both 🙂


    Thoufeeq - June 3, 2014

    but thats an ecommerce site, right? it would be great to know the traffic sources.

    Thanks for sharing…

Josh Escusa - June 2, 2014

$60k? That’s impressive. It’s also in the same niche as Perrin’s site. The links to the site aren’t hidden. I found them with majestic. The guy is getting permanent links from his personal blog network. Pretty awesome stuff…

Cornell Rhodes - June 2, 2014

Excellent breakdown of a niche site, it really gives people and idea of the proper way build one successfully!

Nick Loper - June 2, 2014

Wow… building a $60k site in a little over half a year, crazy! But just goes to show that big wins are still possible.

Raweewan M. - June 2, 2014

Love your report very much! Get lot of ideas from your post! 🙂

Lewis Ogden - June 3, 2014

Nice examples there Tung, I especially like the summary.

People need to understand that it takes much longer to rank a site these days and any link building tactic used to hit the first page in a short space of time probably wont last.

What’s more, these site actually look like real authority sites, so when building out your next site try to think outside the box and step up your game.

My new niche sites that are in development are following this principle and I expect great things in 6-12 months.


Ryan - June 3, 2014

Thanks for posting but you shouldn’t out someone’s site like that publicly and posting their PBN links here is also uncool.

Maybe you can simply post about how they did it without revealing their URL.

    Tung Tran - June 3, 2014

    I got your point, but i just want to show people the real examples of successful sites.

    Solomon Mwale - July 18, 2014

    You are right but I believe it better so that there is transparency in what are are taking about

Angel Kelly - June 3, 2014

Heck, I thought the kitchenfaucetdivas.com is the weak site when looking at Long tail pro data. I even almost jump into that niche several months ago. But my coach told me to skip it and I did. Thanks for the information, Tung.

Thoufeeq - June 3, 2014

227 PBN sites is just… crazzy 🙂 and that too with just 1 link per page

Matthew Allen - June 3, 2014

As I started to read this post – I was secretly hoping that one of my sites would be “featured” as I scrolled down. Lol. It didn’t happen.

In regards to a previous comment by Ryan, I disagree. I absolutely think you should out sites like this – and do it more often! What a great learning experience for the rest of us. I don’t see anything uncool about this post at all. All of the information is there. It’s public. I would love it if you did a post like this on a regular basis.

    Tung Tran - June 3, 2014

    Yeah Matt 🙂 Actually I had this idea for the post long time ago but I was too lazy to actually write one. I will do this more often as I have a database of sites to follow 😛

Adam Finan - June 4, 2014

Thats is some excellent competitor analysis Tung.. PBN’s are a lot of work from the start and setting up but this shows just how powerful they are! Would you suggest to not letting the robots crawl when you build the PBN? Separate registrars, IP’s, hosting companies and all that jazz?

wineist - June 4, 2014

“Because the owner intentionally hides his PBN from backlink checkers (Ahref, Opensiteexplorer, MajesticSEO, etc) by not allowing their bots to crawl the site.”

How do they pull this off?

Ironicaly, using some simple Google search queries, I discovered his entire network in a few minutes.

What steps did you do to figure this out? This is a big help in using sites like flippa to investigate a purchase. Thanks for the help 🙂

    Eugen Paraschiv - July 6, 2014

    That would be interesting to see. From what I can tell, the robots.txt of the site seems pretty clean – no specific crawlers blocked as far as I can tell. The PBN is pretty obvious however, by just searching on google.

Jaxx - June 5, 2014

Hi Tung, this was a very interesting post. nice to know PBN work well post Panda 4.0
I wanted to ask if you have any suggestions of how to block the backlink checkers crawlers from scanning my website ?

Mike - June 5, 2014

“Each PBN site has just one article on the homepage with one link pointing to the money site with varied anchor text.”

I don’t see how that’s a good idea at all. To me, that is the definition of “unnatural”.

    Tung Tran - June 5, 2014

    yeah but it worked 😉 and that site is still thriving after the latest update

Goran Gligorin - June 6, 2014

Great post Tung!

I really love these examples, and it’s perfect timing for me as I’m restructuring my niche website that got a hit from the latest Panda. I especially like the Canvasli.com example. That site really seems to have its internal links very well built and it seems I could learn something from it, as well as other examples.

Also seeing how all these sites use PBNs. I was wondering what you think about building a PBN for a site slowly in parallel with doing other kinds of link building? It seems like it would be much less expensive and you can of course test the site’s profitability before committing to such a huge investment.


