My Monthly Income, Growth and Traffic Report – February 2014

My Monthly Income, Growth and Traffic Report – February 2014

Welcome to my February monthly report for 2014!

Each month I will be publishing a detailed report that tells you what I’ve done and lessons learned during the previous month. I will transparently show you how my online business is progressing including my income, expenses and traffic throughout my websites.

I do this for four reasons:

  1. To help me keep track of my own progress.
  2. To push myself to see improvements month after month.
  3. To lead by example by sharing both my wins and failures.
  4. To inspire and encourage other people to start their own businesses.

Ok. Let’s get straight into this month’s report.

Important Happenings In February

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How To Get Your SEO Strategy Bang On Every time And Rank on Page 1

how to rank on page 1You know the feeling…

…. You have designed a great looking site and added some quality content.

It’s now time to do some link building.

But you are kind of stuck!

What should you do? What strategy should you employ?

Since doing more client based work I have come to realize that different niches and keywords require completely different forms of SEO and back linking.

There is no sure fire method to ranking sites. Some people may adopt the same method for every site they do…..

It may look something like this for example:

  • Press release
  • 50 X High pr blog commenting
  • 10 X Article directories
  • Social media links
  • 10+ Web 2.0’s
  • Tier 2 links blast with GSA

You get the drift!!

Problem with this is, it may well work for some sites, but for others it will not cut the mustard, or may even be too much!! (Yes you can over do it)

So what should we do?

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Fly Fridays – Weekly Round-up, News And Updates #1


Fly Fridays is a weekly series featuring my favorite posts of the week in niche website building, online marketing, entrepreneurship, and more.

The internet is full of junk to sort through, so let me save your precious time by showing you only the best!

Niche Website Building

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