Here's What Cloud Living All About

Tung Tran

Hey, what’s up?

I’m Tung Tran, the founder of Cloud Living.

And if you ever asked yourself:

  • “Can I really make money with niche website? How can I get started? “
  • “How can I find profitable & easy-to-rank keywords?”
  • “I’m not a good writer. How can I create content for the niche that I know nothing about?”
  • “How can I get traffic to my niche website? How can I rank my website on the top of Google”
  • “I don’t have enough time for everything. How can I work on this part-time while still having another job ?”
  • “I want to quit my 9-to-5 job. How can I make a full time living off this?”…

… You’re in the RIGHT place!

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I stumbled on your blog yesterday, you write really quality articles especially for beginners and I didn’t stop until I was finished reading all posts. I wouldn’t call myself a beginner (been reading for long time) but your blog push me that inch to actually start doing. Thank you for that!

Dario Vrancic

Here’s How Cloud Living Helps You

Be More Successful Online

Starting an online business is never an easy task, but it’s not impossible if you’re willing to work hard and hustle.

Cloud Living is a place where I document my entrepreneurial journey & share my experience in order to help other people start building their own online businesses & live the life they want in freedom purely with the income made online (i.e., the cloud living lifestyle)

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, thousands of online articles, and wasting time on strategies by so called “experts”…

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I found Cloud Living few months back and that really fueled my online journey. Now I have few niche sites up and running, which were created by exactly following Tung’s method and I am making around $900 a month now. His unique and up-to-date content keep luring me to his blog, again and again and again. Complete Awesomeness!”

Priyank Soni

About Tung Tran

I was born and raised in a beautiful mountainous area in Viet Nam.

I could ramble about my story all day long, but as I know we both value our time, here’s a short version of who I am and what I’ve achieved online:

  • At 11 I got access to the computer & quickly developed a passion around it.
  • At 13 I built my first website with WordPress.
  • I spent the next 3 years being a hardcore gamer & technology blogger in Vietnamese.
  • At 15 I was making thousands of dollar online sharing cracked software, illegal videos & music.
  • At 17 I sold my 2nd blog for 4 figures.
  • At 19 I started Cloud Living & sold my niche website for 5 figures. I also dropped out of college that year to work on my online business full time.
  • At 20 (that’s now) I live the cloud living lifestyle & enjoy my freedom while still working freaking hard to grow my business & share what I learned on this blog.

Here’s 3 things I truly believe about the online world:

  • Anyone can build a successful online business with hard work & dedication.
  • There’s a lot of money to be made in being helpful to other people.
  • You gotta enjoy your work in order to succeed at it.

At Cloud Living, I always strive to produce the most detailed & practical content as possible as I really hate boring & theoretical stuff.

You will only find something valuable that you can use right away here. Guaranteed!

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Enter your email below and click “Sign Me Up!” to get weekly valuable information right into your inbox.

People can talk a lot about theory or ideas but what I love most about is that Tung always backs up theory with actual case studies. Regardless of where I am at with my online business I always learn from Tung’s posts. The fact that he is a clever, genuine guy who enjoys helping out anyone who emails him is just a plus. I look forward to reading many more CL posts!

Jon Haver