    Tung Tran - June 6, 2014

    Yeah that’s what I’m doing now… I build a foundation of 5 PBN sites and grow it over time… I’m also trying to diversify the links with other techniques as well

SEO Link Round-up 7 | VisibleHQ.com - June 6, 2014

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Larry Gonzaga - June 7, 2014

Nice finds and research Tung.

Were all these sold on flippa?

Quentino - June 10, 2014

If I were owner of one of these websites I would neg seo your website really badly – this is what you deserve – you are destroying part of those people’s business so they should feel free to hit you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not your hater, actually I enjoy reading your blog, but this time you did something I totally disagree with.

I’m sure you know what will happen in these niches you posted – copy cats will appear there immediately, neg-seo-for-no-reason- will come too. As you mentioned in your post, these are well-done sites, not like a common shitty aff website that is such a low quality that doesn’t even deserve to be indexed. Those people actually put some work and effort into creating those authority sites – money,time , effort, ideas, knowledge – that’s what’s required to create successful website like those you posted.

And you just picked up their websites and said hey look people these guys did this and that, this is how they ranked, this is their PBN I found – dude, it’s horrible – and it’s all in order to gain some extra subscribers on your list, some leads from your aff links and some social shares. Don’t tell me you want to share great stuff with your audience and all that bs. Keep showing people niche sites on your personal websites and respect other guys work.

Rethink your attitude

    Tung Tran - June 10, 2014

    Thanks for your comment Quentino 🙂 I got and agreed with some of yours point but do you really have to be so negative like that?

    Did you see any aff links on this post?

    Yeah I just want to share great stuff with my audience. That’s the fact!

    All the data is available! I just share my analysis.

      Chris - December 3, 2015


      GREAT job on this article! Learned a great deal. Keep it up brother.

      John - June 18, 2016


      Keep up the good work! If it’s public information, you have the right to publicize!

    tytt - August 26, 2014

    you r an ass hole full of shit

    vp - May 11, 2015

    what narrow-minded bs. according to your logic, you should take down all your sites, or simply don’t rank your sites! so people will never see how you do it.

Marie - June 10, 2014

Tung, I got a couple of questions:
1. If I have a low competition keyword and I use PBN to rank it, how long will it take to rank that keyword on first page of Google?
2. Do you recommend any book/guide on how to build a PBN?
3. How many expired domains should I buy to make up a PBN?

Cuong Pham - June 10, 2014

Đọc ko hiểu hết nhưng cũng hiểu phần nào, rất vui khi gặp người VietNam ở đây.

How to Use a Private Blog Network to Improve Rankings - My SOP - June 12, 2014

[…] helping quality websites rank…both from my data here and a recent analysis done by Tung showing examples of profitable amazon websites here […]

joealgory - June 12, 2014

I really dont understand anchor text since its apparenly algo operated.

My new niche was was penalized via over optimization for a week or so from simply 1 PR link and a density of say 1.5%.

After reducing and tweaking some minor theme injected nuisances. I went from the depths of hell to page 3-5 for everything. Yet, I see sites ranking with 80% exacts for a year.

Tung drop some wisdom on me. What gives with sites that get away with insane exact ratios for month-year?. I’m aware DA/PA can help keep G away if your over optimized, but 80% is ridiculous.

El Rope - June 16, 2014

hey Tung, great post!
I just checked all these sites in SEMrush and it seems google got on their tail. a sharp decline in rankings is especially visible for no 2. and no. 3, then no. 5.
might be connected with the Panda update last month. what do you think?
it might be a good thing to make a follow-up post where you could analyze which sites strove after the last updates and why


    Tung Tran - June 16, 2014

    Good catch El!

    It’s pretty interesting! I’d wait for at least 3 months to see what happen to the ranking.

    Surely i will have a follow up post

    Thanks for letting me know!

Babs @ Edubabs.com - June 16, 2014

Tung, Am gradualy getting jealous. All the same, thanks for the great ‘bulleye’ article. I appreciate.

    Solomon Mwale - July 18, 2014

    It is better to have positive jealous and not the negative ones that will affect you but the postive one will make you grow. I wish many will have this jealous and take actions.

Jay Oliver - June 20, 2014

Just seen this, good read, as for all the negativity you’ve received, don’t worry about it.

Its hardly gonna affect those websites earnings, and if anybody out there were looking for sites to clone, they aren’t hard to find if you know what to look for.

I’ve got a few sites myself, yea I’ve had people try negative seo against me and try to outrank me with my own content. Though each time these sites have dropped away. People who do it aren’t in it for the long haul. They are out to try make a quick buck while cloning their next site.

Keep up the good work Tung!


Al-Mustapha Mohammed - July 16, 2014

Hi Tung, I have been reading your posts for a while now and honestly i will say i have learnt a lot. Please, i am about to start my first niche site and i am wondering the type of domain i should use for my site; EMD or PMD or Brandable Domain? Although i have seen you used PMDs for your adjustable dumbbell and double stroller sites but that was months ago. I will be happy to hear from you.

Al-Mustapha Mohammed - July 16, 2014

Is having no affiliate link on a site’s homepage better?

Lyman Perrine - July 16, 2014

These are some great examples. I’ve actually been analyzing some of these sites myself. I just sold a couple of my Amazon Niche Sites and Working on a new one.

Solomon Mwale - July 18, 2014

Thank you so much for such a great motivation I have really learnt something from all this without fail.

RJ Bryan - September 14, 2014

This is an awesome post, did anyone from these sites ask you about the post?

gerprz - October 25, 2014

Are these your sites Tung?

Silicone grill Gloves - December 17, 2014

The information is very update, That’s Great information, I really enjoyed, I would like more information about this, Thanks for sharing.
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Suntiwat Mungsing - January 28, 2015

Thank you for amazing guide.
All the contents , reviews, you write it yourself or use outsource do it?
To provide a ton of high value and quality to reader is a very hard work.

Intiims - March 8, 2015

I started to work on my Amazon niche site in January 2015, no two months have passed and i have earned about $100. I want to know is it a nice or bad start?

Denis Smith - March 27, 2015

Interesting information. But is it worth it? I mean Google is totally unreliable. Maybe I have to consider paid traffic b/c most of my sites are now down.

Deidre Salcido - April 4, 2015

I purchased your newest launch, Authority Azon but I cannot login. Even in incognito, I am recognized and not allowed to enter my login and password. Please advise and thank you.

Fra Kro - April 23, 2015

Hello Tung! Some of these sites managed that the amazon affiliate images that link directly to amazon are shown even with an adblocker activated. Do you have any idea how they did so? On my sites the images disappear having an adblocker activated and I didn’t find any solution on how to resolve this problem. Thank you!

Tonmoy Parves - June 27, 2015

Hello Tung,

Thanks man for sharing this case study. Really Good enough. BTW, would you please love to share one more thing, How can we know about these sites keywords ranking ? I mean which keywords they are ranking ! So, if we beat them we will able to generate the good amount of sales … Is there any cool methods to find out others keywords ?

Thanks in Advance !

Xenia - July 13, 2015

So in effect you are saying that no matter how good your Amazon site is, you need a PBN to rank??

    Tung Tran - July 13, 2015

    Hi Xenia,

    This article is a bit outdated. I no longer recommend using PBN to rank your sites. I will make an update for this soon.

Navraj Singh - August 12, 2015

Hello Tung thanks for writing such a useful article on Amazon Sites.

Please guide me as I am planning to build an Amazon website using WP plugin Associate Goliath and also for generating content from Curation Hero WP plugin.

Would this sort of idea will work as I want to have something that is automated.

    Tung Tran - August 13, 2015

    No it won’t work. You can’t build automated site these days.

    Suman - October 7, 2016

    Hi Navraj,
    Did you use associate goliath and curation hero plugin in your niche site? if yes, could you pls share with me your experiance?

    Suman Chandra Das

Monica - August 16, 2015

Hello Tung
Great article

Just a quick question – What hosting do you recommend for amazon niche websites

Let’s say I start 5 amazon niche websites over next 2 motnhs – should I go for a shared server or VPS or cloud and which hosting package would you recommend?


teeman - September 1, 2015

Nice one here tung, have been learning hoe to create amazon affiliate sites for a while now, i can say am pretty good in some steps, majorly keyword research, nut my achilles heel was,and still is “creating contents” knowing how to develop my keyword to write 10-20 topics, i dont know how to choose topics or develop a content strategy in fact i dont know what to write.

i will like to know about this, if there are extra resources you could share with me i would love to see them.


Tony - September 15, 2015

Hey Tung, I noticed one of your comments “This article is a bit outdated. I no longer recommend using PBN to rank your sites. I will make an update for this soon.” and thought it would be interesting to check on these sites.

As it turned out you are right, using PBN is a risky business.

I documented it in this post (link in the following), in case you are interested please feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts.



Hugo Koch - October 9, 2015

Tung Tran you are just a punk, you know nothing about computing, get out of your mommy’s basement and live a little. No one buys that you are an expert on anything.

Chris Robert - October 15, 2015

Hello Friend,

I’m Chris from New Orleans LA, I was on your site this morning, it’s awesome and it gave me a lot of New info that I can’t wait to try..

First my eBay store does not have anything to do with my question..

I have a new product that I innovated last year, it’s been tried out, it’s needed, it cost me 3$ to make and sells for 25$ to 30$ when my mother was sewing them..Also it targets Fashion, Travel, and Men and Women accessories..

My question is having just this one product, what would be my best way to sell it on line, I’ve never herd of any one building a website just for 1-item.. I’d really appreciated if you could point me in a direction..

    Tung Tran - October 15, 2015

    Have you tried Amazon? The Fullfillment by Amazon program makes it easier for a lot of people to sell online.

Andhy Fathoni - November 21, 2015

hi tung,

thank you for the examples of the niche sites…

anyway, do you still use the blog commenting strategy to increase ranking ?

Billal Sarker - November 24, 2015

Wow! That’s really cool! I am so much inspired about niche site. And also I am more dedicated about niche site project. I am still learning how I sell my first project to Empire Flippers, my estimated target is around $20k. Your this post give me more inspiration to reached my goal. Thanks, Tung.

Garan - December 15, 2015

This is really a great article. Well done.
I am from Germany and would like to make a niche site for the us-market.
Can you tell me, where i can get informations about the privacy policies, legal notice etc. for the united states?


Chris - December 26, 2015

Hi there !

i am going to start affiliate niche website and was looking for sites to get idea about it and found this post while searching and really it helped me a lot to make one.

Thanks for sharing this post…

Santam - January 4, 2016

Hi Tran,

Very useful article and examples of niche sites.
But what really demoralize me about creating niche sites is the Huge cost of maintaining PBNs. It seems to be impossible for someone to be successful with niche sites with tight budget.

Your thoughts…


Connie - January 18, 2016

Many thanks, awesome content. Just thought I would let you know that Canvasli.com is listed as Domain for sale if you go to the site.

Keep up the good work.

    Tung Tran - January 18, 2016

    Ah thanks. The post is a bit outdated. I need to do a huge update for 2016 that reflects my current strategy 🙂

James Marshall - January 21, 2016

And now almost 2 years after the sale every go check the SEMrush stats of these sites after the sale… Ups… See what happens when Adsense/Amazon sites are backed by PBNs… Adios pre-sale rankings. Classic!

Luke - January 22, 2016

I just started a blog and was hoping to move into affiliate marketing soon. However, I am not really sure how I feel about the layout and its functionality. This might be a little bit spammy and I apologize but I’m looking for some feedback on the layout of the site. If you guys could check it out and leave a comment somewhere I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


Elisabeth - January 27, 2016

I love reading your blog Tung… Very infomative and useful for me.

Thank you

Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Amaechi - January 29, 2016

Wow! Just made years hectic jobs to sound like nothing. Good one there. Thanks a lot.

Peter Mesu - January 30, 2016

I think with these examples I can now start building my own amazon affiliate niche site. I have read a lot about niche affiliate sites and I think the time has come for me to set up my own.

I will surely study the above examples and come out with something new.

Neelam - February 10, 2016

Loved the post, thanks for sharing Tung! 🙂

Jennifer Alvarado - February 22, 2016

Hi Tung,
Very nice post.
I want to know about hosting services used for building these websites…Can you tell me?
Also can i not use the google’s free keyword tool for doing keyword research?

Jaswinder - April 8, 2016

Great stuff, but I am just beginner blogger, that’s why I don’t understand all this.

Anyway thanks for sharing.

Lachlon - April 11, 2016

Nice Information! Especially the PBN and options. Thank you!

Danimian - May 25, 2016

Hello Tung,

Very useful Information, thanks a lot.
Can you please tell me which theme pickmyshaver.com using?


Gil - July 9, 2016

I’ve read about this post a year back and I still read about this post from time to time. I have to say I was inspired to try creating a niche site with amazon affiliate on it. The site I’ve made still need a little more modification and blog contents. Would you suggest doing the long SEO process to get traffic or invest to an advertising like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads?

Advait - September 11, 2016

I have a simple answer to the phrase in your content below –

“The anchor text profile is overly optimized with 41% links using “best juicer” as anchor phrases. I don’t know why this website hasn’t been penalized for so long. Any idea?”

Google, or team of Google or algorithms of Google are too immature to interpret the human brain which is the creation of the almighty.

Advait - September 11, 2016

Hi Trun!

I see that you have not updated your outbound links. The examples you have shown in your articles are slowly getting penalized I suppose. I may be wrong! I am just expressing my observation!

Amit - January 20, 2017


Last time when I joined the Amazon Affiliate, my account was terminated because I didn’t had a single sale in 150 days. That’s the policy but I have one question, suppose we made a sale in 150 days , will this policy continue for the next 150 days or our account will active lifetime?


Jeremy - January 28, 2017

Seems like Canvasli.com is closed down and domain scalper now. Can’t have been too successful if the owner let that happen ey?


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